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Welcome to the site! We are here to help smart men dress sexy, which simply means looking very attractive to beautiful women.

If you too, would like to become your sexiest self, I’d like to offer my help.

To get you started, I have prepared a short FREE E-book “What Killed Your Sex Appeal? 5 Awful Mistakes That Men Make With Their Image” (sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?) that will show you the most common and most impactful image and style mistakes that are holding you back from looking attractive, sexy.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • The most important factor determining whether your image is attractive
  • What makes you look shorter, chubbier and weaker than you are
  • Which clothes in your wardrobe can instantly kill your sex appeal
  • The most popular (and the worst) image that guys go for when meeting women
  • Why being “well-dressed” is not enough if you want to look sexy

(And then I’ll even show you how you can fix each of those god-awful mistakes)

Just tell me your name and where to send it!

(and no, “asdfasdf” is not a good name haha)


If your current outfits are remotely similar to what you see on the cover, you REALLY need to check it out!

With the book you’ll also join our awesome readership and I’ll let you know when new sexy articles are available. No spam, I promise! On the contrary, most guys here keep asking me to post more often haha

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Anyway, I hope you won’t mind but I also hand-picked several articles to get you started, you know, the good stuff

Check this out:

You Think You Know What Women Find Sexy?

Provocative title, right? In this article I show that there are tangible, scientifically proven aspects to what makes a man attractive and what we can do to achieve this ideal of male sexiness. It’s pretty damn surprising!

Experiment: How To Dramatically Improve Your Appearance And “Grow” 5 Cm In 30 Minutes Or Less

We’re not big on speculations, subjective opinions and fluff talk here, we like facts. So recently we did an experiment (read: went outside and surveyed women ) to determine how changing style alone can change one’s attractiveness and, hey, even perceived height (made a video about it too!)

Ultimate Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive

Have a question about improving your looks? This crowd-sourced book has the answer! Seriously, it’s the collection of best free resources on the internet when in comes to looking sexy.

Man’s Guide to Looking Attractive – Expert’s Edition

Just like the Ultimate Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive, Expert’s Edition shares the best free resources on the internet when it comes to improving your appearance. In this article, however, I contacted biggest experts in the industry (Fitness Gurus, Men’s Style Aficionados, Grooming Experts) for their recommendations. Must read!

How To Dress When You’re Tall, Short, Skinny, Bulky or Fit

Want to appear taller, more muscular, leaner? No problem, this guide will take you by hand and explain how to build outfits to make the most out of your current physique

and more… (Press BLOG in the menu above to see all the articles, we have a lot of epic stuff here!)

I also offer personal style consultations here for guys who really want to improve their sex appeal in the shortest amount possible (and if you’re rarely compliment on your appearance, you know, other than by your mom, you should probably check it out to get results that even having six-pack abs can’t compete with hehe), but let’s get to know each other first as I’m a bit picky with who I work personally, alright?

Lastly, we’re currently running a 6 months project to “Become A 9+” and have a secret Facebook Group called SSfJ Inner Circle dedicated for those guys, who want to become their sexiest selves on their own terms. You might want to check it out.

Now, I’m sure this will keep you busy for at least a few days – don’t just skim through, read the damn articles! In the meanwhile if you have any specific question or just want to say Hi! check out the contact page, deal?