Welcome to Sexy Style for Joe!

First, let me introduce myself – my name is Darius and I’m the guy causing all the commotion here. If you’d like to learn more about me or Sexy Style for Joe, you can do so here.

That said,

This site is not about me (despite all the photos I’ve put up on this site) – it’s about getting you results.

Specifically, its about introducing you to the concept of dressing sexy (or as someone I never met so eloquently put it “fashion game”) and show you how YOU can use clothes, style and image to bring out the most attractive version of yourself. It is about teaching you how to dress when meeting and dating beautiful women.

If you wander over to the blog section of this website, you will find A LOT of in depth articles with tested and proven strategies to achieve exactly this.

That said,

If reading dozens of articles hoping to find a “golden nugget” of insight or that mysterious “A-ha!” moment is not your definition of a good time, this page is designed to help you get started and take you step-by-step to a better, sexier and so much more attractive style.

To put it bluntly, if you follow this approach – AND TAKE ACTION ON WHAT YOU LEARN – by the end of the week you can become a significantly more attractive man!

How you will know it worked?

  • You will notice a lot more beautiful women checking you out as you go about your day. Sending you the “IOIs” (Indications of Interest).

  • You will notice that women in your life are suddenly a lot more flirty, eager to have a conversation with you

  • You can expect quite a few compliments from people in your life as you improve the way you dress and present yourself to the world.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I and guys around the world who implemented the dressing sexy strategies have reported results from increased response rates and getting messages from women first on online dating sites/apps to getting approached in bars and even random booty calls from women.

But enough of me talking. Let’s get your results.

And to start with, I would recommend you to download the free ebook “What Killed Your Sex Appeal?”

(Hint: it’s just below)



You will learn:

  • The most important factor determining whether your image is attractive
  • What makes you look shorter, chubbier and weaker than you are
  • Which clothes in your wardrobe can instantly kill your sex appeal
  • The most popular (and the worst) image that guys go for when meeting women
  • Why being “well-dressed” is not enough if you want to look sexy

(Hint: if your current outfits are remotely similar to what you see on the cover you REALLY need to check out this free ebook!)

Game Changing Tools For Massive Results

If, however, you found yourself thinking something along the lines of

“Damn it, Darius, I don’t have time for this! I NEED RESULTS AND I NEED THEM YESTERDAY!!!” (Or as the song goes “I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!”)

In other words, if your physical attractiveness or not knowing how to dress for dates and nights out at this point is a real fire under your ass and you can’t remember the last time a beautiful woman made you feel like a desirable man, I do have some amazing tools prepared for you!

This section will also interest you if you already dress pretty well but want to take your image to the next level, to reap ALL the benefits of fashion game.

Nerdy To Sexy

“Nerdy To Sexy” is an Amazon Kindle book that is designed to help you take those first steps in learning to dress sexy. You will learn how to tailor your look based on your unique situation. We also go through all popular types of clothes and I share tips and strategies on how and when to wear them (and when to avoid them).

Best suited for:

  • Beginners, who don’t have the fundamentals of style nailed.
  • Tight budget.

Not suited for:

  • If you think you already have a pretty good idea on how to dress.
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The Wow! Factor

This is our super course in dressing sexy! Whether you’re a beginner taking his first steps in learning about image or are already a well-dressed man looking to take his style to the next level, this course will take you by hand and teach you everything you need to know about dressing sexy. By the end of the course you will have a unique, personal and stupendously sexy image going for you.

Best suited for:

  • Pretty much everyone

Not suited for:

  • If you can hardly afford a t-shirt from H&M or Asos
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Style Consultation

I also offer personal online style consultation. During it we will go through your current wardrobe and I will show you what you’re already doing right and what mistakes you’re making. I will then explain to you how you can specifically tailor your outfits to make the most out of your physique and natural features and lastly, we will build you multiple sexy outfits based on your preferences and goals.

Best suited for:

  • Guys who either don’t have the time or don’t trust their ability in learning to dress sexy on their own.

Not suited for:

  • If you currently don’t have any disposable income to get new clothes.
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