Hey Guys,

Just last week we finished talking about a serious and quite thought-provoking topic of Body Image and its impact on our lives. So today I want to share with you something completely different, light-hearted and, hopefully, very fun – what happens when you take style advice too literally?

Always dress for occasion

Best stick to 2-3 colors in an outfit, preferably something bright

Model the celebrities

Show some skin, it’s attractive

Don’t worry, style is universal

Oh, you know, just get a slim fit shirt and you‘ll be fine

Never, ever, wear sandals with socks

Want to appear bigger? No problem, just add more layers

Use colors and patterns to make the most out of your physique

Use accessories to make your outfit stand out

Facial hair makes you look more masculine

How did I do? Want more? Check our last fun article.

Have your own funny stories of taking style advice too far? Share them in the comments section.

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