If we were to ask a bunch of men how they aspire to dress, we will get a great variety of answers “I want to look important”, “I want to look dominant”, “It’s important for me to look respected”, “I prefer to go for the laid back, chill look”, etc. But regardless of their original answer, almost everyone will add “but, you know, with the bad boy edge…”

I don’t know if this need for masculine, aggresive edge arises because “boys will be boys” or it comes from watching all the action packed movies with Schwarzenegger, Stallone and any of the James Bond classic while growing up.

But what I do know for sure, it’s the same reason why we desire sports cars, motorcycles and run wild way past the speed limit. It’s the same reason we take up crazy challenges, start business ventures and are trying to lift the heaviest pieces in the gym. It’s also the same reason we want to sleep with beautiful women.

How To Look Like A Bad Boy

There are many ways to add that bad boy edge to your look:

  • Grow your hair long and wear skin tight clothes like a rockstar.
  • Get big and mean, add a tight Affliction or similar t-shirt to show off your muscles and look like an UFC fighter.
  • Grow a full beard, add old school blue jeans, boots and a lumberjacks shirt (make sure to have the muscles to pick an axe, or you’re just look a hipster ) for full on macho look.
  • Or get back to classics with an elegant, yet dangerous, James Bond kind of look.

But today I would like to discuss what we would get if we mixed those archetypes, to get a look that has it all: masculine edge, classiness, looks great regardless if you’re build like a strongman or a rock star and will almost never look out of place – the elegant bad boy.

Source: lookbook.nu

Why It Works?

We already covered why this look is great as an idea, but let’s get in depth and notice the details that make execution in the picture above so impeccable:

  • Well chosen biker leather jacket adds the vital masculine touch.
  • Plenty of details on the jacket makes the look exciting as opposed to bland, boring and nice.
  • Dress shirt & tie combination adds the other side of this look – elegance and classiness.
  • Please notice the choice of colors here: white shirt adds contrast, meanwhile black tie makes it all come together.
  • Shoes are picked to match the biker jacket (notice color and details on the shoes), which visually creates an interesting “busy – clean – busy” pattern. This in turn makes it easier for the eye to wonder and take it all in.
  • I really like that the model is wearing noticeable facial hair for this look. As with most looks that have a touch of elegant/classiness is very easy to fall back into the looks nice zone as opposed to sexy. Now even if he decides to take off the biker jacket, he will still look masculine and edgy.

Other notes:

  • This mostly monochromatic look is great for shorter guys, just be careful and avoid very pointy shoes as it can make your feet look disproportionate.
  • Taller guys could “spring it up” this outfit by choosing brighter, even colorful jeans (think red, blue, white, etc.)

What do you guys think? Is this your type of bad boy look?

Deconstructing The Outfit:

Biker Leather Jacket (Black)

Source: bodaskins.com

Source: bodaskins.com

Plain Jeans (Grey; Slim / Skinny)

Source: zara.com

Dress Shoes (Black)

Steve Madden - M-Franky (Black) - Footwear

Source: 6pm.com

Dress Shirt (White, Extra Points: Black Stripes/Buttons)

Diesel Black Gold - Sluccy Shirt (White) - Apparel

Source: 6pm.com

Tie (Black)

Calvin Klein Teardrop Neat Ties

Source: 6pm.com

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