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As most kids, growing up I hated routine health checks. It was awkward, intrusive and just a waste of precious time I could’ve spent playing with friends. Except for one part – vision check. I’ve always ended up with perfect score for vision and for some reason was very proud of it.

But as the childhood phase of my life was ending and teenage years took over I found myself spending more and more time in front of a computer, usually grinding XP and Gold for whatever flavor of the month MMO was popular in my school at the time. I’m sure many of you can relate hehe

As years went by, more and more of my friends started wearing glasses or contact lenses, but not me – I still had my epic vision and I felt invincible (at least in this department). The fairytale ended when I entered the university and started to realize that my not-so-healthy habits are starting to take their toll on my vision too.

It was slow (I guess I should say “it is”) and I’ve tried to do everything in my power to reverse this effect: took supplements, adjusted my diet, used medicine, tried to rest my eyes more by spending less time in front of a computer or reading books (that didn’t last), etc.

It might have slowed the process, and maybe it didn’t, but I still refused to get glasses. It’s not that I think they are ugly or bad in general, I guess it’s purely sentimental because when I was young I took so much pride in my vision. I remember on family trips bragging from how far away I can make out the plate numbers on other cars – I was unbeatable in this game!

But, as with many aspects of getting older (and hey, who wants to live forever anyway), at a certain point you need to acknowledge the facts and face them head on.

So congratulations, because you’re witnessing something unbelievable – Darius is getting glasses!

Now, a great thing about my work is that it makes it possible to take something that could be considered a drawback – necessity to wear glasses – and make it a perk – a stylish, sexy accessory that complements the whole look.

In terms of awesomeness, this is right next to getting e-mails from you guys saying how you implemented one or two strategies you found on this site and are now getting significantly better results with women – those always make me smile ear-to-ear for the rest of the day.

So yeah, this is what we’re going to do with glasses – make them sexy – and this article will help you do the same based on your unique situation.

A Word About Glasses

From a style perspective, our main focus will be on the frames: thickness, design, color. For sunglasses, color of the lens also comes into play. And because I am not a professional optician, throughout this article I’ll be only focusing on style aspect and looking great and leave the part that makes sure that your glasses actually improve your vision to the professionals.

In modern culture glasses are your battle scars of being a smart guy (studies have shown that both men and women are perceived as more intelligent when wearing a pair.) The problem here is that there are still people, who don’t realize that being smart is sexy.

This might have something to do with the fact that most people don’t wear glasses that look flattering on them, they tend to stay much too conservative with the designs they are wearing (and just like with clothes, staying too conservative almost never leads to looking sexy) or are simply unable to incorporate them into their overall image.

Throughout this article we’ll address all three of those issues.

Picking Glasses Based On Your Face Shape

Your first major decision when choosing a pair (after the lenses were chosen for you by your not-so-perfect vision) will be its design and before we can discuss things like how to incorporate them into your style, we need to know what designs will look flattering on your face.

To do that, we first need to know your face shape.

Let me introduce to you a graph that I prepared for a GirlsChase article on how to pick a sexy hairstyle (by the way, if this is something you’re not sure about, it’s a monster article that covers nearly everything you need to know, so check it out!)

FaceShapes_2_copy (2)(Click here to view it in full resolution)

Going through the graph and discovering your features should be rather straightforward. Keep it simple.

Different shapes will bring a different set of perks and challenges when choosing the design of your glasses and that’s what we need to discuss:

Oval – oval as a face shape is the most universal when it comes to wearing glasses and in turn nearly every style will suit this face shape. This means that when choosing the design we should focus more on our other facial features and image we’re going for, which is something we’ll discuss later in the article.
Oblong – with oblong face shape our main goal is to rebalance the length of the face. This can be done by choosing larger, thicker frames. How angular the frames are should be based on whether you have a round or square jaw. Round jaw – angular frames; square jaw – rounder frames.



Square ­– first and foremost, rounder designs would complement this face shape better as it would soften the edges. For width you’d look best with a pair that is slightly wider than your cheekbones.



Round – the opposite of square face, our goal with round face is to make it look more angular, harden the edges. Thicker, bolder frames can help in this quest too. As for size, the bottom of the frames should hit just above the cheekbones.


Diamond – when it comes to diamond face shape it’s less about specific design, but more about how attention grabbing it is. We want to draw focus to our eyes, which means that diamond face will look best in bolder frames.



Heart – first and foremost you want them slightly wider, to balance out with your wide forehead. Ideally, we also benefit from finding a style that has interesting, attention grabbing design features on the bottom side of the frames.



Triangle – the opposite of Heart shape, with triangle face we also want to create balanced proportions by picking wider frames, but in this case we need them just a bit wider than the jaw. Also, any attention grabbing detailing should be on the upper half.



For some face shapes, who can wear a variety of styles this didn’t really help (other than knowing how lucky we are :) ). For others this might have significantly decreased their options, which is actually a good thing because too many options just lead to confusion and feeling overwhelmed.

Your other facial features

From the perspective of visual proportions there’s a rather peculiar effect: big things make other things seem smaller in comparison and small things make other things look bigger.

This is can be extremely powerful when it comes to style and looking attractive as we know that some physical features are just more attractive than others:

  • Looking tall is more attractive than looking small.
  • Having lean torso is more attractive than rocking a beer belly.
  • Having broad shoulders and chest is more attractive than looking small, skimpy.

This also applies to our facial features. As men we are perceived as more masculine if we display masculine features:

  • Large, angular jaw is preferred over small, round one.
  • Wide forehead is more attractive than a narrow one.
  • Having narrower eyes is more masculine than having wide eyes.

Hairstyle and facial hair styles can help us visually adjust our facial proportions to make us look significantly more attractive and glasses gives us another variable to play with when creating sexy looking face.

Now, how this works in practice:

  • If you have quite a small face, adding a pair of glasses with large frames will only make it look smaller – not good.
  • If you have a large face, adding a pair of glasses with small, thin frames with only make it look larger – not good.
  • If you have a large nose and mouth you probably want to wear a pair that’s sizeable as well, otherwise it will only emphasize their size.
  • If you have a small nose, mouth, brow you likely want to wear a pair with smaller frames too, otherwise they will overwhelm your natural features and make them look even smaller.

The name of the game here is balance.

When thinking about the proportions and visual effects you will be creating don’t forget your haircut and facial hair style too!

Glasses And Your Personal Image

By this part in the article you should have a reasonable idea what designs will suit your natural features and grooming style. As you can see, choosing frames based on your face shape and facial features is mostly algorithmic and there isn’t that much space for creativity.

But once we narrow down to several styles that can potentially work with the natural sexiness we’re packing, it’s time to introduce the part that separates the “Yeah, ok, they suit you” from “wow, they look hot!”

As an accessory a pair of glasses can work as either a complementary accessory or the statement piece.

With the former we want to fittingly incorporate a pair into our overall image. The colors, the design should either match or complement the rest of the look and leave the heavy-lifting of being an attention grabbing piece to another item. The transition from your face to the rest of the outfit should be seamless and natural.

But glasses can also become your statement piece. If you have a handsome face, picking a pair that is bolder, stands out (stylishly) from the rest of your look with its design, patterns or color, can be extremely powerful. Just be careful, like with scarfs when it comes to glasses that work a statement pieces everyone will want to try them out (for some reason this applies not only to sunglasses but also prescription ones.)

How To Wear Glasses As A Complementary Accessory

Let’s sum it up:

  • Colors and patterns should either match or complement the rest of the style without grabbing too much attention.
  • Avoid high contrast in styles.

Easy, right? Well, let’s see how it would look in practice:

Example 1 – Glasses

Urban Gentleman

(From Style Inspiration: Day Game)

We have three options with this look:

  • Going rimless – we could argue that this outfit already has plenty of cool details and there’s no need for another one. Even though that’s sound reasoning I don’t think that’s the best way to proceed. This look is very expressive (and impressive) and it wouldn’t suit to shy away with the last detail, so even though we definitely want to avoid oversized frames, something noticeable would suit it best.
  • Getting a pair with black frames – from here on we have two more options. The first one is to pick our glasses in black and in turn match it with the cardigan. It’s a really cool touch and black frames will universally work with nearly any outfit. That said, I still don’t think that’s the best choice as all of our attention grabbing details would be based solely around upper body.
  • Getting a pair in brown – instead, my best recommendation would be to go with a brown pair to match it with shoes. Matching colors on both upper and lower body will make sure that whichever pretty lady is checking us out will scan all our body, from top to bottom and will get a chance to soak in all the awesomeness that is in our look.

Something like this:

Example 1

Example 2 – Sunglasses

work 1

(From Style Inspiration: Work)

Due to lack of color and an interesting mix in styles I feel that there’s one optimal approach for this particular look:

  • Semi-rimless or with a thin frame ­– subtle metallic details are already a part of this look, so minimizing plastic details in favor for metal is a good idea. The look itself is a mix of smart classic and edgy while keeping part restrained and controlled. In turn, for sunglasses I feel that a pair of aviators would with the look best. Note that if we go for a thin frame, we don’t to completely match the colors but instead introduce something that complements the look.

Something like this:

Example 2

Example 3 – Glasses

The Natural

(From Style Inspiration: Night Game)

What happens when the edgy bad boy needs prescription glasses? Let’s see:

  • Bold, thick, trendy frames in black – let’s face it, there’s no way he’ll be trying to hide the fact that he’s wearing glasses (that’s for nice guys, who are insecure about it) and at the same time looking too “smarty-pants” would ruin his cred. Instead he’s going for something slightly exaggerated, just like the rest of his look.

Something like this:

Example 3

Example 4 – Sunglasses

work 2

(From Style Inspiration: Work)

Classy men need to protect their eyes too, and even though it’s a little tricky, we have two options here:

  • Going semi-rimless – when elegance is the name of the game is always a solid option. That said, I’d probably stay away from “cooler” designs that are typically associated with bad boy looks like Aviators.
  • Medium size frame with a stylish finish ­­– that said, I think that the best option would be to go for a design that’s not only elegant but also stylish in a non-conservative way. One that improves the look without becoming that attention grabbing piece. One that shows that your look is so well put together not by accident.

Something like this:

Example 4

How To Wear Glasses As A Statement Piece

Main goals:

  • Glasses should stand out from the rest of the look, draw focus onto themselves. It’s a great way to emphasize your eyes.
  • Aim for contrast with colors, patterns or design from the rest of your look, without going overboard.
  • The rest of the look should complement your statement piece, which means you should avoid wearing a lot of bold accessories like scarfs, rings, bracelets, etc. (a few are fine and preferred) when wearing your glasses as the attention grabbing item.
  • Not all images are suitable for a statement piece. For example if you’re going for a rugged, masculine outfit with very few accessories, a statement piece will more often than not look silly.

It should look contrasting but still like it belongs to the look – I know, it’s a little vague, but it’s the difference between wearing Chelsea boots with your rugged, masculine outfit and wearing oxford dress shoes with a tracksuit. One creates contrast in styles, the other looks straight up ridiculous.

Example 5 – Glasses

college smart guy

(From Style Inspiration: College)

Adding a pair of statement glasses to a semi-classy look can be tricky, especially when we’re talking about prescription ones, not sunglasses. That said, it is possible:

  • Bold, attention grabbing frames – because the look has some classy elements, we need a pair that’s noticeable, attention grabbing but not overly flashy (i.e. bright, pink frames). Ideally we want something that mixes in nicely with the rest of the look, while still appearing somehow different, as a novelty.

For example:

Example 5

Example 6 – Sunglasses

He's a Pro

(From Style Inspiration: Day Game)

It’s also doable with sunglasses too:

  • Aviators with blue lenses – this particular look already has one statement piece, the scarf. And in a way, that would be enough. That said, if you want to look properly, over-the-top hot, adding a pair of sunglasses might just be the way to go. To make it a statement piece we need something that has contrast with the core pieces (classy, elegant), but goes well with them. As we are already rocking a scarf, we need a pair of sunglasses that seemingly integrates with it to create a single visual treat for the senses, one that starts at our eyes and moves down towards the neck and chest. To achieve this effect we need to match the scarf and the sunglasses. Note that by doing this we’re moving away from the original “he’s a sexy professional” look to “he looks like a star, he must be famous!”

For example:

Example 6


Just a quick reminder that if you’re not sure how to incorporate colors into your outfits and yes, this includes glasses too, make sure to check this article – Colors 101. It will explain which colors would suit you best and how to mix them within the look to create a stylish, well-executed effect.

One thing that I would like to note specifically for glasses:

  • If you have warm skin tone, glasses with gold finish would suit you best.
  • If you have a cold skin tone, glasses with silver / stainless steel finish would look better on you.

A Word About Sunglasses

Everything we’ve discussed so far applies to both prescription glasses and sunglasses. However, don’t be mistaken – the latter is a different beast from the former.

First and foremost, there’s one more variable to consider – the color of the lens. In most cases, the color will be purely a preference thing with one exception and that is when you want to use the color of the lens as part of your color coordinating effort.

Casual Badass

(As in this example)

Secondly, sunglasses have a different effect on your overall image and conveys different qualities – you lose class and looking intelligent and replace it with cool and edgy qualities (at least with most designs.)

Whether it’s a good or a bad thing is debatable, but either way it’s something you should consider when thinking about the overall image you’re trying to create with your look.

The main takeaway and recommendation I can give in this regard is this:

Avoid going overboard – unless you’re going for a raw, untamed look (like “Rock Out With Your Balls Out” from our last Style Inspiration) and have a personality to pull it off, it’s best avoid pushing too far into the “too cool for school” territory.

The thing with adding “cool” pieces to your look is that it’s a thin line to walk on and it’s easy to find yourself looking as if you’re being sarcastic about your look.


The main reason why I’m not a big fan of sunglasses is that colored lenses restrict our ability to exchange eye contact and without eye contact we’re not going to connect with women on any real, meaningful level. We’re missing out on “the magic moment”.

In a way, wearing sunglasses is a form of hiding yourself from others, discouraging them from looking into our eyes.

Sure this can be helpful occasionally (i.e. when you’re contemplating the meaning of your existence when walking to the gym, listening to your favorite song) but really, are we not disconnected enough? (and yeah, I know this sounds cheesy :) )

That said, it’s a cool accessory and visually improves most styles.

Finishing Thoughts

I hope you found this article useful and practical but my biggest wish is to help you see the need to wear glasses as an opportunity to reach new levels of sexiness instead of a necessary evil.

By the way, how are your sexy Spring looks going? Are your treating the visual senses of our pretty ladies, making them fall in love with you the way they make us fall in love with them by wearing those short skirts?

Or do you fall into “yeah… I guess he’s okay” category?

If you’re not sure, you know I’m here to help!


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