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Few days ago I was asked about my opinion on printed t-shirts and it struck me – I still haven’t talked here about a style of clothing that was my go to approach to get smiles, comments and engagement back in the university days!

Printed t-shirts can do wonders to spark the initial interest and if done well, set the right tone for the whole interaction. They also can work great in social events to help you get “in” faster – few things connect people better than a common sense of humor.

On the other hand, if done wrong, wearing a lame printed t-shirt can make you look socially inept and almost instantly reject you from the social circle, which indeed makes things much more difficult.

Now, before we go into the details and examples, please take note of this disclaimer:

For the examples I will be using T-Shirts that are based on my wicked sense of humor, my personality and would work well for me. However, for some they might seem offensive (very likely), boring or lame, which in turn would lead to horrible results. Any prints and designs you decide to wear have to be based on your personality, your sense of humor, your comfort zones and your social confidence level (we’ll discuss this later in the article).  

So how to pick printed T-Shirts and look hot? Let’s explore the defining aspects of t-shirts that work.

1.     They are humorous

That’s kind of obvious, right?

Well, here’s the kicker, as mentioned in the disclaimer above they have to be your type of humor. Look, I like dark sarcastic humor but people with a moral compass might think they are offensive and that’s okay, because I could never get along with a woman (and people in general) who’s too politically correct anyway. Think of it as a sort of screening mechanism.

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)

Source: Zazzle (Click on the image to view original)

2.     They are inviting

Okay, this is the key part to look for if you want women to approach and open you. If you ever dabbled in marketing think of it as a “call to action” – it gives an easy, obvious and, very importantly, socially acceptable way for another person to initiate interaction with you. Note here: interaction is not necessarily a started conversation but also things like smiling, winking, etc.

Source: Zazzle (Click on the image to view original)

Source: Zazzle (Click on the image to view original)

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)


3.     They are sexual

Okay, cheesy innuendos aside, I find that t-shirts that have some sexual content work best, simply because they make it easy to set the tone of your interaction from the start.

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)

Source: Zazzle (Click on the image to view original)

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)

4.     And a little cocky

Don’t be afraid to be a little cocky with the designs you choose. Hey, you know you’re the hottest thing to walk this earth, right? There’s nothing wrong with sharing with knowledge with the world hehe. HOWEVER, be aware that you’ll be tested on this, probably a lot, so don’t take yourself too seriously and it’s helpful to find it funny to laugh at yourself too.

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)

Source: T-Shirt Hell (Click on the image to view original)

5.     They are cute

Okay, this one feels like cheating because of how effective they are. T-shirts with cutesy designs work wonders to make people, especially women, around you smile and giggly. This works even better if you’re a big, muscular guy with an otherwise badass demeanor.

Source: Redditgifts (Click on the image to view original)

Source: Zazzle (Click on the image to view original)

Something I’m working on right now:

Okay, this is a design I had on my mind whole winter – cute, funny, cocky, sexy – guarunteed success, except my Illustrator/Photoshop skills are still crap, so it needs some work (I’ll update this post when I make it “wear ready”). I mention this now because maybe one of you readers are actually skilled with the beforementioned software and would like to help me get this idea to its fruition. If so, don’t be shy and please contant me


This brings us to a very important point that makes printed t-shirt more than just a piece of clothing but part of a persona that you’re creating with your style – contrast.

Let’s use the last example with cute designs and big, badass guys. First, it shoes that you don’t take yourself too seriously and makes you look more easygoing and laidback. Also, it shows that you’re fun to hang around with.

Another good example: t-shirt with self-deprecating humor for guys who are very confident, cocky and extroverted. Once again, it shows that you’re simply amusing yourself and not taking things too seriously.

But be careful – if you’re a shy, self-conscious, introverted guy better skip t-shirts with cocky prints. Even though it has high contrast, chances are you won’t be able to handle the shit testing that comes with wearing cocky t-shirts, which will make your shyness and self-consciousness painfully obvious and in the end you would be better off wearing a plain tee.

You have to own it

I’ve mentioned this in the point about humor, but if you’re wearing a t-shirt with some printed text, you need to be comfortable with what it’s saying:

  • Only wear humorous t-shirts when they are absolutely hilarious TO YOU.
  • Only wear inviting t-shirts when you’re comfortable with what they are inviting other to do. (f.e. if you’re wearing a “smile if you’re horny” t-shirt, make sure you’re okay with smiling back to all the women who are smiling at you)
  • Only wear sexual t-shirts that YOU find sexy.
  • Only wear cocky t-shirts when you feel that they are YOUR type of cocky.
  • Only wear cute t-shirts when YOU find them cute.

AND NEVER EVER FEEL LIKE YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF. This is a big mistake I used to make in the past, I would wear t-shirts like “Amateur Pornstar” or “Smile if you’re horny” and because I didn’t feel comfortable with their message (I liked it, but just didn’t have the confidence to pull them off), I would feel the urge to explain myself and the t-shirt to anyone who engaged on it. It took me some time to get comfortable with them and then I started getting great results wearing these t-shirts.

Wear them with style

Lastly, just because you’re wearing a cool t-shirt with a sexy and inviting message doesn’t mean you should suddenly forget about fit and color coordination. Just as with any other piece of clothing, make sure to cover to cover the basics first. A tight plain t-shirt will look way hotter than a printed tee that’s way too loose for you despite how awesome the print is.

One thing you might consider though is to slightly tone down the rest of the outfit (less accessories and other cool details) so that attention is focused on the printed tee for maximum effect.

Now, remember the “call to action” I mentioned in the article? It’s time for one!

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