Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been enjoying quite a bit of standup comedy (love dark humor) so decided to make a somewhat funny thread based on the “You know you… when…” joke. Let’s see what happened

You Know You Need To Improve Your Style When…


1.     …when your grandma says you look like a dork.

Grandma is dissapointed with your looks

2.     …when your nerdy friends hold a style intervention for you.

Style Intervention From Nerds

3.     …when the girl at the bar instead of her number, gives you the number for local Zara.

Wrong phone number

4.     …when at a family reunion you realize that you wear the same clothes as that weird uncle, who left his house for the first time in 10 years.

Weird Uncle Loves Your Style

5.     …when hipsters at the local indie coffee shop tells you to tone it down with the retro look.

Hipster suggests going mainstream


6.     …when the bouncer at the club before denying you entrance calls up other bouncers, waitresses, bartenders and the manager because “you have to see this guy!”

Amused Bouncer


7.     …when you realize the last time you’ve been allowed in a club was when your Dwarf Paladin was still level 10.

Dwarf Palading Going to Clubs


8.     …when on your birthday every single friend gives you clothes as presents.

Helpful Friends


9.     …when on a night out your girlfriend jokingly asks “are you seriously wearing this?” and starts crying furiously.

10.   …when the moment your friends see you they start taking pictures of you shouting “oh my god, this is totally going on 9gag!”

Hot on 9gag


So, how did I do?

You’re not impressed? Well… um… screw you! But yeah, I guess I should stick to writing articles.

If you think you can do better, show your talent in the comments section

Still, hopefully, none of the above actually happened to you. But if you got slightly worried that you might need to improve you appearance, make sure to pick up your copy of “Style Makeover Guide” for free down below


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