Focus On The Fundamentals, Not The Girl

Guest post from Manny Blake of “Nice Guys With an Edge“ with a very insight and powerful piece of advice. Your game is only as solid as your fundamentals, and if you’re not seeing results, the next step is simple: Understand the flaw in your fundamentals and work to improve them!

Style Inspiration: How To Dress In College Part 2 (Autumn 2015)

College is a very special time in life, and I want you to take full advantage of the opportunities there. This guide not only presents some sexy outfit ideas, but goes a bit more in-depth about how to walk that fine line between youthful and stylish. It’s time to hit the books, so if you’re distracted by all the female attention, don’t blame me!

How To Look Hot In Your Casual Outfits

If you’ve been dressing “to the nines” on your nights out, you’ll know why wearing clothes like that during the day is highly unpractical (and looks out of place). Obviously life doesn’t stop when the night ends, and we want to look sexy during the day too. So how do we balance practicality and sexiness? We answer that in this article.

Style Inspiration: No More Mr. Nice Guy (Autumn 2015)

What makes a nice guy so lame? The desire to appeal to everybody, and not offend anyone, which results in appealing to basically no one, and only offending yourself. In this guide we look at how you can put some edge into your outfits, so that you look attractive and are never mistaken for a boring nice guy.