Hey guys,

Over the months that we’ve been doing Style Inspiration series here, we covered quite a few looks that can be considered rather complicated.

However, as the summer is just around the corner (at least here it already feels very much like summer) and rocking multiple layers is not the most comfortable option, I’d like to share a very simplistic, raw, but nonetheless sexy look.

How to look sexy wearing only three pieces of clothing

First thing we need to understand here is that the fewer items we are wearing the more our natural looks like physique and grooming come into play, this means that this “less is more” approach will look absolutely amazing on guys who paid their dues in the gym and at the kitchen table, but not as impressive on guys who are still “in progress” on this aspects of their looks.

That’s not to say that you can’t look really good with a style like this if you’re packing a few extra pounds. Just make sure you adhere to the two following rules:

  1. You know how I always keep babbling that fit is king when it comes to dressing sexy? Well, while a wearing a “less is more” type of outfit, fit is not only king, but also the queen and the whole royal entourage. Because there are fewer variables at play, it makes it so much more important to have the basics down.
  2. The other major factor at play, one that I don’t often talk about here, is the quality of clothing. Because there’s only three pieces of clothing in this look, each items needs to be impressive without being overwhelming and it’s easier to achieve this by getting highest quality items you can afford.

    Source: Pinterest.com (click on the image to view original)

Why it works

  • Perfect fit and tight cut does a great job to emphasize the physique.
  • Lack of accessories makes the look more elegant, timeless and effortless.
  • But because of the fabrics and color management chosen, the outfit doesn’t look boring (a common issue with outfits that don’t have attention grabbing details). This is the part where the quality of worn pieces comes into play – getting same result with cheaper-looking clothes would be much more difficult.
  • Rolled up sleeves and pants adds a nice casual touch. You don’t want to look too business-like.

Other notes

  • Simply by adding a blazer, you could easily transform this look to one suitable for evenings and nights out.
  • Or you could swap this shirt for a slightly looser linen one, open three or more buttons, add sunglasses and you have a great sex-on-the-beach look.
  • Because this is a summer look all items should be made from light, thin fabrics.
  • As mentioned, a clean and seemingly effortless look like this will do wonders for men with great physiques, but as long as you maintain the right fit and quality, it can be pulled off well by chubbier/skinnier guys too.

Deconstructing the outfit

White dress shirt