About Sexy Style for Joe

This is a men’s fashion advice website like nothing you’ve seen before. Our goal here is not to become a “well dressed man” or a “gentleman” – oh no!

The strategies and advice you will find here are designed to help you maximize your physical attractiveness as a man, spike your sex appeal.

In turn, this is NOT the website if you’re looking for help to dress for a job interview, business lunch or impress your guy colleagues and buddies.


  • If you want to dramatically increase your odds when chatting up that beautiful girl as you’re going about your day…

  • If you want to “steal the show” and make those cute girls wonder “Who’s that guy?..” on a night out in a bar or club…

  • If you want her thinking “when is he going to invite me over?” when you’re on a date with that sexy lady…

  • If you want to nail your outfits to get amazing photos for your online dating profile that not only drastically improve your response rate but also has them messaging YOU first…

Then you came to the right place and let me be the first one to say, Welcome!




You will learn:

  • The most important factor determining whether your image is attractive
  • What makes you look shorter, chubbier and weaker than you are
  • Which clothes in your wardrobe can instantly kill your sex appeal
  • The most popular (and the worst) image that guys go for when meeting women
  • Why being “well-dressed” is not enough if you want to look sexy

And much more!

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(Hint: if your current outfits are remotely similar to what you see on the cover you REALLY need to check out this free ebook!)


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Most of the information on Sexy Style for Joe is available for your pleasure for free.

However, if you are in situation where you don’t have the time to read dozens of articles to learn the ins and outs of fashion game, and you are looking for massive results FAST, I have some epic tools prepared for you too.

Nerdy To Sexy

“Nerdy To Sexy” is an Amazon Kindle book that is designed to help you take those first steps in learning to dress sexy. You will learn how to tailor your look based on your unique situation. We also go through all popular types of clothes and I share tips and strategies on how and when to wear them (and when to avoid them). On top of that, you’ll find hundreds of different outfit ideas that you can model to look amazing!

Best suited for:

  • Beginners, who don’t have the fundamentals of style nailed.
  • Tight budget.

Not suited for:

  • If you think you already have a pretty good idea on how to dress.

The Wow! Factor

This is our super course in dressing sexy! Whether you’re a beginner taking his first steps in learning about image or are already a well-dressed man looking to take his style to the next level, this course will take you by hand and teach you everything you need to know about dressing sexy. By the end of the course you will have a unique, personal and stupendously sexy image going for you. The Wow! Factor is THE course to take if you want to look stunningly good and skyrocket your romantic results.

Best suited for:

  • Pretty much everyone

Not suited for:

  • If you can hardly afford a t-shirt from H&M or Asos
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Learn more
Author of “Nerdy To Sexy” and “The Wow!” Factor. Writer, men’s image consultant and lead troublemaker at Sexy Style for Joe

Image is the great equalizer: It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, if you’re tall or short, bulky or ripped, young or old. We all have full control over how we choose to present ourselves to the world.

The only question is – are you going to take this control into your hands and take action or be a victim and look for excuses and rationalizations?