About Sexy Style for Joe

Sexy Style for Joe is a different kind of men’s fashion website.

Instead of helping you look like a gentleman or an otherwise well-rounded boring nice guy, following and applying the strategies found on Sexy Style for Joe will help you look like the sexiest badass in town.

Instead of articles like “5 ways to wear a pair of khakis” you will find articles that help you create outfits that actually spike your physical attractiveness and sex appeal, instead of killing it on the spot.

Here we loudly roar “Fuck off!” to formalities and etiquette of men’s style that try to make us look like a tamed, harmless chump with his balls in someone’s purse. Someone, who is just following the rules because someone said that’s the appropriate thing to do.

But above all else,

Sexy Style for Joe is about creating an attractive, head-turning, panties-soaking image that suits your personality, your goals and attract the type of people you want into your life. Especially women…

Ahh… women…

Yes, in many ways it’s all about women and sex (isn’t everything in this world?)

Whether you’re taking your first steps in learning to dress sexy to drastically increase your odds when meeting and dating those wonderful ladies.

Or you already know what you’re doing and in a way you are simply “returning the favor” by making yourself as attractive to her as she is to you.

Because everything you will learn on this site is not based on some fashion textbook or “Appropriateness 101” but instead on real life experiences – successes and failures – and in some cases hard scientific data (psychology of colors, creating the most visually attractive proportions, managing first impressions, etc.), I can with full certainty say that it works.

Probably better than any single technique you could find on the “how to get girls” websites.

Especially since the website now is a few years old, with readers from around the world, of different ages, personalities and body types who have successfully implemented and tested these strategies in their own lives.

At this point I have received more “Thank you, Darius!” and “Holy shit! I can’t believe how well it worked!!!” e-mails than I can count. Though I’ll admit, to this day getting these e-mails still makes me smile ear-to-ear and if you’d like to share your story – please do!

(If you’re struggling with something, I’m also available and eager to help as much as I can)

But you’re probably wondering who the hell is this guy talking about “dressing sexy” for men.


I’ve been learning about men’s style, clothes and image for close to a decade now.

Originally, it was simply to scratch my own itch: I was a computer science freshman in university and yes, I was shy, awkward, nerdy and an introvert. I still am an introvert but since dressing sexy it suddenly became an asset because now women refer to it as “being the strong, silent type”, whatever the fuck that means.

As you probably imagine, being a computer science student (out of ~300 students, ~270 were male) and a nerd doesn’t exactly make women line up to your dorm room, except when they need help with some math or coding assignment but even then at best all you can get is the “oh, thank you, you’re such a nice guy!” speech.

Because at the time even the idea of approaching a beautiful woman with the goal of “seducing” her would give me a panic attack, so I needed a different strategy – I wanted to make myself so attractive that those beautiful women would disregard my obvious shyness and social awkwardness.

As most guys, I first thought about fitness and building a godlike physique. The problem was that it would’ve taken years to start noticing real results and all the dieting would get in the way of my two favorite hobbies at the time (aside from video games, of course): drinking beer and eating junk food.

So instead I turned to fashion and style.

The problem was that there really were no good resources to teach me what I wanted:

The “how to get girls” crowd knew the ins and outs of what makes a man sexy but they were more or less clueless about fashion and clothes. The advice there essentially boiled down to “buy a nice buttoned shirt, black jeans and nice shoes”. (Hint: bullshit! And what the hell does “nice” mean?)

The men’s fashion sites on the other hand knew everything there is to know about clothes but they were mostly owned by married with children guys, who haven’t been in field or tried bringing a woman home from a bar or a club in years. In turn, most of their advice would go against the fundamentals of what it means to be a sexual, attractive man.

So my strategy was to mix & match the advice from both of these worlds and experiment in the real world, to see what happens. I had some help early on from a close friend studying fashion design to make sure I get some early wins and don’t completely screw myself over but still – I made countless mistakes down this path.

Eventually something clicked and my life was never the same since…

That shy, awkward nerd somehow started getting numbers from women (without even asking), asked out on dates, heck, even random booty calls.

Yes, you read it right – something as simple and mundane as changing the clothes I was wearing completely transformed my romantic life. Go figure…

But enough of me blabbering, if you’d like to read the full story and how you can take your own image to the next level, make sure to check out the image mastery series:

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