About Darius

On a mission to help smart men get sexy. I'm the guy you go to, when you decide that it's time to lose the nerdy clothes and become a sexy man.

30-Day Challenge To Become An Attractive Man (Week 3)

Have you ever felt down, defeated and found yourself thinking “I just need a win, just one good thing to happen in my life so I can keep going...” or “If only this one thing would go my way, if only I could figure it out, then my life would be great, then I would be okay…” I know I sometimes catch myself thinking along those lines. And so we wait. Wait for someone else to come into our lives and save us, to make everything right. For you it might be a sexy woman, a friend, a business prospect, or a mentor – anyone! But time goes and nobody arrives. It’s only you and whatever is happening in your mind. And that’s the dirty little secret – you are the only one who can “save” you, you ARE the cavalry that’s supposed to charge the flank and turn the tides of the battle! Nothing will change until you do.

How To Build A Sexy Minimalist Wardrobe

Do you really need dozens and dozens of clothes to dress sexy on a daily basis? Not necessarily. You can create an attractive, sexy image with a minimalist wardrobe too. This article will show you how to design your wardrobe as a minimalist, without ending up with generic, boring outfits.