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How To Build Your Edgy Wardrobe (Sneak peek into “The Wow! Factor” course)

The release of the Wow! Factor is just around the corner, and I want you to have a little taste of it. This is a sneak peek into the Edgy Wardrobe guide, and it is EXTENSIVE, showing you the most important pieces needed to create a super sexy Edgy look. Sneak “peek” isn’t really a good word for it after all… ;)

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How To Become A Very Sexy Man (and a big announcement!)

There are certain qualities and features that make a man sexy. Most of these are under our influence and can be improved upon with effort and dedication. So what is someone where to under take a project to measure how much a man can really change in a short period of time? Enough hint dropping, there’s also an announcement about how you can join in on the fun.

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