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Articles that cover real life examples of what it means to dress sexy and actionable advice on how to achieve this result.

Experiment: How Much More Attractive Can You Become In 6 Months (“Become A 9+ Project Update”)

Six months after the style experiment, we decide to take things even further with the Become A 9+ Project, which had surprising results. Don’t worry, we also share the steps that were taken to become a 9 with you, as well as a recount of the experience, so that you can go about your own sexy transformation.

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How To Wear Converse Shoes And Look Sexy Doing It

At first I didn’t think much of Converse, but after a series of fortunate events they absolutely blew my mind, leading me to look further into these awesomely casual pair of shoes. In this piece, I give you an in-depth look into Converse, so you can pull them off and look sexy too.

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Style Inspiration: Chasing Skirts (Spring 2015)

What is all this dressing sexy for anyway? Oh yeah, to attract those pretty ladies in skirts that are so pleasing to the eyes. It’s only fair that we return the favor. So in this Style Inspiration, we take a look at some outfits for Spring 2015, and the types of girls in skirts that they will attract.

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How To Create Your “I’m Getting Laid Tonight” Look

If there was such a thing as a “perfect” look, it would be one that suits your personality and physique, purposefully communicates to others certain traits about you, and attracts your type of women. Done right and you will notice a big difference, so much so that you might give this look a corny name like I gave mine: The “I’m Getting Laid Tonight” look.

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Style Inspiration: How To Look Badass

Looking badass and BEING badass are not one in the same, and if you wear these looks trying to be someone you’re not, you’ll crash and burn. But not every badass was born with the badness in his bones, so let’s take a look at the philosophy and style of this intriguing quality.

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Style Inspiration: I’m Too Hot To Get Cold! (Winter 2014)

Winter is cold. And for those of us that want to look our sexiest, this is that challenge we face. So how do we look sexy in the cold, and stay warm? Layering is going to be our best friend, and you’ll see that it actually looks damn good. Following a few guidelines is all you need to attract some warm cuties out there in the Winter Wonderland.

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