Articles that cover real life examples of what it means to dress sexy and actionable advice on how to achieve this result.

Style Inspiration: It’s A Great Day to Meet The Ladies! (Autumn 2014)

When you’re out-and-about and you see a pretty lady, it feels good to know that you’re dressed for the occasion. And for most men running errands means putting on something comfortable that looks… well, hideous. You know better than that, the world is full of spontaneous opportunities and you’re ready for them with a style inspiration like this.

Style Inspiration: How To Dress Sexy At Work (Autumn 2014)

If you’re tired of leaving your sexy appeal at home when you go to the office, then we have the perfect style inspiration for you. This does come with a disclaimer, playing with the sexy fire is risky at work and is best done with subtly. We’ll show you how to make everyday “bring your sexy style to work day”.