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Articles covering the basics of looking good that every man should know.

How To Break Racial Stereotypes With Style (Part One)

For many men, their racial background seems like a disadvantage in the world of unfair stereotypes. Fortunately, we can destroy those misconceptions when we intelligently apply some basics of style to flip those stereotypes on their heads, and create an image that is truly sexy.

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Sharp Image – How To Be The Best Dressed Man In The Room

The Sharp image, characterized by flawless execution of the classier side of menswear. You will no doubt stand out in a very good way if you wear it right. In this piece, we take a closer look at the Sharp image to give you some insight into how you too can turn heads with this larger than life image.

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How To Build Your Edgy Wardrobe (Sneak peek into “The Wow! Factor” course)

The release of the Wow! Factor is just around the corner, and I want you to have a little taste of it. This is a sneak peek into the Edgy Wardrobe guide, and it is EXTENSIVE, showing you the most important pieces needed to create a super sexy Edgy look. Sneak “peek” isn’t really a good word for it after all… ;)

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How To Choose A Sexy Scarf?

The ultimate guide to choosing, wearing, and yes, tying a scarf. This item is well deserved to be in your wardrobe, and you’ll see why when you start getting compliments! Don’t miss out on this very practical AND sexy accessory, as we go in-depth with different types, how to wear them with different outfits, and scarves that are best avoided.

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How To Shop For Clothes When You’re Losing Weight

Since fit is so important for looking sexy, making changes to your body weight can stir up some trouble for you. Luckily there are some ways you can save your wallet from having to replace your entire wardrobe, and some a couple quick fixes to make some of your clothes still work for you. Keep up the good work, because a solid physique always makes for a better look.

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How To Identify Your Style And See If It’s The Best Option For You (2 Tests)

It is essential for dressing sexy that your image fits your personality type, your goals, and attracts your type of women. In this article you’ll learn your ideal image archetype, and what that means in practice. This can be considered one of the fundamentals of good fashion, right up there with color coordination and fit.

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