Articles covering the basics of looking good that every man should know.

How To Look Hot In Your Casual Outfits

If you’ve been dressing “to the nines” on your nights out, you’ll know why wearing clothes like that during the day is highly unpractical (and looks out of place). Obviously life doesn’t stop when the night ends, and we want to look sexy during the day too. So how do we balance practicality and sexiness? We answer that in this article.

Why You Think Ugly Clothes Are Cool And Sexy Clothes Suck

A surprising amount of factors influence our tastes, and this effects our choices in fashion and style. This can negatively effect you if those influences steer you away from a sexy image, and unfortunately this is commonly the case. Let’s take a look at what those influences are, and how to develop a keen eye for a much sexier look.

How To Wear Converse Shoes And Look Sexy Doing It

At first I didn’t think much of Converse, but after a series of fortunate events they absolutely blew my mind, leading me to look further into these awesomely casual pair of shoes. In this piece, I give you an in-depth look into Converse, so you can pull them off and look sexy too.

5 Epic Mistakes You Can Make When Dressing For A Date Or A Night Out

Inspired by one of my own nights out, where some style mistakes had me catching the wrong kind of attention. To prevent you from doing the same thing (and remind myself to think a little more before leaving the house), I’ve made a list of some mistakes you should avoid, and how to avoid them to ensure your nights out catch the right kind of attention. ;)

How To Pick A Sexy Pair Of Glasses For Men

Whether you need them for clearer vision, or just want to shade your eyes, looking sexy with a pair of glasses tends to be hit or miss for many men. There’s actually a pretty straight forward way of determining which pair works best for you, and we go into detail about how to add glasses into your outfit so that you look as good as you can see.

How To Create Your “I’m Getting Laid Tonight” Look

If there was such a thing as a “perfect” look, it would be one that suits your personality and physique, purposefully communicates to others certain traits about you, and attracts your type of women. Done right and you will notice a big difference, so much so that you might give this look a corny name like I gave mine: The “I’m Getting Laid Tonight” look.