bannerHey guys,

Six months ago we did an experiment to see how clothes affect our perceived attractiveness. We did it by choosing two different outfits and surveying pretty ladies to rate my attractiveness on a 1 to 10 scale.

The result was definitely impressive, from 6 to 8 (well, to be more exact from 6.14 to 7.71; you’ll see why it matters in just a moment) simply by changing from average to sexy clothes.

But this experiment did more than just flatter my ego, it inspired our “Become A 9+” project and gave birth to our Inner Circle group.

The goal of “Become A 9+” project was to see if it is possible to go from 8 (7.71) to ~9 in six months by focusing on improving every area of appearance: posture and movements, physique, skin care, grooming, style.

Now, six months later, we re-did the experiment with a new, improved look.

Would you like to see the results?

Well then, before any further ado…

How Much You Can Improve Your Looks In 6 Months

Aaaaaand as you can see we kind of failed…

Instead of getting to ~9 I managed to score 8.24, which is about ~0.5 increase in six months. Highest score was 9.5, lowest – 7.

But there’s a reason why I’m smiling as I’m writing this and not sobbing silently into my pillow – this project was eye opening and despite the fact that we didn’t reach our goal, I’m nonetheless happy with the results.

Let me explain,

First, imagine a woman that you would consider a 9 in looks. If you’re anything like me, your pants just got tighter because that’s a freaking hottie!

Now thing about it – in just six months we managed to get to a point where more women found me to be a 9 in looks than a 7 (which is a decent score in itself when you think about it).

Considering that you can never be everyone’s type – it’s amazing and I feel truly fortunate to have embarked on this journey and to have people to share this journey with – my Inner Circle FB group.

Talking about them…

I have to admit, from the photos I’ve seen my improvement and results were definitely not the most impressive, not by a long shot… Damn you, sexy bastards…

Which is just to show the principles are universal and all of us can significantly improve our attractiveness by simply putting a bit of effort and giving it time. Both you and I can reap the benefits of being sexy.

Don’t worry, I’ll help you get started in just a moment but before that, let’s discuss this experiment a bit more.

The 6 Months Project: What, When And Why?

As mentioned previously, during those six months we focused on these 5 areas of appearance:

  • Posture & Body Language
  • Physique
  • Skin care
  • Grooming
  • Style

Each area got about a month’s worth of research and habit implementing, from then on it ran on habit auto-pilot while we were figuring out and handling another area.

What I would like to do is explain what and why we chose to use particular strategies and resources.

Posture & Body Language

In the dating community body language is a pretty massive topic and there’s countless books written on the topic. One would think that finding actionable, proven and research-based advice would be easy…

Well, it wasn’t the case.

When I tried to look for proper research on the topic, I couldn’t find a single piece that would make a distinction between “correct” and “sexy/attractive”. So I started looking into correct posture, movements, range of motions – all that nerdy stuff and what I found fascinating is that a lot of the “common sense” advice from the dating world (standing straight, taking up space, shoulders back, etc.) actually happens naturally when you work on your posture as you would as an athlete.

There’s one more reason why we decided to work on posture from an athletic approach – to avoid injuries while working on improving physique. Physique improvement was a major goal during these six months and we couldn’t allow a stupid injury due to bad movements sabotage our efforts.

This lead us to Mobility | WOD. Now, I have to note that when we used it Mobility|WOD was still free to use (most videos where not set as “Pro”) but you can still find a lot of free content (actually, most videos last time I checked) by searching for Kelly Starrett on Youtube.

Lessons learned:

I consider posture and movements improvement to be the biggest fail in our project. But not for the reason that you might expect – it was extremely effective and I’m still convinced that the best place to find advice for your body language and posture are not dating sites but those that cater to elite athletes.

The reason why I consider this area to be the biggest fail in our experiment is that I simply failed to stick with it. Just a few months in, when new habits started piling up I realized that I was half-assing the posture work and eventually ended up doing it only when I had some aches (knee and shoulders aches have been a problem for a big part of my life, but became a rare exception after Mobility | WOD work).

The problem here is that due to our sedentary lifestyle, creating good posture and movement habits takes tremendous effort and focus – you pretty much need to revamp your whole lifestyle.

I still think it’s a worthwhile pursuit, but it should be done as a solo project and will need more than a month to make it a habit.


I think physique is one of those things that needed the most improvement in my life. When I started out by most definitions I was skinny, actually skinny-fat as my limbs were weak and tiny but I still had extra space for beer around my torso.



(Never thought I’ll be sharing this video publicly hehe)

Don’t get me wrong, even with that physique I didn’t have trouble being checked out or complimented by our pretty ladies because I used clothes to create flattering proportions and by the time the shirt came off it was already a done deal, but nonetheless if there was one area that could benefit from a significant improvement it was physique.

Here’s the result (sorry for the shitty lighting)



Now, if you spent more than 5 minutes on the Internet that’s definitely not the most impressive physique transformation you’ve seen. So let me give you some context:

  • During this period I would go at least once a week drinking with my buddies (this is excluding any dates I would go where I would also have a few drinks). I would plan for these extra calories ahead of time.
  • At least one day a week was spent in full-debauchery mode – eating, drinking and fucking (the last part kind of helped with the calories). Occasionally this would last whole weekend and there were few weeks where this tradition was skipped.

As mentioned in the intro, the goal here was to improve appearance while living a normal life and that’s some of the lifestyle choices that I was not willing to give up for a quick six-pack or bigger muscles.

Before this experiment I thought that physique improvement was one of those things that need to consume your life and make you boring as fuck – turns out, that’s not necessarily the case.

As for the resources used – if you’ve been reading SSfJ for some time now, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Greg from Kinobody and his work, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I used his Greek God program (though I will be experimenting with his Warrior Shredding Program next for variety).

I needed a program with which I could build muscle while taking cm’s off my torso, because just bulking up would kill the purpose (it’s easier to use clothes to look hot when you’re lean than when you’re bulky) and Greek God’s re-comp protocol suited me perfectly.

Lessons learned:

As you can see in the video my shoulders are wider, chest more developed and torso is leaner – everything I hoped for. What I did not account for, however, is how slow building new muscle (and strength) can be. Turns out, there are actual biological limitations.

On the bright side,

Because the program used had very little lifestyle restrictions I can see myself doing it for the foreseeable future.

Which simply means that when it comes to physique improvement, even though there’s still a long road ahead, I’ll be taking it with a smile.

One thing that I did not expect was how quickly you can start getting complimented on your physique, just a couple of months in women started noting how much they liked my upper body when the shirt came off. The changes were not even that significant at that point but that was enough.

Still, even that’s not the main reason why now I’m such a strong believer in improving your physique – the strength that comes with working out is stupendously fun in the bedroom: you can pick up a petite girl (my type) with one hand and throw her on the bed, due to improve core strength you can fuck harder and sometimes just pick her up in your hands and fuck her while standing just for shits and giggles – it’s a very masculine, empowering feeling.

Also increased horniness but that’s probably related to improved testosterone levels (don’t have before – after data).

Skin care

This is another big area I had to tackle.

You see for most of my young adult life I struggled with acne and I still get an occasional breakout if I stick with bad habits like stress, lack-of-sleep, shitty diet for too long. As a result I have some long-term scarring.

I also have a pretty sensitive skin that is oily in some areas and gets very dry and flaky in others.

So what I needed is to address this from two sides:

  • Stick with good habits (reduce stress, good sleep, eating better, drinking water) and reduce how often I indulge the bad ones.
  • Create a morning and evening skin care routine that would take care of my skin’s needs. That routine included washing, toning and moisturizing.

From that point it was simply giving my skin time to heal.

I’ve also got a subtle tan simply by spending more time in the sun and as a result it did slightly camouflaged some of the scarring.

Lessons learned

As you see I’m not naming any particular products I used during these six months because the biggest lesson for skin care was that it’s very personal and finding suitable products is mostly about experimenting.

You see,

When I did my research, identified my skin type, etc. I found a set of products (washer, toner and moisturizer) from Men-U product line.

On paper this should’ve been a perfect match and it was for washer and toner. But with moisturizer something happened… Even though it did moisturize most parts of my face perfectly, for some reason it gave me a red rash around my nose – not good.

After it didn’t go away I had to switch to another moisturized, which again took some experimenting: some of them would not moisturize enough and my dry areas would get flaky, others would leave my skin too oily. The one that I eventually stuck with was a cheap moisturizer from a local brand.


Let’s cover some facts first:

  • My hairline is receding (slowly, but it does) and at this point my forehead is quite sizable.
  • My face shape is oval.
  • My nose is pretty big.
  • I have very thick eyebrows (if unmaintained I wouldn’t have eyebrows, I’d have an eyebrow haha).
  • My jaw is small and round.

So those are the realities I had to deal with when choosing my grooming. Luckily, at the time we did this experiment I already knew how to deal with them:

  • Receding hairline means that I look best in short-medium length hairstyles.
  • Oval shape technically allows me any haircut-hairstyle.
  • Big nose means that if I got too short on the haircut / facial hair it will further emphasize this feature.
  • Thick eyebrows mean that they need to be trimmed and shaped regularly.
  • Small jaw means that I look best with facial hair that visually fix those proportions – ideally a short beard.

Technically, I looked best in something similar to what you saw on “Nerdy To Sexy” cover and yet as you see my hair are shorter in the video.


The reason here is almost solely practical – I’m been working on getting my motorcycle license and hairstyle like that is a pain in the ass to live with when you’re regularly wearing a motorcycle helmet. The less important reason is that I like to change styles frequently for variety and at that point kind of missed my simple bed-head style.

But because I already knew this stuff, I used the time during grooming month time to experiment with facial hair – I tried growing it out because I’m well aware that I would look more attractive with a short beard.

The result, however, was less than promising – even after few months in, due to excessive patchiness it looked like a bunch of tiny hamsters died on my face – not a good look.

Lessons learned

Hairstyle and facial hair is an easy way to manipulate how attractive your face looks, the image you create, etc.

However, it’s mostly limited by your natural features and you need to learn to play with what you have. Just because something would suit you in theory doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea to try to force it.

Case in point:

dead hamsters facial hair style


I’d be lying if I said I learned a lot new about style during this six months experiment, after all I was writing “Nerdy To Sexy” while doing it.

So instead, in this section I’d just like to explain the reasoning why I chose that particular outfit for the actual survey.

First let’s talk about polarization – usually, when dressing sexy you want your image to be somewhat polarizing – it might turn off some women, who are not into a particular look, but will make you even more attractive in the eyes of your type of women.

However, because we were surveying women on the street without any other restriction than that they should be around their early twenties, edgier, more polarizing outfits would likely lead to a lower average (my personal prediction).

Because of this I wanted something relatively neutral, but interesting and something that would still fit into the “dressing sexy” frame.

I chose a semi-casual look (blazer & converse) because the context was day time. Too casual and you’ll look sloppy, too dressy and you’ll end up looking try-hard within that context.

Also, to appeal to younger, college-age women I wanted a look that’s fun, laidback, exciting – therefore the colors and accessories.

I also purposefully focused on building around color red as based on a (well, to be honest, questionable) research, both men and women wearing red are considered up to 15% more attractive than wearing other colors.

The result is a playful, fun, semi-casual outfit that stands out in a stylish way, without appearing try-hard during day time.

I did make one mistake, the fit on the tee is definitely less than perfect. It happened because we only managed to schedule the survey one day in advance (conflicts in schedules, bad weather – you know, the boring, mundane stuff) and I couldn’t find to replace my current red V-neck on such a short notice.

A better fitting tee would look more impressive because it would emphasize the lean torso better.

How Can You Improve Your Looks In The Next 6 Months

I’ve already mentioned some of the resources I used, but more importantly I’d like to refer you to a reddit post I made few weeks ago:

Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive (Collection Of Best Free Resources)

It’s an updated version of our Ultimate Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive article here and you’ll all the best free resources on improving your looks – use them, stick with them and you will get results. Alternatively, if you’re looking for websites to read and follow consider checking out our Expert’s Edition of this guide.

A special word on changing and improving your style to look more attractive.

I know its shameful self-promotion, but really – everything you need to get going can be found in our own Nerdy To Sexy: How to Create a Sexy Dating Outfit in 10 Steps: Attract Women, Increase Your Confidence, and Get LAID!

And that’s it – there’s nothing special about this experiment other than the fact that we stuck with proven advice that helps men improve their looks and gave time for that advice to start working – every single one of you can do this.

Of course results will vary based on how lucky you were in the gene lottery, your starting point, how much focus and effort you can let yourself put into this, but trust me – it’s a worthwhile investment nonetheless!

I remember doing the experiment six months ago and I remember how girls looked at me and how they look now. You might think that ~+0.5 increase is insignificant but you really feel it in the real world, in real interactions.

Finishing Thoughts

There are few things I’d like to cover to sum this experiment up.

First, let’s talk about height – we all know that it plays a significant role in how attractive a man is perceived, it’s just one of those things that you can’t ignore. And yet, I feel that many men who are below-average in height take this to an extreme where it becomes an insecurity.

I’ve been fortunate to be 186 cm in height and probably I’m not the best person to talk about the difficulties of being shorter and so I won’t. Instead, I’d like to share few insights from the experiment:

In both experiments (the one we did now and the one we did 6 months ago) there were no noticeable correlation between guessed height and attractiveness. Actually, one girl who guessed my height to be 170 cm (lowest guest in the whole survey!) also gave me a 9 in looks and there were several women who guessed my height to be taller than I am who gave me a 7.

In other words, when it comes to height how tall you appear to be matters more than your actual cm’s (unless it’s a number on a dating profile).

Don’t obsess over the exact numbers in the experiment – first question was simply the ice-breaker and as you saw in the video some women walked up to me, others guessed from afar, some were sitting, others were walking, etc.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t change the fact that what you wear does play a noticeable role in your perceived height.


Let me put this simply but bluntly – the 1 to 10 scale to measure your own (or hers) attractiveness is only for marketing (the reason why I used 6 and 8 instead of 6.14 and 7.71 in the original experiment) and research (why I used the numeric system in the first place)!


Believe it or not, I don’t go around thinking that I’m an 8 (I’m thinking I’m 8.24 instead! Just kidding) and I don’t rate women in my life or women I meet either.

You either find someone attractive or you don’t; you either feel like you’re an attractive man or you don’t!

Everything else will mess with your head and in the long-run will lead to a lot of emotional baggage and insecurities.

Really, one of the best things you can do for your own body image and even happiness (as you’ll stop thinking what your buddies will think if you bring home “a 7” that you find attractive and not “that 9” that you think looks kind of fake and is as interesting to you as a rock) is to stop this bs self-talk.


Don’t make your looks an obsession – it might sound strange, but during this six months period by romantic life did plummet a bit. Writing a book, getting the business running, writing for other sites and improving my appearance took most of my focus throughout the day and as a result I was going out less, meeting fewer women.

In my case, I was fortunate that I already had women in my life and didn’t need to meet plenty of new women to have a satisfying love life, but if that’s not the case for you – take your time, spread it out.

Take care of “the easy things” first like grooming and style, things that can be handled in a short while and then take on bigger projects like posture, physique, skin care one at a time a give yourself some space to enjoy life too.


I guess some of you are wondering what’s next…

Well, I’m currently taking a short break from working on my appearance and actually haven’t even been to the gym in 2 weeks because I was on the go or out in town, having fun.

Nonetheless, the experiment will be resumed later this week as I’ll start experimenting with another Kinobody’s workout program, somewhere down the line I will include facial exercises, will get back to posture & movements work, etc., etc.

I believe that it is possible to get close to the infamous 9 in attractiveness, given enough time and I’ll probably will repeat the experiment in about a year or so. But don’t worry, I’ll keep you update in the process with new findings and other sexy stuff.