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If you ever read books or articles on men’s style you are probably familiar with the concept that the way clothes fit you is one of the most important parts of dressing well and as long as you have it mastered you’re already miles ahead of other men. You also probably read some rules how items should fit you:

  • “When your shirt is fully buttoned, there should be enough extra space for one finger around your collar”
  • “Pants should not be particularly tight around your legs”
  • “Your blazer should be loose enough so you can keep it buttoned when sitting and arms wouldn’t be so tight that you no longer can comfortably reach out”

Well, those rules have their place – if your goal is to build a solid, practical wardrobe you can wear at the office or to impress your uncles, aunts and cousins at a family reunion, go for it, follow them.

But if your goal is to create strong foundations for a more promiscuous lifestyle, you might as well put those formal rules aside and start learning the rules of sexy fit.

Before moving to the core of this article, I’d like to add a quick disclaimer:

This article focuses on men who are in a reasonable shape (average or above average). Rules might be a bit different in certain situations if you’re obese or stick-figure skinny, you can read more about making the most out of your physique here.

Also, I will be mostly talking about situations where you buy items off-the-shelf and having them tailored is not a viable option. This is important because in such situations we sometimes need to make trade-offs to get the most “sexy points” for money spent.

How Clothes Should Fit

Buttoned Shirts

Together with jeans probably the most important piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. This is also, by far, the best type of clothing for your upper body when dressing sexy:

  • Looks great with most styles.
  • You can adjust how much skin you want to show by rolling up sleeves, opening buttons.
  • With the right fit, it does a tremendous job emphasizing your physique in the best ways possible.

Unfortunately, most men are terrible at picking a fitting buttoned shirt. In most cases they wear shirts that are way too loose, which in turn negates the item‘s best properties.

What to look for:

  • Very little extra fabric around torso.
  • Nicely but tightly molds around your chest.
  • Very little extra fabric around your hands.
  • Sleeves just slightly cover your palms.
  • Molds around your shoulders.
Example from Guylook.com

Example from Guylook.com

What about the collar?

The truth is, unless you have your shirt tailored or lucky enough to have just the right physique, chances are you will need to make some trade-offs when picking a buttoned shirt from a retailer.

Most often, shirts that cover the points above ideally, will be difficult, or even impossible, to button fully. This is especially true for guys who have a wider, more developed chest. But in fact its a really small trade-off considering you should never have less than two buttons open in the first place (yes, there are few exceptions for this, but mostly for formal events).

Now, as hard as it is for me to say this – it is possible to go too tight and this will be painfully obvious, as you won‘t be able to close even the third button from the top without looking like it‘s about to tear apart.

Quick tip: shirts tend to slightly shrink after being washed. Keep this in mind when buying an item.

T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts

Think of t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts as a more casual version of buttoned shirts as they serve the same purpose – emphasize physique and definition of your upper body. This means that just as with buttoned shirts, we should pick pieces that are as tight as our physique allows.

sexy fit tees

What to look for:

  • The shirt should tightly and firmly mold your chest and shoulders.
  • Almost no extra fabric around your hands (if your hands are underdeveloped there probably will so some extra fabric).
  • Nicely visually shapes your torso (it it starts looking like you have “tires” around your torso, you’re going too tight).
  • For length, it should end below your belt line.
  • If you have a truly great physique, you can go even tighter – don’t be shy and share your physical achievements with the world.

What about V-necks and deep V-necks?

Same rules apply to V-necks and deep V-necks. V-necks in general are just a sexier version of regular cut tees that you want to pick when you want to expose and draw attention to your shoulders and chest.

Deep V-necks serve the same purpose as regular V-necks, but should be reserved for taller guys with great physique, otherwise your upper body proportions will look a bit off.

Quick tip: tees tend to slightly shrink after being washed. Keep this in mind when buying an item.

Jeans and trousers

Now that we covered the main items to wear for our upper body, let’s learn how to pick pants and jeans that fit us the right way.

The amount of different cuts there are for jeans can get quite overwhelming, but luckily we really don‘t need to know or care about all of them as long as they match the criteria. Quick tip: most of you will be usually going for slim fit cut.

What to look for:

  • The fabric firmly molds around your buttocks and thighs (it should be a bit difficult to put a phone or a thicker wallet into your pockets).
  • Next to no extra fabric around thighs.
  • Fit around your calves will depend on the cut, so it‘s okay if it‘s a bit looser there.sexy fit jeans

Same rules applies to other types of trousers too.

Quick tip: jeans tend to loosen up slightly after being worn. Keep this in mind when picking an item.


Blazers – a piece of clothing that can add a touch of class and elegance to almost any outfit. More importantly, blazers are great for adding volume to your physique while maintaining masculine proportions.

What to look for:

  • Blazer tightly presses against your shoulders.
  • Very little extra fabric around your hands.
  • Length of the blazer lasts just below the belt line.
  • When buttoned, firmly presses against your torso.
sexy fit blazer

Example from zappos.com

What about length of the sleeves? It’s quite popular these days to make blazers with shorter sleeves and in my opinion it’s a pretty neat touch. If you do decide to get a blazer with shorter sleeves you have two cool tricks up your sleeve:

1) Add accessories: a watch, bracelets, etc. They will be perfectly visible without appearing like you’re trying to show them off.

2) Roll your shirt’s sleeves up outside the blazer for the whole outfit to look better coordinated color-wise.


My own example from this Spring – Summer

Jackets and coats

It’s not always hot enough outside to go out wearing just a shirt or even a shirt & blazer outfits, so lastly I’d like to share how to pick fitting outerwear that will improve almost any look.

What to look for:

  •  Firmly molds around your shoulders and chest (if zipped up).
  •  Very little extra fabric around hands.
  •  Pretty tight around your torso too.
  •  Coats should form a slight hourglass form.
  •  When it comes to jacket’s length, they can vary, but usually designs that ideally cover the points above will be quite short and end around your belt line.
  •  When it comes to coat’s length, again there’s no “ideal” length and depends on factors like the rest of your outfit and your height.
Example from Guylook.com

Example from Guylook.com

Example from Guylook.com

Example from Guylook.com

Other items

What about vests (waistcoats), cardigans, hoodies, sweaters, etc.? As you probably noticed by now there’s a pattern where you should pay attention to when picking a sexy fitting item. Types of clothes that were not mentioned in this article should simply follow the same trend.

But it’s not as comfortable as regular or loose fit!

This is a common and, in a way, reasonable objection I hear from men. Indeed, the truth is dressing sexy is less practical than the more common approach and it’s one of those trade-offs you make for looking very attractive.

However, there’s another side to this story. One of the reasons we find clothing that’s very loose comfortable, is because it doesn’t restrict us from having a terrible posture. Tight, slim clothing, on the other hand, almost forces you into carrying yourself properly. In other words, not only you look much, much better with tighter clothing, it also helps you maintain a solid posture.

There’s also a psychological aspect as to why so many prefer loose clothing – personal body image issues. Tight clothing exposes your body, your every curve and potentially every imperfection, so people who are not particularly comfortable with their bodies, feel “in the spotlight” when wearing tighter clothes and prefer loose clothing as a way to hide themselves, melt in the crowd.

You can read more about body image issues here and here.

Finishing thoughts

Hopefully by now you have a much clearer picture what to look for when getting sexy fitting clothes. If you have any further questions or something is not crystal clear feel free to ask in the comments section.

Also I would like to take the time and say Thank You to everyone who shares and recommends my work, it really means A LOT to me and keeps me motivated to share the best stuff I have. And if you, dear reader, decide that this or any other article is worth of sharing, please contact me and let me thank you personally.