Over the years we have talked quite a lot about men’s accessories and the style inspirations always include at least a few of them.

There’s a reason for that – knowing how to pick fitting accessories with your look is essential to creating a truly “Wow!…” outfit.

There is, however, a type of accessory that we’ve been (mostly) neglecting so far – bags.

I know, I know – isn’t bags something that women obsess about, not guys?

And yes, the way I see it, when it comes to bags and our image, we should view them first and foremost as a practical item that we use for its utility, not just to complete the look. In other words, if you’re going with only your keys, wallet and phone – there’s no good reason to bring a bag.

That said,

Most of us do find ourselves needing to carry a lot more than just the bare essentials, whether that’s for work or studies.

And if that’s something you need to do 5 days a week, it’s probably time to think about investing in a good looking bag that goes well with your image.

It’s one of those seemingly little details that can transform your overall look from “alright” to “who’s that guy?! He looks amazing!”

So what we’ll do in this article is go through the main image archetypes and I’ll share with you some ideas and recommendations for a sexy looking bag to go with each look.

Elegant – Edgy: Messenger Bag

Given how superbly diverse the Elegant – Edgy image can be, it’s impossible to say that there’s only one suitable bag design to go with the look.

And yet if we had to pick just one, it’s easily the messenger bag: not formal/classy enough for most Sharp looks, nor as edgy as a devil-may-care rugged leather backpack. The messenger bag falls somewhere in between those spectrums.

From the utility point of view, it also suits the man living the edgy-elegant lifestyle as it has just enough space for the other “essentials”: small laptop or tablet, documents and two packs of condoms – nothing more, nothing less.

Source: Serbags.com

A Sexy Outfit To Go With The Bag:

In this case (and a good rule of thumb) we’re matching the bag with the dominant color in the outfit: black. Note that we are not going for the slick, minimalistic bag in this case to stylistically match it with the jacket, which has quilted shoulders.

Edgy: Leather Backpack

Edgy image and bags in general might not seem like a very good match at first– after all, if you’re carrying a bag in one hand and holding your beer in the other, how are you supposed to hold that hottie by her waist?

Serious question.

It would seem that the backpack might be the answer, but come on – if you put on a regular backpack it will look like you’re going on a camping trip or you’re a confused freshman in college (even if you ARE a confused freshman, it’s not a good look). On top of that, those goody-two-shoes designs don’t go well with your badass leather jacket, boots and ripped jeans.

The solution: a rugged/edgy leather backpack.

Source: Serbags.com

A Sexy Outfit To Go With The Bag:

As with the previous look, we’re working our magic around the color black. Though given the other colors we chose here (white, blue), a dark brown backpack would work very well too. I particularly like this design for the edgy look because it simply looks different from most backpacks that you’ll see around campus, and the fact that it’s stylish as hell is a bonus on top.

Smart – Casual: Briefcase or Messenger Bag

Smart – Casual is a sensible image for a sensible man and it’s meant to work well as you’re going about your day to day life: whether that’s a quick coffee date during lunch hours, flirting with a cute colleague or grabbing a drink after work.

In turn, as long as we avoid backpacks (too boy-ish), gym bags (unless you’re going to a gym) or fanny packs (seriously?!), most designs will work well with the look and the specifics (size, amount of pockets, etc.) should be primarily based on your practical needs.

That said, thematically, briefcase or a messenger bag would work best with most Smart – Casual outfits.

Source: Serbags.com

A Sexy Outfit To Go With The Bag:

Few points here: first, we’re matching the bag with the shoes and belt here. But not just in terms of color. Note that the brogue boots have some distressing/inconsistent color about them – that’s good to make sure we don’t end with a full on “oh, you’re such a nice guy” look, but this also means that some ruggedness/distressing for the bag (the vintage look) is preferred. Also we do want to make sure that we match the shades of brown as closely as possible, as we already have a pea coat in camel and don’t want deal with the 50 shades of brown situation.

Another small but important thing to note is that we also want to mix different colors of metal detailing: because we went with stainless steel watch/belt buckle we also want steel-colored metal detailing on the bag too. In contrast, we we’d go with gold/bronze metal detailing we’d have to match it with the rest of the look too.

Sharp: Slick Leather Briefcase

This is where things get serious: since the pure, unadulterated Sharp look is something you’ll be pulling off sparingly and only on those “big deal” occasions (usually you’ll be mixing Sharp with Smart – Casual or Elegant – Edgy to tone it down a little), and from those “big deal” occasions the only situation where you might need a bag is going to be job/business related, we need a bag that’s serious and classy enough to go with your Sharp look.

Source: Serbags.com

A Sexy Outfit To Go With The Bag:

As with the previous look, we’re matching the bag with black shoes and other leather detailing. The main difference between the Sharp and Elegant – Edgy bag is that in this case we do want a minimalistic, simple design and the slickest bag we can find. That’s because as you noticed we’re going for mostly low-detail, slim and minimalistic pieces with the rest of the outfit too.

Rugged – Masculine: Leather And/or Military Inspired Bag

I hope it goes without saying that when it comes to the Rugged – Masculine image we’re not going for a slick, minimalistic messenger bag or a kiddy backpack (a military inspired backpack is a solid option if you’re actually going hiking, fishing, hunting or whatever other outdoorsy activity that makes you want to do a Tarzan impersonation).

But assuming you’ll be rocking your look somewhere in the city, not the wilderness, as a rule of thumb other bags have the win for this image archetype.

Distressed leather, pockets, zippers and other detailing are actually preferred for this look and you’ll probably will want it large enough to fit all your manly gear.

Source: Serbags.com

A Sexy Outfit To Go With The Bag:

With this outfit we once again have the choice between a black or dark brown bag, but matching it with shoes is just such a great trick to create a superb outfit that it’d be foolish not to do so. As for the bag itself, please note its size – it’s pretty damn big and it’s one of the reasons why I think it superbly suits the Rugged – Masculine image (that and its distressed leather look).

This size means that it’d be useful when traveling as well as hitting the gym. That said, you need to consider your actual needs and if you’re just carrying a tablet and some papers, maybe going for this specific design would be overkill.

What about colors?

Even though technically we could use a bag as the attention grabbing accessory in a bolder color/design, I would urge you against it and instead stick with neutral – black or brown – colors.

As you saw in the outfit ideas above,

We’re mostly matching the bag with either your shoes or a jacket and that’s what you should be doing in 9 out of 10 cases as it’s the easiest way to create a superb look that has that “I know what I’m doing” aura about it.

And although in theory it might sound nice to have multiple bags for multiple outfits, let’s be real – we’re not collecting purses: we need a single good, long-lasting bag that will have us covered when we need to carry more than just a phone and a wallet.

Finishing Thoughts

Ok guys, serious talk. We need to address the elephant in the room – how are you liking our Sexy Style for Joe sexy design makeover? 🙂

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