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Ask and you will receive – it’s time for a new Style Inspiration! This time we’re targeting the night game: how to look sexy in clubs and bars.

Let me start with a story:

About a year ago I worked as a bartender in a night club (yeah, I have a weird definition for a word “hobby”). That particular night was pretty slow, few people in the place, nothing interesting happening. But as the hour hit around 2 a.m. three young guys, all in oversized suits ran into the club, all hyped up and bursting energy getting straight to the dance floor and start dancing with every girl on the floor in a style that can only be described as “I just watched 2 hours of salsa tutorials on youtube.com” – it was hilarious!

I and the hot waitress working near my station quite literally had to hold ourselves not to burst out laughing.

Please don’t get me wrong, we all have to start somewhere and at least they had the balls to implement their plan (back when I just started I was too pussy to even say Hi! to cute women haha),

The part that had me almost bursting is that earlier that day (or that week) one of those young men read somewhere on the net something along the lines “the best way to meet women from clubs is to dress up in a suit, hit the club later in the night, go straight for dance floor and start spinning every girl you see there” and thought to himself – awesome, let’s do it!

Except he forgot to consider – “Hey, do I own a fitting suit? Can I dance?”

Which, unsurprisingly, lead to extremely poor execution and half an hour later all three guys left the club alone, probably for a chance to terrorize another venue.

That's How You Wear a Suit

That’s How You Wear a Suit

How would that same strategy would work out if all three guys went in looking like Matt Bomer from TV series “White Collar” and actually knew how to move their bodies or how to lead women in dance?

I don’t know, but chances are that hot waitress near me instead of giggling would be hovering around the dance floor for “a chance encounter” 🙂

Why I am telling you this story?

First off, there’s a lot of very generic advice when it comes to dressing for night outs, the most typical one would be “just wear black slim fit jeans, dress shirt, blazer and black Chelsea boots” and it’s a good advice in general, but if you lack in execution it can backfire horrendously.

So when you’re reading this style inspiration be smart and ask yourself: do I have the body? The budget? The confidence? Am I visiting the right venues? Will it suit my personality?

And I promise to do my part and discuss which looks are best suitable for particular situations.

Do we have a deal?

By the way, if you want to learn more about night game, a really cool guy named Skills360 runs a website dancefloorseduction.com – he has a slightly different style in presenting information than me, but he definitely knows his stuff.

The (Sexy) Entrepreneur

Does he runs this place? He sure looks like he could own it and acts like it too. I guess it’s just natural that every hot girl in the club is hovering around him. The only thing that looks unnatural is how one can have so much class without looking boring.

Sexy Entrepreneur

  • ASOS Slim Fit Blazer In Jersey – as otherwise our outfit is going to be very clean and slick, the blazer is our main item. Preferably something colorful: pink, teal, white, purple, etc. – all can work. Any designs on a blazer should also be very precise and modern.
  • Zee Gee Why Jeans Starvin Marvin Slim Fit Back In Black – I’ll be using the word “clean” a lot in describing items for this look, so get ready, because here it comes –clean, black pair of jeans. Avoid washed designs, for this look we’re looking for something almost shiny.
  • Ted Baker Hann Wingcap Shoes – black pair of Oxford shoes. Avoid complicated, attention grabbing designs. Clean. An alternative would be Chelsea boots (better for colder weather).
  • Esprit Formal Shirt In Slim Fit – white, tightly fitting shirt. Avoid buttons around the collar. Worn tucked in.
  • Men’s Round Stainless Steel & Black Leather Watch – We’ll take a subtle, classy approach with accessories: a sexy looking watch and black, clean, leather belt with a stainless steel buckle. Regarding the watch, it’s one of those items where quality really matters. Considering you don’t need to own a lot of watches and a good one will last for years, I’d really recommend investing in a quality one. Here’s a cool trick – to save 50-70% and get a designer watch for a price of a regular one, check out discount stores like Gilt (here’s an invite to Gilt, if you use this link I get 25$ to spend on some sexy clothes too). Keep in mind that such stores often replace their stock so if you can’t one today, maybe you’ll find “the one” next week. Unfortunately items there get sold out very quickly too, so if you like something – grab it and run. Note: as per usual, be smart and don’t order crap you don’t need 🙂

Best suited for: most physiques can pull off this look, tall and lean, of course, would look best. Adjust cuts and fit based on your physique.

How to qualify for this look:  you own a business (or aspire to own one).

Venues: Upscale clubs & bars, lounges, galleries.

The Natural

There’s always that guy – he looks like he’s wearing the first thing found in his closet and yet it’s ridiculously obvious that every other women in the venue is wondering how to get into his pants – lucky bastard!

Haha, ironically, most guys pulling off this “effortless looks” are actually putting a lot of effort and money in its execution. Those damn gym memberships and hair/skin products can get quite expensive.

The Natural

Best suited for: Skinny and tall look best in this outfit (that or fit and lean).

How to qualify for this look: You genuinely can’t comprehend how someone can have a “dry spell”

Venues: bars, indie clubs, parties.

The Player

You know he’s not about getting serious with someone – his image makes it perfectly clear and that’s okay, because he’s shameless about it and that’s freaking hot.

He’ll hit on every girl in the room and do it in a way in such a nonchalant way that you start wondering why you’re not doing it too.

The Player

  • Selected Varsity Bomber – I picked this jacket for the sole reason of having that very sexy pink roses design on the back. Little things like this (matching jacket’s design with a tee) is what makes an outfit truly “Wow!”
  • Friend or Faux T-Shirt with Back Print – we’re looking for an attention grabbing, cool looking tee. Sexy design is optional.
  • Esprit Slim Fit Jeans In Indigo – Dark blue / indigo jeans. This look is not supposed to be perfectly tight, so avoid skinny cuts and stick with slim / semi – slim / slim tapered cuts.
  • Vans Sk8-Hi Trainers – it’s a hip look, so unsurprisingly we’re picking trainers for shoes. As we already have plenty of attention grabbing details I’d avoid any designs.
  • Hugo Boss Tamirto Leather Belt – white leather belt, can have some designs as long as they are not too busy.

Best suited for: Pretty much any physique can pull of this look.

How to qualify for this look: Hit on your best friend’s sister, girlfriend and mother all in the same evening and do it in a way that everyone feels like they have just been complimented.

Venues: trendy clubs, parties.

The Manly Man

You don’t know this guy, but you really hope he’s on your side if a fight starts. When he talks everyone shuts up and listens.

He doesn’t look pretty, he’s not polished like those other guys, but his image, the way he carries himself does demand respect and for some reason you know that respect is deserved.

The Manly Man 

  • H By Hudson Swathmore Lace-Up Boots – brown rugged boots. Combat boot would work great too.
  • Superdry Ryan Leather Jacket – brown leather jacket. I’d avoid clean, slick looks and instead pick something sturdy. Aim for a similar shade of brown as shoes.
  • ASOS Leather Jeans Belt with Double Keeper – brown leather belt, the thicker, the better (unless you’re of a shorter stature).
  • Diesel Shirt Sarsene Core Basic – tight, clean casual shirt (as we’ll be layering stay with thinner material). Beige, light grey, white would work best.
  • ASOS Cardigan in Cotton – deep cut cardigan (shorter guys – stay with regular cut cardigan). As for color I’d go for a darker shade of grey, but make sure it’s lighter than the jacket.
  • Dylan Denim Pants – slightly washed blue jeans. Can work with most cuts so pick based on your physique.
  • Men’s Invicta II Casual Watch – once again we’re sticking to a straight-to-the-point approach for accessories. Big face stainless steel watch would work best, but one with a thick, dark brown leather strap can work too.

Best suited for: Not ideal for skinny guys, but other than that most physiques can pull it off.

How to qualify for this look: use any piece of your clothing as a weapon.

Venues: Bars.

Not feeling comfortable in your ability to execute these looks and need some personal guidance? No problem, there’s still a few personal style consultation spots available for September.

Need more inspiration? No problem, here’s the last style inspiration for dressing sexy in college.


I’ve been getting some inquiries regarding something I called “Taking it to the next level” in the previous teaser, so let me reveal few details of what’s about to come.

First off, I originally imagined this project as a mini e-book or an article series (in a way an extended follow up to the “Style Makeover Guide”) but a chance encounter in life made it possible to indeed take it into the next level and make a proper e-book, one that will put everything I talk about to a test. And a glorious test it will be!

The book will consist of a similar structure as the current Ultimate Guide To Looking Attractive:

  • Science-based theory on looks and what makes a man sexy
  • Healthy body image
  • Improving posture and body language
  • Building your sexy style from scratch
  • Grooming: from “manscaping” to teaching you how to style your hair and everything in between
  • Fitness foundations

But talk is cheap and the coolest part about this project is that we’ll be taking regular smart men (read: fellow nerds <3) with different looks (physiques, facial features, etc.) and show you step-by-step how applying each thing you learn affects how you present yourself to the world and how the world (read: women) react to you.

Sounds cool? Thoughts? 🙂

But as this project is properly massive, I will need your help to fulfill it.

I’ll tell you more about this in the next announcement (should be ready within 2 – 3 weeks).