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About a month ago I received an e-mail from a reader asking for some tips on dressing sexy in college, he’s going to be freshman this autumn. I promised to write an article to help him out but as it was still first days of June the timing seemed a little inappropriate.

Now, of the other hand, timing seems to be just right:

  • Most stores will start stocking autumn collections in the following weeks.
  • Shopping in the last 1 – 2 weeks of summer can be very frustrating because stores and malls are flooded with people shopping for school supplies.
  • Those who prefer to order clothes online can still use cheapest shipping methods and receive their orders just in time (a big deal for international orders.)

All in all, I decided that last weeks of July is just the right time to write an article on dressing in college. So yeah, college guys don’t freak out, you still have a full month of partying (or leveling your character) before school starts.

Now, if you’re one of those who already finished this stage of your life you’re probably reading this with a knowing smile, remembering the good times – I feel very much so writing this article – indeed, those several years can be full of adventures, excitement and sexual encounters.

For many men college is, will be, or was the peak of their sexual activity. Personally, I didn’t belong in this category, as a late bloomer in the first few years I was just figuring stuff out and only in the last years started catching up, totaling one girlfriend and several casual hook ups before getting my degree in IT (and leveling several characters to lvl60 haha)

Ah, I wish I knew then what I know now…

But no point looking back, I’m really grateful for the chance to be sharing this article with you because I know that if you’ll follow through and implement at least some of the stuff, chances are high I’ll be able to help you save several months or even years from being sexless (until you’d figure it all out on your own).

How to Dress Sexy in College

College is an interesting place, from one side, for many young people it’s the first time they actually left their homes and started experimenting with life and so individuality is very attractive to peers. From the other side, it still has relics from high school’s herd mentality, so standing out too much can be a social risk.

Because of this many guys in college completely ignore looking stylish, sexy and instead focus on fitting in a certain group (which often means also copying their terrible skills at dressing stylishly). So we end up with guys who have sex appeal of a lazy chimpanzee, which for some reason wears cargo shorts, polo shirt and smells of AXE deodorant. Lucky for them, women in college are just as horny as men and from time to time are willing to sleep with such guys, also there rarely are better alternatives for them.

What this means to you, dear reader, is that if you learn to present yourself in just the right way to look sexy but, at the same time, not so intimidating to other guys to become a social outcast, you’ll be in a league on your own.

And how will we do it?

  • First, we’ll actually use similar looks that are common in college.
  • But we’ll execute them much, much better and with way sexier clothes.
  • And we’ll always be following the rules of sexy.

I will propose to you 4 different looks for different types of guys and different situations – every one of them will do the job, so feel free to model the one that feels most like you.

However, for any of them to work, make sure to follow the fit guide!

As per usual, I will use examples from various e-stores but feel free to look for similar items in your local stores if shopping online is not your thing.

Party Animal Gone Wild

You’re the guy that has to be in the center of things and have the confidence to pull it off – hey, it’s all fun and games, am I right? There’s something really sexy about having such confidence, especially if you combine it with appropriate sexy gear that shows that you’re not just loud and obnoxious, but really know what you’re doing (even if sometimes you don’t – no worries, we all make mistakes when we’re drunk.)

college party guy

Now, put that beer down and answer me this: what jacket would you pick with this look?

How to qualify for this look:

Watch this video:

If afterwards your first instinct is to shout “SUCK ME BEAUTIFUL!!!” you’re qualified to rock this look it.

Best suited for:

Very extroverted & confident guys, being a bit obnoxious can help too.


House parties, student bars, not-so-upscale mainstream clubs.

Smart and Sexy? Sign Me Up!

Being smart and/or introverted is not a bad thing – actually, it’s pretty awesome (ask how I know), as long as it’s not associated with being boring and/or socially awkward.

This following outfit is college equivalent of a business casual attire, except with an added touches of stylish and sexy. So the next time she writes you “hey, could you help me fix the computer” it won’t actually mean “fix the computer” (seriously guys, take the hint!)

college smart guy

Okay students, question time: jacket or a blazer for this look? What other accessories would you add?

How to qualify for this look:

You actually understand what professor is talking about in classes (or at least want to pretend you do).

Best suited for:

Introverted, smart guys who don’t want too much attention.


College campus, dorms, classes, bars.

The Not-So-Elegant Bad Boy

Would you like to guess what’s the most popular Google search query by witch people find this site? The answer is – “how to look like a bad boy”

That’s not surprising at all – for many men there’s an ingrained belief that best way to look sexy is to look like a “bad boy” or “rock star”. And hey, there’s a reason for this belief – it works. Rebellious behavior, edgier look, in your face attitude – those are very masculine, testosterone driven qualities.

college bad boy

Hey you! Yes, you! What the hell are you doing back there?! Were you even listening?! Okay, answer me this then: what top would you wear with this outfit?

How to qualify for this look:

Be born into attitude.

That, or really know how to have fun your own way (great taste in music also helps)

college me

Best suited for:

Anyone who has the free spirit and an attitude to pull it off.


Anywhere, you don’t care what others think, remember?


The most devious look in this style inspiration because even though you’ll appear completely careless and “yeah I just put on whatever was next to me”, your look is going to be raw, stylish and very sexy.

college duuuuuuuuuuude

How to qualify for this look:

You can roll a joint like a pro, even while being blown, of course.

Best suited for:

Those really deep waywards who occasionally share gems of brilliance like “look at the clouds… they have sky in in it.”


College campus, bars, parties, dorms, 24/7 fast food places.

Yeah, don’t worry, I won’t even bother asking, I know you’re still half-baked lying naked in someone else’s bed, and it’s quite likely there are more than two of you there. How are you even reading this, seriously?..  

Class Is Over

Okay guys, how did you like this new type of Style Inspiration? Thumbs up? Down?

Or would you prefer the old style, something like this?

Don’t be shy and share your thoughts in the comments (and don’t forget to answer the questions)

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