The beauty of style is how dynamic and versatile it is. By simply changing what you’re wearing you can instantly transform the first impressions you are making and how people perceive you. You can even change your own self-perception and behavior by changing your image.

But before you do that you need to understand two important concepts:

  • What is your current image and what it communicates about you to the world
  • What image would suit you best based on your goals, your personality and your environment

If you don’t, you will find yourself in situations where objectively you are well-dressed, even stylish, but you don’t feel great, confident or attractive and your ideal women won’t respond to you in a positive way.

And this can be a little tricky, especially if until now you haven’t given much thought about why you wear a particular item and instead just copy what others are wearing or pick clothes that brands are trying to push for that particular season.


I often get these questions from guys:

“How do I make my look edgier, more badass?”

“How do I look like a bad boy?”

“What should I wear in college?”


So today I prepared a couple of quick tests that will help you better understand your current style is and which style would work for you best.

We’ll then explore what you should do if there’s a mismatch and your current style is not doing a good job presenting the awesome guy that you are.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

A Test To Help You Identify Your Style

Our first test will help you identify your style. It works like this:

For every group of clothes (trousers, shoes, outerwear, etc.) you will see 6 options. Choose the one that you prefer the most or, if you want to test a particular outfit, which item you plan on wearing.

In some cases few answers will suit you, for example with accessories you might be wearing a watch and a bracelet but you can choose only one option in the test. In such cases think of it this way – if you could wear JUST ONE accessory from those suggested, which one you would go for?

This will show your preferences for a particular style right now.

In case you don’t see a particular item you’re wearing (maybe the cut, the detailing or the color is different), choose the one who resembles it the closest.

Sounds simple?

Great! Then this is your first test:

[interaction id=”563c4fa8737e4fee1d613264″]

(If you’re having trouble seeing the test, you need to install Adobe Shockwave)

Later in the article we’ll discuss what each style type means, what first impressions it makes and other pros and cons that comes with rocking it, so for now just keep it in mind.

And don’t freak out if your result is different than expected, as I’ll explain later there are some nuances and the categories are not set in stone.

Test To See Which Style Would Work For You Best

Now that you know in which category your current style falls into, it’s time to check the other part of the equation – what style would work for you best based on your personality, hobbies, where you hang out and what are your goals with women.

As with the previous test, there are no incorrect answers and chances are you will see more than one option that appeals to you – if that’s the case choose the one that feels the most true to you right now (don’t worry, the tests are anonymous and no one will see your answers).

[interaction id=”563f84c6737e4fee1d72f802″]

Understanding Your Test Results

How did you like the tests?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

Still, I don’t want to leave you hanging there with two different (or not) names of the categories without explaining what’s the point and what to do about it.

First let’s talk about the categories themselves.

It is important to understand that they are not absolute but instead fall somewhere in the spectrum.

Style Spectrums

So for example Sharp and Smart – Casual are both classy outfits but one is more dressed up than the other and one is “nicer” than the other, in turn they will cause different first impressions, work best on different people and (usually) look most attractive to different women.

Also, that same Sharp look will look different and get different results depending on where it falls in the masculine-feminine and/or rebellious-nice spectrum. It’s still Sharp and generally will work best in similar situations but the end result on how the actual outfit looks will be different.

One last thing to consider, the first test did not include your grooming which can make a tremendous impact on your overall image. Imagine a guy in a full nice-guy outfit but who’s rocking a stylish haircut, full beard, a few piercings and you can see full-color tattoos on his hands – that’s pretty damn badass despite an otherwise nice outfit.

I might create a test to see in what category your grooming belongs but for now you’ll have to make these considerations yourself 😉 (You’ll do fine, don’t worry).

And now, let’s discuss our image categories themselves and I’ll show you a few examples of how they look in practice.

Style Categories explained

For these tests I’ve chosen 6 categories where your potential image can fall into:


Sexualized version of formal wear, executed to perfection. The defining characteristics of sharp is dressed up and nearly flawless execution in terms of colors, patterns and cuts; extremely stylish. This combination can actually be quite intimidating to others, including women, so the look itself is best suited for upscale venues, where people dress up and where you mingle with other top performers (at the very least in terms of image).

Pros: The “Wow!” factor (even for an untrained eye it’s an extremely impressive image to rock); will get a lot of positive attention in the right venues/social events.

Cons: Will look significantly overdressed in more casual situations; can come off as try-hard if you don’t have the character to pull it off with confidence; requires near-perfect execution.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Smart – Casual

These days I call it the “Entrepreneur look” as it’s an upgraded version of the traditional business casual. If you spend some time observing people climbing the career ladders it’s the people who are still climbing that will spend most time trying to seek approval from their colleagues, bosses and will go out of their way to always look appropriate and, god forbid, not offend anyone.

But men at the very top, the ones calling the shots, making things happen will often have an aura of nonchalance about their image. It’s still by all objective means a smart look but is more expressive and creative about the execution.

Pros: It’s easy to come off as successful and well-off, quite versatile in terms of venues and a lot of women will respond positively to this look as it’s casual enough to wear during the day but also can work very well in certain night game venues. It is one of the easier looks to pull off.

Cons: If done wrong can come off as boring and “nice guy-ish”; Also can look overdressed if you’re a younger guy, who’s meeting women in college bars and alike; has less raw sex appeal than some of the edgier looks.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Edgy – Elegant

A very versatile look and one of my personal favorites as it can be considered “well-dressed” but because it also adds a touch of rebellious vibe and a few more feminine pieces, the outfit has a perfect punch of sex appeal and social savvy. It’s the result of either “dressing up” and edgy outfit or adding more rebellious details to sharp/smart-casual look.

Depending on the specific items chosen can work in nearly any situation (you can see how much it can vary in the examples below).

Pros: versatile; strong sex appeal in most situations; in terms of image, expect to be treated as sexual partner first.

Cons: requires spot-on execution to really work; can look a bit overdressed in certain non-mainstream venues; not the most masculine look overall.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Source: (Click on the image to view original)


The typical “Bad Boy” look and one that often will go against what is normally considered “appropriate”. As a result it’s very polarizing, which means that women who’ll love it will go head over heels while others will think you have an attitude problem and won’t touch you with a ten feet pole. Best suited for younger guys.

Pros: very sexual; easy to implement (minor issues with fit, colors, etc. will get overlooked); when it works, it works like magic.

Cons: rather niche in terms of where you can pull it off; bigger guys will have trouble creating an edgy look that looks flattering on them; will look severely underdressed in a lot of popular venues and can come off as tacky during the day.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Masculine – Rugged

Without a doubt the most masculine look among our categories. The image itself exudes confidence in a traditional sense where you’re expected to take control and lead. Even though it lacks highly sexualized details (because by default they tend to be more feminine), this image will work tremendously well when dealing with feminine, submissive women.

Pros: A rather forgiving look on most physiques; expect a boost of confidence when rocking a look like that; works on many personality types.

Cons: Can look significantly underdressed in more upscale venues; mistakes in execution can completely drain any sex appeal from your first impressions and just make you look sloppy and boring.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Source: (Click on the image to view original)


When it comes to meeting women there’s a common idea that looking “nice” is one of the worst things you could do and indeed it’s easy to make fun of the “nice guy” look (I’ve taken more than a few jabs at it myself haha). But here’s the deal, if you don’t go out much and your ultimate goal is to meet a nice girlfriend, take her out on dates and play board games with other couples this look can actually be quite effective, especially if you’re a naturally good looking guy (it’s important to be honest with yourself and what you’re looking for). And trust me, there are plenty of amazing women, who are looking for the same thing as you.

In terms of image you will be seen as potential boyfriend first and lover second. That said, I would still recommend sexualizing it a bit for best results (the examples below are pretty good).

Pros: a very appropriate look in most situations and you will rarely, if ever, get any negative feedback; easy to execute and be well-dressed.

Cons: if you’re not a naturally good looking guy you will have trouble looking attractive overall; low sex appeal.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

What’s Next?

As you can see from the categories above, no look is perfect and all of them have their perks. It’s one of the reasons why it’s important to tailor your image based on your goals and personality instead of what others are telling you “that you should wear” (this includes style websites, including SSfJ, brands pushing you their latest collection and your social circle).

To add a cherry on top for this article, I would like to offer you some advice based on your test results:

  • First, what it means if your first and second tests given you the same result.
  • Second, what to do if your current image is different from what the second test shown would be your ideal image.

What To Do If Your Image Already Suits Your Personality And Goals Perfectly

Let me start by saying that’s great news – you have the hardest part covered. In most cases when those two align you should be quite successful with your type of women, be deemed attractive by those pretty ladies and overall feel great in your skin.

If that’s the case, great job! 🙂

But what if having the right image does not translate into tangible results in the real world and you’re still struggling? Then we should troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Before all else, are you actually going out and putting yourself out there? Look, it won’t matter how great you look if you’re just sitting at home or go out but even when opportunity arises (like a cute girl smiles at you) you don’t go for it. Sure, when you’re a sexy man there will be situations where the woman is so interested in you that she will pretty much do all the work, but those situations are sporadic and won’t lead to consistent results and a satisfying love life.
  2. You do go out, you talk with women but it feels like there’s simply no attraction from their side? First its important to understand that even if you do tailor your image to suit your goals and attract your type of women, you’ll never be “everyone’s type”. For a million reasons that particular woman just might not be interested in you and that’s fine, there are plenty of amazing women out there. Still, if this happens constantly chances are your execution is way off:
    1. Make sure the fit, colors, detailing are well chosen and suit you.
    2. Make sure that your outfit is displaying your physique and natural features in the most flattering way.
    3. Make sure that your grooming suits your facial features and that your overall look is well-groomed.

(To handle the a) and b) check out Nerdy To Sexy)

  1. Consider the factors outside image. As much as first impressions matter and can give you a significant head start, your body language, your character, your communication style will play a major role in whether that sexy first impression will become something more (I prepared a free guide with best resources on the internet to make sure you’re sexy not just on the outside but on the inside too. You can check it out here). I know it can seem like a lot of work, but hey – it’s an investment that will pay dividends for life.

When you have the three points above covered, it’s almost impossible not to have great results with women.

What Do To If Your Image And Your Personality/Goals Are Not Aligned

First, don’t panic! 🙂

Before taking any drastic measures you should answer these two questions:

  • Are you getting the results that you want? Maybe you just want to feel more confident and attractive or maybe you want to get complimented, checked out and be considered attractive by beautiful women, maybe more, maybe less – whatever your goal with image is. The point is, if you’re having the results you want then it simply doesn’t make any sense to change anything regardless what some test on the internet said, even if I made it!
  • Do you value self-expression more than getting a particular outcome? I’ve noticed this a lot with our long time readers and especially guys in our Inner Circle FB group. Most guys start out with the goal of improving their style to look more attractive to their ideal women, but as they get more experienced, as they build healthy self-esteem and know, without a doubt, that they are indeed sexy, attractive men and plenty of women will find them attractive no matter what, their further improvement becomes less about getting a particular outcome and more about self-expression and self-cultivation. They might experiment with different styles simply because they feel like it, they want to experience what’s possible and that’s perfectly fine. Actually, that’s great!

But if the answers to both of the above is “No.” then we have some work to do.

There are two main reasons why your current image might be different from what would work best for you:

  • First, you’re just starting out with style and haven’t developed your personal image to meet your needs.
  • Secondly, influences in your life ingrained certain beliefs about how you SHOULD dress instead of focusing on what would work best.

When You’re Just Starting Out

It’s pretty normal to not have a defined personal image when you’re just starting out. It took me years to get to this point and even longer to help others tailor their image based on their needs.

These days there are plenty of resources to help you jump-start your progress, SexyStyleforJoe being one of them. Back in the day when I started, the only style advice for meeting women you could get was “Oh, you know just wear nice shirt and a blazer” or “just take a female/gay guy friend shopping with you” – not very helpful.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step process check out our own “Nerdy To Sexy”, alternatively I have prepared plenty of Style Inspirations that deconstructs and explains different outfits and now that you know which style would suit you best it’s just a matter of picking your favorite and executing.

Uncovering Beliefs About Style That Might Be Holding You Back

We all have different beliefs about style and clothes. We have some ideas how we should dress for job interviews, weddings, we also have ideas how we should dress for dates and meeting women in particular venues.

These ideas didn’t come from thin air but instead crystallized over years from various influences: your friends, social media, movies and TV series, men’s style websites you follow, etc.

That’s perfectly reasonable, except that not all sources are made equal. For example, you probably wouldn’t take advice on how to pull a girl from a bar from a guy who’s been in a long-term relationship since high school and never done that before.

Few months ago I wrote an article “Why You Think Ugly Clothes Are Cool And Sexy Clothes Suck”, which goes in depth on how to identify the style influences in your life and how to remove those that are not helping you get results.

If you’re a well-dressed man but the tests shown that there’s a dissonance between your current image and the image that would work best for you AND you’re currently not getting your desired results, chances are you have some baggage in a form of assumptions and beliefs that might not necessarily be true in the real world and it’s a good idea to start weeding them out.

Finishing thoughts

I would like to finish this article with a quick success story that perfectly displays the importance of tailoring your look for your type of women.

Couple of months ago I was contacted by a great guy who was interested in a personal consultation. As per usual I sent him the questionnaire to get a better understanding on his unique situation and goals. As I was reading his answers my first thought was “Oh hell yeah! I can’t wait to work this guy!” – his all communication and answers were witty, charming and just straight-up cool.

But my enthusiasm slightly dropped when I saw the photos he attached – don’t get me wrong, he was a good looking guy and very well dressed at that, the execution in his outfits was solid and I simply wasn’t sure if I really could teach him enough to make it a worthwhile investment for him.

But there was this one thing – there was a dissonance between the way he communicated, how he painted his lifestyle, goals and how he presented himself, which even though was objectively well-dressed was a bit on the nice-ish/smart side.

So we started working on his personal style.

The next week after I sent him the consultation I sent a follow up to see how he’s doing (it might sound weird but when you work with someone personally you get invested in that persons success) and imagine my ear-to-ear smile when he followed up with this:

As for the actual results I wanted in terms of quality of woman – after applying Darius’ tips, that NEXT WEEKEND I slept with my dream gal, for the first time ever. Go figure, huh?” (A quote from his testimonial, you can see the full version here).

Of course it would be unfair to write it off completely to change in style as he was successful with women before the consultation too (unsurprisingly 🙂 ), but there’s a lot of power when your image aligns with your personality, your lifestyle and yours goals and that’s when the real magic happens.