Hey guys,

The days are getting colder and in the upcomming weeks we‘ll be moving from looks with shirts and blazers to sweaters and coats – it‘s going to be fun!

But before that, I’d like to share with you a Style Inspiration completely different from what we’ve seen in the previous inspirations and one that could be summed up with a single word – Badass.

How To Look Badass or Peacocking Like A Pro

“Peacocking” as a term stands for wearing pieces of clothing for the sake of standing out and drawing attention to oneself.

Source: lookbook.nu (click on the image to view original)

Sounds good, until you realize that for the sake of “getting attention” men start to dress like clowns. It’s an equivalent of an annoying pop up ad when you visit a website – yes, you notice it and maybe even enter your e-mail dedicated to spam, but that doesn’t make you want to do any business with a particular website.

We need to remind ourselves – not all attention is sexy.

And yet, when done right, peacocking can take your style to the next level of Hot.

So how do we add attention grabbing details that works wonderful?

In other words, the whole style needs to show your best features, while camouflaging the less awesome ones and also it shouldn’t look like you’re consciously trying to peacock – hey, It’s just part of the look.

And today’s Style Inspiration does all that impeccably!

Why It Works?

So let’s dig into the details and notice all the little things that make this outfit such a panties-dropper:

  • First and foremost, notice that the model is actually very skinny (also 5’8 in height) and yet he looks very dominant, that’s an amazing achievement.
  • A solid part for this result is because of the long hair and beard. It nicely counters the more feminine touch of the white shirt with roses.
  • Blazer adds some volume to his otherwise underdeveloped shoulders. Furthermore, because of its length it also visually adds some weight to his hips area.
  • The roses on his white shirt are at the bottom, so they draw attention to his crotch area. Belt buckle helps here too.
  • The shoes are just freaking awesome: the top matches colors with the shirt, the rest of the shoe cuffed with metal to match the accessories, while the model itself looks semi-formal and goes well with the blazer.
  • Plenty of accessories (hat, glasses, metal necklace, rings, metal bracelet) makes the look complete and peacocking pieces look like they belong there.
  • All in all, the image portrayed demands authority, attention, is rebellious and masculine with just a touch of feminine details – that’s how you look badass!

Other Notes:

  • This is definitely an advanced look to pull off, so it’s a good idea to focus on the essentials and add further accessories/details with time.
  • This style would look best on a skinny physique.

So what do you think Joes, would you have the stomach to rock an outfit like this?

Deconstructing Outfit

As mentioned above, building an exact outfit would be a major pain in the ass: some of the pieces seem to be rare and others, like Rick Owens blazer, way out of the price range for most readers. Instead we’ll build a similar look that’s actually obtainable and in some ways even more badass 🙂

TheLees Mens Slim Leather Patched 2 Button Blazer (55$)

ByTheR Stylish Rose Blossom Shirt (77$)

Source: ByTheR (click on the image to view original)

 Calvin Klein Jeans Tapered Jean in Deep Sky (42$)

Calvin Klein Jeans - Tapered Jean in Deep Sky (Deep Sky) - Apparel

Steve Madden Crank (75$)

Steve Madden - Crank (White Fabric) - Footwear


Belt Buckle (Skull With Rose Flower) (37$)

ByTheR Stud Line Fedora (32$)

Source: ByTheR (click on the image to view original)

Don’t be shy and share your thoughts on this badass look in the comments. On the other hand, if this style is not for you, feel free to check previous style inspirations:

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