How do you dress when you don’t plan on meeting women?

You know, when you’re going to the gym, grocery shopping, running errands or just walking around lost in your own thoughts.


More often than not, I look like a complete slob to the point where I would be embarrassed to say that for a living I help men look sexy, help them improve their style. At least not with a straight face.

I’ll spare you the details, but yeah – it’s bad.

And there’s a good reason why I do this:

Walking around is one of my favorite rituals of the day. As an introverted guy this is the time when I do my best thinking (some of the best style inspirations were born during these walks), I re-focus on what’s important in life and then get back to work energized and inspired. So I put on my earphones, sometimes with music but more often with an inspiring audiobook and go wherever I need to.

The funny thing is – it’s freaking difficult to get in your head and ignore the outside world when every few minutes you pass a pretty girl and see them checking you out, fishing for an eye contact.

So what I found out is that I can dress down and all of the sudden it’s like I’m invisible, girls seem to completely ignore me – I walk right next to them, try to make eye contact aaand… nothing!

Cool, right?

It’s also a humbling experience, because when you’re rocking the “I’m Getting Laid Tonight” look, it’s easy to start thinking like you’re the sexiest bastard in town, the god’s gift to women and all that other ego-inflating stuff.

I believe that dressing down like that should feel something similar to when a hot girl removes her make-up and undoes her hair – yeah, sure, she’s still beautiful and stuff (have you seen that ass?!), but it’s no longer that mouth-watering, eye popping effect like when she’s looking her best.Wolf

And yet, this article is called “How To Look Hot In Your Casual Outfits”– what’s up with that?

When It Makes Sense To Look Hot In Your Casual Outfits

I often get this question – how do I look sexy in casual outfits?

There are few good reasons why some of you might want to look hot when you’re just going around your day:

  • Maybe you’re not introverted and you get your energy from interacting with people throughout the day. When you look hot people in general tend to react and interact with you in a much friendlier manner.
  • Maybe you enjoy chatting up girls as you go through your day, even if you don’t specifically plan to “run game” – it’s just part of your social behavior and looking sexy helps increase the chances of those becoming romantic encounters.
    NOT a casual outfit!

    NOT a casual outfit!

  • Being checked out by cute women, maybe exchanging smiles usually feels really good – it can instantly improve your mood and set you up for a great day. This is especially true when you’re working on some big project and don’t have time to go out much to get that feminine affection.

The problem here is that generally pulling off your “I’m Getting Laid Tonight Look” when you’re going to the gym or grocery shopping is an overkill and can even come off as try-hard. Something that works stupendously well in bars and night clubs can look completely out of place during the day.

Can you image rocking something like this when going to the gym? Ha!

Casual Can Be Very Sexy

There’s a lot of power in the devil-may-care, “oh I’m just wearing the first thing I found” looks – that’s one of the reasons why often edgy bad boy and rugged masculine looks outperform dressing sharp in terms of raw sex appeal.

It’s just a very masculine approach.