Hello Joes,

Let me ask you a question, how often have you heard the following:

“Oh, you look so nice today.” or “Looking sharp!”

And how often have you had a woman lean in and whisper in your ear “Damn you look hot!”

Looking sharp, nice, stylish or professional is great and definitely has its place. I mean how awkward it would be to hear “damn you look hot!” whispered in your ear in a job interview or a business meeting?

But which statement would you like to hear from someone you’d like to spend the night with? Which statement is more likely to lead to passionate sex?

So today I would like to share some easy to implement quick tips on how men can look sexier.

Quick Tip No. 1 – Show Some Skin

Source: lookbook.nu

Despite this being a men‘s style website, I have to admit – there‘s nothing sexy about clothing, sexy is what‘s beneath clothing and clothes should be used to represent our bodies in the best possible light. That, and it‘s also illegal in most places to be without them.

The most straightforward way to this is show our bodies without layers of textile. V-necks, deep cuts, unbotting an extra button in your shirt are generally great ways to show your skin in a sexy way.

One exception, though, shorts are almost never sexy.

Check this Style Inspiration on how to implement this Quick Tip.

Quick Tip No. 2 – The Weapon Is In Your Pants

As men we are so fascinated by the curves of female body that we don‘t even realize we are packing a weapon just as fascinating to women as their curves are to us, in our pants.

Source: lookbook.nu

However, when we choose to wear oversized or baggy jeans and pants from thick material it‘s like when a woman with big beautiful breasts puts on a baggy wool sweater – there‘s nothing sexy about that.

Instead, when choosing jeans or pants make sure they feel just tight enough around hips without crushing your balls. Brighter colors (as opposed to the ever so popular Black), also help the package look visually bigger.

Quick Tip No. 3 – Use Brighter Colors

Darker, less attention grabbing colors has their place in men‘s wardrobe and should be utilized accordingly (f.e. for slimming effects). But when it comes to sexy, brighter colors is the way to go.

Source: lookbook.nu

Bright, attention grabbing colors shows that the man wearing them feels comfortable standing out and can handle social pressure. Special attention should be given to colors white, red, pink.

However, make sure to the colors you‘re choosing don‘t clash with your skin tone and works with the rest of the outfit.

Quick Tip No. 4 – Clean Is Boring

Let‘s make one thing clear first: if your clothes have ketchup spots on your clothes or they stink of sweat, you should not wear them in public (actually, just go now and wash them, it‘s not that difficult…)

However, some ruggedness in your style is actually great. Being too polished screams try-hard and even though it might look „pretty“, there‘s nothing „hot“ about it.

Source: lookbook.nu

Skip a button, comb your hair messy, don‘t tuck in your shirt, don‘t clean shave – you get the picture.

Quick Tip No. 5 – Accessorize, But Forget Peacocking

Source: lookbook.nu

When talking about colors I‘ve mentioned that attention grabbing colors are great when it comes to looking sexy, but we also need to understand that there‘s good attention grabbing and then there‘s being the clown.

„Peacocking“ describes wearing ridiculous attention grabbing items just for the sake of looking different and getting some attention – that‘s absolutely stupid! If you‘re being the clown, you‘re not doing it right and should drop it.

However, accessories like wristbands, rings, belts, scarfs can be great for sexifying your look as long as they look congruent with the overall style.

Check this Style Inspiration to check a great way to rock a scarf.

Don‘t Forget What You‘re Working With

Hope this gives you some ideas how to sexify your look quickly and easily.

However, when trying this out don‘t forget what you‘re working with – your body composition, skin tone, hair, overall style.

For example, it might be a good idea to skip v-necks if you have a longer neck and instead go with button-up shirts or choose less sexy darker colors if you‘re a bigger guy trying to look thinner. Don‘t be that guy with the beer belly, who‘s desperetely trying to fit in some skinny jeans, because he read that this will make his crotch look bigger.

Also, it‘s a good idea to try out these quick tips one at a time, you don‘t want to over do it.

If you have questions on what you should and shouldn‘t wear make sure to check out the style basics and what women find sexy.

Your Turn

It‘s rather amazing how changing few details in your outfit can mean the difference between profesional business casual look and hot bad boy.

So what can you implement or change in your look to sexify your image?