Let me start with an embarrassing admission – for a long time I thought that Converse shoes should only be worn by wannabe hipsters and teenagers with an attitude problem.

The last time I was so wrong about something was…


Well, let’s just say there were days when I thought that Affliction and similar tees looked cool.


I know, I know.

So what happened to change my mind about Converse shoes?

Well, two things:

  • A very stylish female friend noted that she planned to add Converse shoes to her wardrobe – this part got me thinking that there might be something to that design.
  • Last summer I needed a cheap casual pair for outdoor parties, camping and similar occasions (so that my proper footwear doesn’t get ruined) and without giving it a second thought a bought a black and white, high ankle Converse replica for less than 20$ – this got be converted!

You see,

Despite the fact that the quality on that pair was piss poor, it still looked pretty damn good for casual footwear and the result was that even the dressed down outfits I usually wore in those events looked well put together.

That pair became a very much needed finishing touch that connected everything together and added a sense of laidbackness and devil-may-care attitude to the look – GREAT!

Since then that beat down pair became my go-to piece for casual day-to-day wear like going grocery shopping, to the gym, etc.

At the time I’m writing this the pair is in a terrible condition and desperately needs to be replaced, but it will always belong in my wardrobe Hall of Fame as the piece of clothing that proved me wrong!

2015-07-03 19.30.44

This season I wanted to double down on the Converse shoes experiment to see how much more potential there is to it and got myself a pair in red & white. (If you got my book “Nerdy To Sexy” you probably seen how awesome it looks in practice.)

And damn did it work…

If my memory serves right (and it might not as I’m writing this after a sleepless night and still a little hungover – come on, it’s summer, don’t judge me!) the last pair that got so much attention and compliments from the fairer sex was grey, suede zip boots.

That’s right,

From all the footwear I’ve tested over the years my red converse are now definitely in Top 3!

Alright, so now that I have you all hyped up, does this mean that you should run out and buy yourself a red Converse pair?

Not necessarily…

Who Should And Who Shouldn’t Rock Converse

I’m using the term “rock” Converse not accidentally because here’s the deal you either pull it off and look hot doing it or you shouldn’t be wearing them in the first place – there’s no in-between, as a piece of a wardrobe Converse shoes have a strong identity and you should have one too.

That said, there are some tangible factors that can help you determine whether you should order a pair right now.

So here’s the deal:

  • Optimal age – <30. Exceptions of course are possible, but pretty much after 25 your image needs to consciously and clearly convey that you’re wearing them on purpose, deliberately and not because you’re still in denial that college is over.
  • Optimal look – edgy-casual. As mentioned earlier Converse has a strong identity as an item and is associated with being a rebel, the bad boy but in a chill, relaxed way (not the “badass-aggressive” type) – it’s an extremely attractive combination but it also means that when you add Converse to an outfit it will overwhelm and out-shadow other items that don’t have a strong identity like that. I.e. if you end up wearing them with a blazer, it won’t be a truly classy look any more.

In other words, if you’re a cool younger guy (or feel young at heart and are not afraid to show it), that doesn’t take things too seriously, enjoys life and is not afraid to do things his own way, nor do you need to appear professional/respectable in some dinner event – GO FOR IT!

On the other hand, if you can have a glass of wine and say something along the lines of “A wonderfully rich and complex nose of truffles, plums, tobacco and minerals with a touch of classic pencil-lead and leather. Stunning.” with a straight face and actually mean it, it’s probably best to skip this article. (Or prove me wrong!)

How To Wear Converse

So now, how do we build an outfit around Converse shoes?

Well, first and foremost we need to distinguish few styles of Converse based on color:

There are now many more styles, but I prefer to stick with these as they best convey the spirit and identity of this style of footwear.

Second thing we need to know is that just like with accessories, Converse based on their design can be worn as either a complementary piece or the attention grabbing ones.

A reminder to our newer readers (or those, who still didn’t get their copy of Nerdy To Sexy) complementary / attention grabbing styles usually refer to the ways we can wear accessories.

Complementary means that an item in its style and color doesn’t stand out too much but instead helps direct attention to other items in your outfit.

Attention grabbing item (usually 1 – 2 per outfit max) will help you stand out in a crowd in a stylish way and differentiate yourself from the chumps who are playing it safe.

Converse – the complementary style

Usually worn when the rest of the outfit is also edgy-casual – tight tee, ripped jeans, some cool accessories, a leather jacket, etc.

In outfits like that there’s already plenty of potential attention grabbing items (cool leather jacket/accessories), so sometimes it simply makes sense to pick footwear that will go with the look without overwhelming it.

(Don’t worry, proper examples will be included too 🙂 )

Converse – attention grabbing style

Not only you can wear converse as an attention grabbing item with edgy-casual looks but also create sexy contrast when combined with otherwise classier outfits. That’s something I’ve been experimenting with and had great success so far.

Generally, when you’re wearing Converse as an attraction grabbing item you want it in a color that stands out and is maybe only supported by a bracelet or another small accessory.

What About Ankle Height?

The truth is, it’s a minor decision and is mostly a preference thing. The only situation when High-top styles are advantageous is when you want to roll the bottom of your jeans up (for example white converse with black jeans).

I, personally, think that High-top designs look better and stick with them.

Few Looks To Get You Going

Alright, so we covered the basics and theory, now it’s time to give you a few looks to rock and look sexy doing it.









And of course, one of the combinations I’ve been rocking with great success too:


Finishing Thoughts

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I’d also like to thank the guys who got the book and took the time to leave a helpful a review on Amazon – I really cannot stress it enough how helpful they are and how much I appreciate you doing it, really!

You are all on my “to grab a drink with” list! 🙂

Lastly, with the release of our book, we’re back on regular posting schedule though it might be a bit hectic during the summer. I’m also looking into opening a forum to have broader discussions and where I could address some of the questions that you might have after reading Nerdy To Sexy – don’t be shy and give us a shout out in the comments if you’d like to see a forum for sexy men.