Running Sexy Style for Joe for the past year has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

One of the reasons is that I am particularly interested in the topic of men’s style and what makes us attractive – the freedom of confidence that comes from knowing you’re an attractive man and desirable by beautiful women is second to none.

But more importantly than that, during this year I had the privilege of working with and helping some of the greatest and coolest guys, who just as me, want to become their sexiest selves. Many of whom I’d like to have a beer with (and hopefully will, sooner or later 🙂 )

But let’s face it, for some of you this is just another website you occasionally check and maybe pick a tip or two about how to dress better, and that’s perfectly fine, there are plenty of sites that I follow only casually too.

Still, I always wanted to offer something more to that group of guys, who want real results and want them in the most efficient way possible. And by results I mean simply becoming their sexiest selves, starting with clothes and moving from there on (with a not-so-hidden agenda of improving their sex lives in the process.)

To date, personal style consultations is the best I can offer to this latter group, however, I’m well aware that some of you don’t need complete overhaul of your look and instead are looking for just a push in the right direction, a strategy, maybe some constructive criticism and prefer to learn on their own time.

As you know, starting December 1st, 2014 we are will begin our 6 months project “Becoming a 9+” and this opens another way for me to help guys, who want to become very attractive.

[I’m sorry, at the moment new members are not being accepted to our Inner Circle group. If you need personal help make sure to check out the personal style consultation page]

Let me introduce SSfJ Inner Circle

What You Will Find In Our Inner Circle Club?

As mentioned, this group is specifically for men, who are serious about improving their style, their appearance.

This means, our Inner Circle Facebook group will the best platform for you to ask questions and discuss style or any other physical appearance related topic.

As this group is secret and only current members are able to see its content, you’ll be able to confidently attach photos (or any other personal information) without compromising your privacy. This means that we’ll be able to give specific advice for your unique situation instead of generic “you know, just wear XYZ 🙂 ”

We’ll also encourage discussions, so it’s not just me talking but instead we’ll have conversations as this is by far the best way to learn any skill, including developing and improving your personal style.

“Become A 9+” project!

SSfJ Inner Circle will be our main platform for our “Become A 9+” project. For 6 months we will tackle all main topics that influence our physical appearance.

The Strategy

The goal is to become our sexiest selves in 6 months. You can read more about this project here.

This means that in our group I will share everything I learn, everything I do, before – after photos and videos, share the changes that are taking place physically and mentally, document how women start to react differently as my appearance is changing to my absolute best.

This also means, that if you choose to, I will encourage you to join me on this journey and become your sexiest self too! One step at a time.

Our Inner Circle will be your support group – motivation, accountability, advice and constructive criticism – you’ll find it all here.

I personally will be posting 2 – 3+ times a week & answering all the questions you might have, joining in discussions. (I know some of you have been asking me to post more articles on the website, so here’s your chance to get more sexy content 🙂 )

And even if you decide not to join me on this journey and instead have a simpler goal – for example, improve your style, start hitting the gym regularly, eat better and improve your physique – share your goal in our Inner Circle and we’ll support you, keep you accountable so that you’re not on your own.

Lastly, I’m sure you’ve read how important it is to surround yourself with the right people in life. Many of us don’t have many fashion savvy friends, who want to become as attractive as they can be and if you tried to talking about style, grooming you just get weird glances and blank faces. Heck, sometimes even talking about women can feel a bit awkward with those who are not on the same path.

Here you’ll find men on the same path as you (who are also really cool guys! 🙂 ), who will help push you in the right direction to become your best, most attractive, self.

Few examples of the type of content I will be sharing

Become A 9+ Project status and progress updates, including everything I actually do

Become A 9+ Project status and progress updates, including everything I actually do

Become A 9+ Project discussions

Become A 9+ Project discussions

Become A 9+ project discussions

More Become A 9+ project discussions

Content recommendations from other experts

Content recommendations from other experts

And of course links to my own work on other websites

And of course links to my own work on other websites

And much, much more. As our experiment will start I’ll be sharing photos, videos of what I’m actually doing to improve my appearance. Before – After will be a big part of this project. And that’s on top of all the questions, discussions, content that you might want to share!

How To Join Our Awesome Club

I’m sure by know you’re going all “aahhhh… that’s so cool! I want IN!!!” (I mean, come on, who wouldn’t haha)

But I want to keep this group relatively small and I’d prefer few highly motivated guys over a huge group of guys, who are not serious about becoming their sexiest selves.

For this reason, I will add a monthly membership fee for sitting at our cool kids table.

Now, I want to keep this group affordable for everyone (being rich is not a prerequisite for being sexy), but even a small fee will distinct those who really, really want to become their best, most attractive selves and those who just say they do.

Also, when we pay for something we are more willing and motivated to actually apply what we learn (notice how many notes you take when attending a free seminar, and how you can barely keep up from capturing every single point when you just paid a significant amount that information.)

Funds that we raise will be mostly dedicated to writing a book that will serve as a comprehensible, practical, actionable, fact and evidence based resource for every man, who wants to become his sexiest self. A book that anyone could pick up, follow through and get maximum results in improving his perceived physical attractiveness

So what will joining our SSfJ Inner Circle will cost?

That’s a tough one, because as said I want to keep the group small while still affordable to pretty much everyone.

What I came up with is a progressive pricing model – the more members we have in the group the bigger commitment new guys will need to join.

We’ll start at a very symbolic price of 5 USD/month for first 10 members.

Unsurprisingly, our first 10 spots filled just as we started our project, which means for new members to join they will need a bit more motivation.

For the next 10 new members, the monthly fee is 13 USD/month.

That’s still lower than your monthly WoW subscription, except one helps protect your virginity, the other one helps you get as sexy as you can be!

Afterwards I’ll slightly increase the monthly fee (next increase will be at 20 members.)

To address couple of questions you might have:

  • Your fee will always stay the same. If you joined at 13 USD/month, you will only be charged that amount no matter what current fee is for new members. I think its fair to reward early members as everyone can jump a bandwagon, but being among the first, being part of something new takes guts.
  • Your fee will be one you subscribed to. As you see the thresholds for increasing the fee are somewhat small, so it is possible that after a days work, while I’m having a beer or two with friends at a bar, celebrating our Inner Circle launch, more than 10 of you subscribe for the initial fee of 5 USD/month – that’s fine, if I wasn’t available to manually increase the price after first 10 spots are booked, it’s my bad and your fee won’t be increased.

So how this will actually work?

If you want to join our SSfJ Inner Circle you should first click the subscribe button just below – PayPal will ask to charge you the fee.

[I’m sorry, at the moment new members are not being accepted to our Inner Circle group. If you need personal help make sure to check out the personal style consultation page]

After receiving a note about the payment I will manually send you an invitation to our Facebook Group to the e-mail you used for PayPal payment (if you’d like invite to be sent to another e-mail, just Contact Me and let me know where to send 🙂 )

Afterwards, I will manually confirm your request to join (in Facebook)

Due to different time zones and because I don’t sit at my laptop 24/7 (would kinda ruin the point of looking sexy if we never went out and reap all the benefits), it might take up to 24 hours for me to do all this. If it is taking longer than 24/7 please send be a quick e-mail and we’ll figure it out!

If you have any other questions, don’t be shy and hit me up.

So now, tell me,

Are you ready to become your sexiest, most attractive self?

or are you going to sit this one out too?