It’s been a year since I posted Ultimate Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive and ever since it’s been the most popular article on this website checked out by thousands of men and re-posted on multiple other websites too.

To commemorate this article and indeed take it to the next level I would like to introduce a new crowd-sourced book “Ultimate Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive – Experts Edition!”

The biggest problem with its earlier iteration was very human – my own ignorance with certain topics, i.e. fitness. Luckily, you, dear readers, helped to mitigate this issue with your own suggestions and I’m very thankful for that.

But ever since posting “Ultimate Man’s Guide To Looking Attractive”, I was sure that one day I will re-create this crowd-sourced book by getting input and suggestions from the best guys in their own respective fields: body language experts, grooming gurus, style aficionados and fitness pros.

Crème de la crème you could say.

So I started looking and contacting those, who can help you take your appearance to the next level. But the feedback I started to receive made me revisit my original idea once again.

The beauty of entrepreneurial spirit is that when we notice something is lacking – we create it. What transpired is that most authors have already prepared guides, articles, videos from their point of view and you can get them for free as long as you know what you’re looking for.

What this means for this crowd-sourced book is that instead of being a collection of articles, this will now become a collection of sites – those who focus on helping improve your appearance and offer the most.

Also, we’ll get rid of split by categories: Men’s Style, Posture & Body Language, Grooming and Fitness.

The best sites in our field tend to expand fast and a site that once focused solely on Men’s Style will likely have some epic content on grooming, body language and even fitness too.

Second reason is that I had trouble finding sites that I would feel comfortable recommending for couple of the categories, namely, grooming & posture, which at this point seem to be dominated by magazine-type websites that are not that practical to be honest.

Of course, not all magazine-type websites are guilty of this, I personally subscribe to some (and you’ll see those in the list below) that dish out epic content on regular basis and are both very practical, and very helpful.

Lastly, in the list you’ll see notes “Article Recommendations (by the author himself)”, this means that the author of this website was very kind with his time and replied with their own recommendations, what the author himself finds to be the most important work in his website – pay attention!

And now that we got this out of the way, let’s see what industry experts recommend for help you.

Real Men Real Style (Men’s Style, Grooming, Other)


Real Men Real Style – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

If you ever plan on “getting serious” (maybe even monogamous… uhh…) or just need help with building a professional, business or business casual attire that doesn’t freak your bosses out, this should be your go to site.

Antonio is extremely knowledgeable in the art of men’s style and has a practical, easy to understand way of teaching this information to others. On Real Men Real Style you’ll find not just articles, but plenty of videos and infographics (those alone are worth visiting his site!)

Make sure to check out his work on grooming too!

Article Recommendations (by the author himself)


If you want to follow Antonio at Real Men Real Style you’ll also get a free ebook “Deadly Sins of Style”.

Effortless Gent (Men’s Style)

Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

You can teach a man to dress well by sharing the fundamental rules of picking clothes and building outfits but teaching someone to be stylish is a beast that only the best of us can tackle. Despite this, Barron at Effortless Gent is doing a splendid job with exactly that. He also advocates “a lean” approach to building our wardrobe, which should appeal to minimalists among us. The site itself is very down to earth, which is pleasantly refreshing.

Article Recommendations (by the author himself)

Barron has prepared a very helpful Start Here page, in which you’ll find not only plenty of suggestions for superb articles but also a link to get his free ebook.


If you follow Barron at Effortless Gent he offers a free ebook “The Lean Wardrobe: Five Principles to Achieve Closet Mastery”

Kinowear (Men’s Style)


Kinowear – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

Ah… the first men’s style site I started to follow. That was many years ago and since then Kinowear made a lot of changes. Right now, Jeremy is carrying the torch at Kinowear and I think he’s doing a great job at it.

With such history it’s not surprising that Kinowear has an amazing collection of articles in their archive and is definitely worth checking out.

Article Recommendations (by the author himself)

Also I’d personally feel bad if I didn’t recommend Science of Style series:


If you follow Jeremy at Kinowear you’ll receive a 4-day e-mail “Crash Course” on improving your style.

Masculine-Style (Men’s Style)

Masculine Style

Masculine Style – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

Everything in this site screams “class” – from design, to content, to writing style. Plenty of illustrations and definitely a good site to follow if you want to become actually knowledgeable about men’s style. The message is timeless and traditional – in the most masculine sense. Tanner obviously walks the talk and that’s important.

Article Recommendations (by the author himself)


If you follow Tanner at Masculine Style you’ll get a free copy of “Masculine Style Manifesto”

Dappered (Men’s Style, Grooming, Other)


Dappered – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

Every men’s style expert I contacted made a special mention of Dappered and when you visit the site you realize why. Very entertaining style, plenty of epic and practical content and great design – really what else can you want. Because of its broad scope it’s hard to pin down where exactly Dappered stands in the “Well dressed – Stylish – Fashionable – Sexy” spectrum, I guess a bit of everything.

At this point, Dappered feels more like a men’s magazine than a focused style website, so those who like their content fresh and plentiful it should feel at home.

Article Recommendations

mobility | wod (Posture & Movement)

mobility wod

mobility | wod – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

This is not your standard “stand up straight” type of body movement and posture website. Mobility | WOD is created to help both elite athletes and regular Joes achieve new levels of performance by optimizing the way they use their bodies. Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with being attractive. First off, helping us achieve a body to be proud off (more in fitness section) requires exercising and anything that can help achieve better performance with better form should be celebrated. Also, as anyone who spent more than a few weeks in a gym knows – pain, injuries, etc. are NO FUN.

This is where Kelly Starrett and his mobility | wod come into play. The premise here is that the gym is our lab and there we can identify the issues we have with our body movements and how to improve them. This in turn transfers into our daily life.

Website has both free and paid content in the form of episodes and pro episodes.

Article (Episode) Recommendations

I Am Alpha M (Men’s Style, Grooming, Fitness, Other)


I Am Alpha M. – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

Overall, I think it’s not a long-shot to say that at the time of writing this, I Am Alpha M. is probably the best universal site for men who want to improve their appearance. There, I said it! Honestly, Aaron is a master at his art and quite obviously practices what he preaches. Very entertaining presentation style too.

Most content here is in video format, so you can either follow the site or his youtube channel.

Article Recommendations:


If you follow Aaron at I Am Alpha M. you will get a free ebook “Hairstyles and facial hair: how to choose the best look for your face shape”

A Workout Routine (Fitness)


A Work Out Routine – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

I really enjoy Jay’s no BS writing style – straight to the point, professional and yet he’s not afraid to challenge some of the popular dogmas of fitness world. The site’s design is simple and clear. And when you check out the articles… well, it turns out Jay has a detailed article for pretty much any fitness question you might have.

If you check the article recommendations, you’ll realize that Jay is giving away more helpful information than you’ll find in some of the paid products. AWorkoutRoutine is definitely worth your follow.

Article Recommendations (by the author himself)

Kinobody (Fitness / Epic Podcasts)


Kinobody – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

Kinobody is still my favorite fitness site. Greg walks the walk and makes it perfectly clear. What makes Kinobody stand out is that Greg focuses more on practical aesthetics that would actually help you get laid instead of impressing your pals or judges at a fitness competition (somewhat reminds of that one men’s style site that helps dress sexy, doesn’t it? 🙂 ). Greg also focuses a lot on implementing your fitness strategy into your normal life instead of building a life around fitness.

On Kinobody you’ll find practical fitness questions answered, celebrity workouts deconstructed, lifestyle type articles and much more. If you’re a podcast kind of guy, make sure to check out his Road To Ripped podcast! I’m generally not a big fan of podcasts but his RTR got me hooked.

Actually, I have so much trust in Greg’s work that his Greek God program is going to be the basis for the fitness part of our “Become A 9+” 6 month project! (Greg, if you’re reading this, get ready for some epic Before – After photos and a testimonial that focuses on how women react differently when you have a physique worthy of a Greek God! haha)

Article Recommendations (by the author himself)


If you decide to follow Greg at Kinobody, he’s giving away a free Kinobody “Quick Start” Guide.

Bonytobeastly (Fitness, Posture)


Bony To Beastly – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

A site that focuses fully on ectomorphs (hard gainers) – hey, it’s in the name. What makes Shane’s articles stand out from the rest is how well researched they are and he still manages to keep them easy to read and understand. Plenty of photos and illustrations helps here too.

Article Recommendations


If you decide to follow Shane at Bony To Beastly you also get his newsletter and a free chapter from his program.

Leangains (Fitness)


Leangains – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

When discussing fitness with properly ripped guys one site is mentioned more than any other – Leangains. You could say Leangains is to fitness what Dappered is to Men’s Style 🙂 Martin’s posting schedule is a bit sporadic and site’s design makes it difficult to read anyway, but the content is all worth it!

Article Recommendations

Girlschase (Men’s Style, Grooming, Body Language, Other)


GirlsChase – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

I’m not an avid reader of websites that focus solely “picking up women” (I was for a long time, but turned out that making yourself super awesome, and humble, works better than any technique), still GirlsChase is one of those sites that are worth reading whether you’re an aspiring “MPUA” or just someone who wants more control over your sex life.

Chase is a brilliant author and knows his stuff to the point. He also has a very solid team of writers to back him up, guys with credentials that would put most of us to shame. Even though articles are daily, all of them are top notch in quality. Unsurprisingly, you can find few articles on Men’s Style written by yours truly there too 🙂

Article Recommendations

Fashionbeans (Men’s Style, Grooming)


Fashionbeans – Click On The Image To Visit The Site

As mentioned in the intro, not all magazine-type websites push sub-par content just for the sake of pushing content. Fashionbeans is a great example that a site can be big, deliver frequent content to their readers and still maintain high quality for their work.

Fashionbeans has assembled a very impressive team of authors, so unsurprisingly you’ll find pretty much any question you might have regarding men’s style or grooming answered there.

If you’re not sure what type of outfit you should be building for yourself, their Lookbook is a great spot for inspiration.

Article Recommendations

Finishing Thoughts

Naturally, these are not the only sites for visiting – far from it. And in our list itself, the order should not be mixed with ranking – each and every site here is epic in their own way.

Your turn: what other websites that help men improve their appearance you would suggest?

I would like to finish with a quick update about our “Become A 9+” project – we’re first week in and by now prepared a VERY detailed self-assessment (I’m very happy to say that quite a few guys are joining me on this quest to become their sexiest selves too!), that consists of dozens variables, from the basic measurements, to daily habits, to lifestyle choices (heck, even current sexual activity haha) and everything in between.

And I must say, I’m extremely excited about our work here, it’s like waiting for Christmas, just 100x that because you know that by the time we’re done, we’re not just unwrapping a sweater, but become the sexiest bastards to walk the streets!

Speaking about Christmas, if you need some help dressing in Winter, check our latest Style Inspiration: I’m Too Hot To Get Cold! (Winter 2014)