Do you want to start noticing lustful, seductive glances and smiles from beautiful, hopeful women, who are wondering if you’re going to come over and introduce yourself?


Do you often feel unsure, confused, maybe even embarrassed when you go shopping?
Not only do you dislike going shopping but once you come home and wear your new clothes… often notice they suck. Or you think the clothes look fine but when you go out to meet pretty ladies you get… nothing?

You have just wasted hours shopping and spent hard-earned money on clothes that won’t make you look good.

Have you ever wondered why some average looking guys get all the attention from girls and you don’t?

Something about them just shows that they get it and are IGP9001-e1435679431377cool. I’m here to show you how YOU can be that guy too. There’s nothing magical about it. They simply know how to dress sexy. The clothes they wear make them look cool and attractive instead of tacky or try-hard.

You have probably spent some time trying to learn about style online. You’re bombarded with headlines about skin tone and all that confusing color combination stuff and at the end of the day you find yourself wondering – do those shoes actually look or am I just kidding myself.

Style can be difficult to describe through a blog, after all its an art as much as science. Every person has a unique combination of features that require different strategies to look really, properly flattering and attractive. That means what looks good on someone else, can look horrible on you. Seeing what will work for you, before you buy it, takes years of experience.

I have helped hundreds of men remove the guessing part from style and helped them look very attractive to their type of women – I can help you too.

At this point you probably realize you have a problem with style. You start learning about dressing well online but despite your best efforts, you can’t find the answer to your style problems. It just seems like dressing to attract woman isn’t in the cards for you.

But hey, you can be the guy that gets compliments and attention from high quality women! All you need to do is learn to use style to improve your image and the first impressions you’re making.

And no, people won’t think you’re gay, try-hard or track if you start dressing better. Well, as long as you do it right.

I’m sure that’s why you come to this site after all. If you’re a busy man, with big goals in life, who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend shopping and learning online; I can do it for you.

Let me personally teach you everything you need to know about dressing sexy as a man

Not only will you learn how to dress sexy and get attention from women; you will also know that you are doing so in the most time-efficient way possible. You won’t have to spend hours every week reading sites about men’s style, you will save time when you go buy clothes and you will also save time when meeting and attracting women.

Surely there are better ways to spend your time than aimlessly shopping for clothes. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time having fun, getting girls or progressing at your career?

Imagine this: You walk into your favorite bar. There is music playing from the speakers. As you say ‘hi’ to the regulars you start noticing glances from the girls standing nearby. They quickly look away but you caught them. That is the power of dressing sexy.

Some people are still unsure if looks matter to girls. Of course they freaking do! Have you noticed how much time they spend obsessing about them?!

You know it deep down but you want to avoid this fact because improving your looks can be a hard process.

But it doesn’t have to be! With my help you will save time, money and never feel helpless or lost in a clothing store again.

Before getting all excited, please understand that this service is not for everyone!

I only work with men, who want to dress sexy, that’s my specialty and that’s what I enjoying doing most. So if you want to impress your boss or look charming at a family re-union, there are plenty of other experts, who can help you with that.

Client Requirements:

  • You are willing to experiment with new looks, push your boundaries.
  • You are action oriented – excited to implement all the awesome tips & tricks you will learn.
  • You are comfortable with your body and your sexuality (or want to be).
  • You are able to take pictures of your current outfits – pictures taken with your phone’s camera will work just fine.
  • You have some money available to be spent on clothes – we’ll build outfits on your budget, but you need to have at least some budget available.
  • You really really want to look sexy.



What You’ll Get:

  • I’ll show you what mistakes you are currently making when dressing that makes you look unattractive (or in some cases even unfuckable)
  • …and how to fix them!
  • We’ll prepare you several sexy looks for different occasions (bars and clubs, casual day time, etc. – you name it!)
  • …and teach you how to create your own sexy looks in the future!
  • I’ll show you how to choose fitting clothes, manage colors and layers so that your outfits always look spot on.
  • …and even help you with your grooming skills!
  • And for the next 30 days you’ll have unlimited personal e-mail support.
  • …including e-mails like “Hey Darius, I’m thinking of buying these shoes for 350$, will they look good on me?”
  • Bonus: I’ll even help you get a good profile picture for a dating site (if you want one), that will regularly get you messages from women.

What You’ll REALLY Get:

  • You will be confident in your clothing choices because you know what looks sexy and what doesn’t, specifically on you.
  • You will never again feel helpless or embarrassed in a clothing store.
  • But most importantly, you’ll have the confidence knowing that you look HOT and no woman is out of your league because of her looks.


How Much Will It Cost?

The price of your personal style consultation is 497 USD and should be paid via paypal prior to the consultation.

That might seem like a lot to you. But how much money have you wasted on clothes that you never wear? 1000 USD or more?

Think of the amount of time and money you would save if you knew what clothes to look for when shopping.

Get up from the computer and look at your closet. I’m sure you’ll find more than 500 USD worth of clothing that you never wear.

Now think of the time you spent buying those clothes. Does that seem like time well-spent to you?

Have you got plenty of time to waste or do you want to get your style handled in the most time-efficient way?

And you know what – let me make this investment risk-free for you!


The THREE Guarantees

  • 6138467100% Satisfaction – if at any point during consultation you don’t feel like it’s worth your money, just send me an e-mail and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.
  • 100% Results – even if you love the consultation, but after applying the things you learned for some reason you don’t notice an improvement in how women react to you, just send me an e-mail and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.
  • 100% Anonymity – I respect my clients privacy, so any pictures you send me, anything you write to me will stay just between you and me.


You can spend as much as you want on clothes and there is still no guarantee that you’ll look better.

Image if clothing stores offered you a refund if you don’t get better results with women after getting their clothes? That would be awesome. But they don’t. So every time you spent money on clothes without really knowing what you’re doing you’re pretty much getting a cat in the bag.

That’s not cool.

As said, I’ve helped many, many men look sexy and I can with confidence make you this offer – if women don’t respond better to you after the consultation you will get your money back!


That said, I pour my heart and soul when working with guys, so there are only a limited number of spots available. These consultations are a lot of work for me because I go into great detail to get you looking sexy.

Email me now with the subject line “I want a personal consultation!” if you are interested in getting a personal consultation with me.

If for some reason you’re still unsure if this is the right option for you, take a look at what others are saying:

“When I started with Darius, I had worked a little bit on my style but it was mostly a haze. For the past year, I had been mostly working on cold approaching and neglecting the physical stuff. While cold approaching is very important, the physical and fashion side can’t be overlooked. After Darius suggested the clothes I buy, I was worried I might appear “gay” in the eyes of some men. While this may have happened a little bit, my success with women has skyrocketed. I feel like my style really markets who I am as a person which really connects with girls. Two things that make Darius unique are that he always responds to your questions very quickly. Another one is that he gives really detailed responses so it’s easier to fix your problems. I’m currently undergoing a physical transformation too thanks to Darius’ advice in the weight lifting and acne department and I can’t wait to see how my style changes with my new body. Thanks Darius and anyone who is reading this please get his services now. Another thing is people gripe about the price. This is worth far more than wasting your money on other stuff. Be creative and spend your money on something new and that will deliver you good value – Tyler”

Tyler transformation

Tyler kindly offered to share his before – after photos to show you how much sexier you can really get!

“When I first stumbled upon the SexyStyleForJoe website, I was by no means an absolute beginner when it came to fashion and style. I knew stuff about how to choose fitting and well-cut clothes, I knew about matching colours and how to avoid cheap-quality clothing. I knew the basics, you could say. However, while I did look clean and neat, in no way did I look sexy. 
So, on my quest to turn myself in a sexier man, I soaked up a lot of the free content on the website and also came across the offer of a personal style consultation. Judging from Darius’ description it was the best way to turn yourself in a much sexier man in a relatively short amount of time, although, to be very honest, I thought a lot about whether this whole thing would really be worth 497$. I finally decided in favour of bit. 

Oh boy, what a great decision! 

With the help of a questionnaire I told Darius my preferences regarding style, what my personality was like and what I intended to get out of it in regards to women. Four days later I then got my personal style consultation as a PDF, with each outfit I had sent him broken down in good and bad parts + his suggestions to improve each outfit. 
What I especially liked were these points:

  • He didn’t just put together some generic “bad-boy”-outfits or gave advice like “yeah, just put on a blazer, chicks dig it”, rather, he used the information I gave him in the questionnaire earlier and constructed outfits keeping my personality in mind.
  • When suggesting new looks and outfits, Darius incorporated pieces I already owned. This way, when going for a look, I didn’t have to buy an entire outfit from scratch and thus could save money.
  • He immediately responded to all of my questions regarding the consultation in great detail and continues to do so even while I bombard him with questions (and will likely continue to do so). 
  • He’s an extremely cool dude to interact with (even though it may just be via e-mail).

In conclusion, I did not regret spending the 497$. It IS an investment, but one very worth making. I now have quite a few outfits at hand that look incredibly sexy while still being congruent with my personality. And, what I personally deem to be even more important, with Darius’ help I have developed an eye for what looks sexy and what not, so that I now have the freedom to build many panties-dropping outfits on my own. :)”

The consultation was just amazing. Darius analyzed my outfits on an overall perspective and on a picture by picture basis. He suggested what I could buy with pics and links and what can I better use and/or mix on my own wardrobe. Result: today.. Well, I’m on a new revamped and improved look just by better mixing my clothes (received compliments to back up the “improved” part)! And that’s even before I will get back my jeans from the tailor and before I even start shopping for the new suggested stuff! Wholeheartedly recommended!”

“Darius style consultation was very professional. He emailed it to me in pdf format so that I could reflect on it later at anytime. His style advice was spot on and he even told me how to dye the grey out of my hair. He emailed a pdf file on how to do it!

He gave me plenty of photographs to look at of different styles I might like to try and even some links to stuff I could buy. They appealed to my tastes and my budget (I told him I didn’t have much to spend).

This style consultation was top notch and I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve there looks. Darius is also highly charismatic. You’ll enjoy working with him as well!”

“Darius surprised me with how much detail he responded with. To each picture, he went over what piece looked good and what didn’t, what went with what and what clashed and what could be added to an outfit to improve it. He also pointed out which types of clothing looked good on me, and what, in general, to add and remove to my wardrobe, and what kind of outfits to put together in general. He also gave me detailed advice on my hair, which I’ve generally been at a loss on as some days it looks great some days pretty crappy. Every other fashion advice I’ve gotten was either too general, or too specific, and I feel like now I have a better idea of what I need to have overall and how to put an outfit together. Highly recommended to anyone wishing to work on their style. One thing to remember: you will get proportionally to what you put in. I sent him 20 pictures of a multitude of different outfits, this took a good hour and a half to put on and take the picture in a good angle, but it was well worth it because there was enough for him to notice patterns and also comment on each piece so that I could get an overall picture with regards to what I have.”

“As a fella who’s been actively working on his style for the last two years, I felt like a knew a thing or two about how to dress attractively. My results with the opposite sex showed it as well, but the big ‘BUT’ here is that I ultimately wasn’t sleeping or developing relationships with the QUALITY of woman I’d hoped for.

Faintly, I knew this has to do with my style. I couldn’t place my finger on what it was exactly, but there was a nagging feeling that my presentation was off.

When I stumbled upon Darius’ consultation offer, I knew right away that this was the type of guy that could dress me with just the presentation I wanted, and ultimately help me increase my results with the fairer sex that little bit further that I needed…but I thought to myself how expensive the consultation would be, and I had second thoughts.

I mulled it over, but after some reassurance from his other testimonials, I decided to roll the dice on this cat – and I am SO glad that I did.

As you might’ve already read, he sent me a questionnaire regarding who I am – my hobbies, the type of woman I wanted, age, height, everything. After filling this out and ironing out some other details, he handwrote a 20 page PDF that detailed a critique of my current outfits and suggestions of other outfits that I can use that are based around the questionnaire I filled out.

I believe there are 3 things that made my personal consultation so incredible:

1.) The money I saved from buying MORE outfits that didn’t convey my ideal image
2.) His thoughts and suggestions about my style had to do with my specific body and personality
3.) Darius’ authentic and genuine want to help me in any way possible – including the 30 days of questions of basically an AMA for anything style related

As for the actual results I wanted in terms of quality of woman – after applying Darius’ tips, that NEXT WEEKEND I slept with my dream gal, for the first time ever. Go figure, huh?

He has a recommendation from me to anyone who’s considering taking their style or appearance that next step.



It’s time for you to get serious about improving your looks.

No more ‘if’s and ‘but’s.

I mean seriously, how much longer are you willing to put up with being “just another dude in the bar”, who melts in the crowd and gets ignored by women?

Stop wasting your time. Make a one-time investment that will lead to fantastic results for years to come.

The only reason you shouldn’t buy the consultation is if you aren’t interested in attracting high quality woman. But since you’ve made it this far I know that isn’t the case 😉

Look, I know you’re a smart guy. You realize that looks matter to girls. But maybe you’re shorter, leaner or chubbier than you’d like to be, maybe your natural facial features are not exactly “male model material” and that damn hairline keeps receding.

I get it, I’m in the same boat: my jawline is too small, my hairline is starting to recede and I’m still working on improving my physique (you probably should too), but when you use the clothes right, when you create the right image to attract your type of women all of it stops mattering.

Style is the great equalizer. Use it wisely.

Take control over your looks and treat yourself – let me hear you shout “I WANT TO LOOK HOT”! 

(you should click on that link to do that by the way… 😉 )

But… Ughm… Ahh…

I know that this might feel scary, you’re probably wondering if I’m just over-hyping this stuff or maybe you’re simply not sure if this is right for you.

And you know what – the only way to find out is to try it out.

So here’s the deal,

Let me make this a complete no-brainer for you – send me a message with your goal with women and style and include one or two photos of how you currently dress (don’t worry, the anonymity guarantee starts the moment you send me anything).

I will then give you a quick critique (or a thumbs up and pat on the back if you’re already doing everything right) and give you an action plan on what you should focus on to improve, to look your sexiest self – FREE OF CHARGE (no kidding).

So even if you do decide afterwards that a personal consultation is not for you, you’ll have a personal action plan on how you can improve. Or, I we’ll get you a full consultation and I’ll do it for you!

Are you ready to get sexy? The Let’s Do This!