Let’s start with stating the obvious – most of us don’t have perfect genes and bodies of Adonis. Some of us are on the skinnier side, others have some weight they wouldn’t mind losing; some struggle because they are shorter and others find it a hassle to build outfits because of their tall height.

When it comes to weight and how muscular we are, we could (and, I believe, should) exercise and work on improving our bodies, but this tends to take a long time and it doesn’t make sense to suspend our lives until we get the results.

Because of this, we are starting The Basics series with some tips on how to dress based on our body composition.

The point of this section is to learn how to build outfits to camouflage our weaknesses and emphasize our best features. In other words, to make the best out of the cards we’ve been dealt.

It’s also important to understand that we don’t need to have “perfect” bodies to look very hot, so regardless whether you’re tall and skinny or short and bulky, you can still be sexy as hell.

Are You Skinny?

Being on the skinnier side puts you in an interesting position – trendy clothes tend to look good on you and with just a little know-how it becomes easy to look stylish. Furthermore, due to trends in fashion, many women considered skinny men to be the next best thing after fit and muscular (physique-wise).

And yet, when it comes to sexy, looking too thin is a disadvantage, especially when you bring attention to the underdeveloped chest, shoulders, arms and buttocks.

Leather jacket adds some volume and horizontal shirt makes upper body look wider. Source: lookbook.nu (Click on the image to see original)

Dressing as a skinny guy you have very specific goals to accomplish: make your upper body look more muscular, while showing the well-defined torso and visually add some weight to your limbs; for the lower body it’s important not to draw attention to your skinny legs.

Check the Dos and Don’ts to achieve this result.


  • Layering can help make your upper body look more masculine.
  • Wear pieces with horizontal stripes to look more massive, especially at the chest area to make your upper half (chest and shoulders) look more developed.
  • Go for heavier fabrics.
  • As a good rule of thumb, go for “Slim fit”.
  • Choose lighter colors.
  • Wear boot-cut or straight-cut jeans.


  • Avoid skin tight clothing.
  • Dark colors like black will make you look even skinnier, use them sparingly.
  • No avoid baggy clothing, especially pieces that have baggy areas around arms and shoulders.
  • Do not wear blazers and jackets with strong padding.

Or Are You On The Bigger Side?

Not surprisingly being bulky brings quite a different set of advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, with proper clothing choices it’s rather easy to look muscular and strong, which plays a huge role when it comes to dressing sexy. On the other hand, if done wrong, it’s easy to look sloppy and unattractive.

So when dressing as bulky men, our goal is to draw attention to our upper body: chest, shoulders, arms and camouflage extra fat at the torso area. Furthermore, if our pants/jeans are just the right amount of tight, our legs will look strong and muscular.

Dark colors, thin fabrics and no extra layers create a very slimming effect and in turn visually great physique. Source: lookbook.nu (click on the image to view original)

It is a good idea to stick with darker colors if we want to appear thinner and avoid color contrast between upper and lower body as this would draw attention to our mid-section. V-necks is a great choice because it makes our necks look longer and shoulder area appears to be defined better. Lastly, it’s important to avoid overly tight pieces because instead of making us look more defined, it will draw attention to the excess weight.


  • Stick with regular-fit pieces.
  • Wear low rise pants and jeans.
  • Choose single color outfits.
  • Wear pieces made from lighter material.
  • Go for V-necks.
  • Long-sleeved tops look good on you.
  • Darker colors make you look thinner.
  • Wear a belt.


  • Avoid tight and baggy clothing.
  • Avoid contrasting colors.
  • Say no to horizontal stripes.
  • Lose blazers and jackets with sloped shoulders.


How To Make The Best Out Of Being Tall?

Bright and non-monochromatic look makes him visually proportionate and good fitting pieces emphasizes superior physique. Source: lookbook.nu (click on the image to view original)

Being tall is a huge genetic advantage and don’t let anyone say otherwise. Tall stature represents dominance and demands respect – that’s sexy! But being tall also brings a unique set of challenges when it comes to dressing.

The goal when dressing as a taller guy is to look proportionate while visually maintaining the muscular physique. This can be especially challenging when you’re tall and on the skinnier side.

However, this can be accomplished by making sure your clothes are the right length and the upper half is not hanging. Going for color contrast between lower and upper body is also a good idea.


  • Choose tighter fitting shirts and tops.
  • For jackets choose ones that fall just under your buttocks.
  • Go for pointy shoes.
  • Use different colors in your outfits.
  • Wear boot-cut or straight-cut jeans.
  • If you have a longer neck, choose collared tops.


  • Avoid short / very long jackets and coats.
  • Avoid single color looks.
  • Say no to skinny jeans.
  • Pieces with vertical stripes should be avoided.

Shorter Men Pay Attention Here

Many men who are average height or shorter tend to develop insecurity regarding their height. However, with a well-chosen style we can overcome this disadvantage and look sexy.

Well fitting V-neck draws attention to the shoulder/neck area, shoes with a heel add some height, overall great, sexy look for shorter guys. Source: lookbook.nu (Click on the image to view original)

When it comes to dressing for a shorter guy, fit is everything. Our goal here is to appear taller and also draw attention from stature. This can be accomplished using monochromatic colors, vertical stripes and low rise jeans or pants. Furthermore, pick shoes with substantial heel.

On a side note, if you’re a shorter man, make sure your posture is spot on, this can make a tremendous visual impact and make you look much taller.


  • Go for fitted clothing.
  • Choose pieces with vertical stripes to look taller.
  • V-necks look great on you.
  • Build single color / shade outfits
  • Pick shoes with a substantial heel.
  • Wear low rise jeans and pants.
  • Use pieces to attract attention to your face and neckline. A good example would be necklaces and other accessories.


  • Avoid baggy clothing.
  • Say no to tops with big prints.
  • Long hair will make you look shorter.
  • Don’t tuck in.
  • Avoid color contrasts between the upper and lower half’s of your outfit.
  • Lose pointy shoes.
  • When wearing buttoned blazers and cardigans make sure they have less than three buttons.

Fit and Muscular? Good For You!

Let’s not forget men who are fit and muscular. One might think that when you have a physique of a Greek god it no longer matters what you wear and there is some truth to that. Great physique draws attention away from style mistakes and enhances the effects of good style choices.

And yet, if we really want to enjoy all the benefits of our hard work in the gym, we might as well dress to win. Stick to tight or skin tight clothing, it works wonders on a great physique. Avoid too much layering as anything that hides your natural physique should be avoided. On the same note, stick to pieces made from thinner materials instead of heavier ones like wool.

Your Unique Body Composition

We covered the main guidelines how men with different body compositions should dress. However, most of us are not just skinny, or bulky, or tall, or short.

Instead, in most cases we are a combination of all of the above: tall and skinny, short and muscular. So when you’re thinking about your style and which tips best apply to you, make sure to handpick them for your own unique body composition.

Overcompensation Screams Insecurity

Lastly, most of us have different hang ups about our bodies. In our minds we’re too short, too tall, too skinny or too fat; we think that our limbs are too long and neck is too short, or vice versa. The tips above help camouflage these imperfections and draw attention to our best features.

But when doing so we need to make sure not to “over-do” it, nothing screams “Insecurity” louder than overcompensating. F.e. if you’re shorter and going for shoes with a substantial heel don’t go for the pair with a massive heel or if you’re bulky avoid very tight clothing because even though it will make your torso slightly smaller it will also draw attention to it.

Keep it simple, keep it real and don’t be afraid to experiment.