(The SEO of this article title is going to kill me, but I’m sure it’s worth it and our sexy readership will understand, that this article is for men and NOT a “how to” guide for women, who want to buy a skirt ha-ha)


I love spring, I really do. The air feels fresh and invigorating, sun comfortably touches and caresses the skin. The days are getting longer and the nights… well, more passionate.

But above all those inspiring qualities of spring, there’s one that stands above the rest – sexy women in short skirts. There’s something captivating and mesmerizing about a beautiful woman with long, lean legs, wearing a short skirt (or a dress) – it’s a view that could keep me hypnotized for hours.

…if only another woman, just as beautiful and in skirt just as short and carefree, wouldn’t pass and steal my focus. And then another…

God, I love spring!

But as I’m sure you realize this particular style inspiration is not about skirts, instead it’s about what we, men, can offer to our lovely women to treat their visual sensations as much as they treat ours when their skirts are dancing in the wind.

How To Dress Sexy In Spring 2015

When it comes to Spring, our main goal with style is to revitalize it, become the change we want to see: make it youthful and energetic, fun and exciting, light and effortless, but non a least bit less sexual.

In practice this means:

  • Add more color. If, for example, in winter we went for black jeans with black shoes combination, spring is the best time to bring back blue (and light blue) jeans.
  • Add patterns. This way we will add a touch of sophistication to our look and make it less intense.
  • Use lighter fabrics. We want our image dynamic, in motion and the best way to achieve this is to shed actual weight from thick, heavy fabrics.
  • Be casual. Whether we are building something for a night out or day time, whether we’re going for a classy or edgy look, for spring it’s a good idea to stay slightly more casual.

Now, as you know I’m not a big fan of mainstream trends, but I feel that Spring/Summer 2015 trends are actually quite spot on to convey all the right qualities we want to when dressing sexy.

  • Denim is back. Including double denim looks. So if you’ve been anxious about adding a denim shirt to your wardrobe this might be just the right time.
  • Get ready for stripes. This season stores should be packet with striped items. Great for guys on the skinnier side, who want to use patterns to make themselves look bigger, more muscular.
  • Wear red. It was always a sexy color, but usually it’s quite problematic to find clothes in red. This season we might actually have a chance! So stock up 🙂
  • Floral patterns. Okay, this is an interesting one. Floral patterns should be popular this season and that’s quite cool. Intricate patterns like that do offer us an alternative to big prints. That said, this likely won’t last more than a season or two, so I wouldn’t invest into expensive floral pieces like blazers and instead get a tee or a buttoned shirt.

So that’s what we need to know about dressing sexy in Spring 2015.

In the spirit of me writing an article on how to pick glasses (actually it’s mostly finished and will be published soon), in this style inspiration I will include suggestions for glasses / sunglasses that would look great with a particular look too.

And of course I’d like to remind everyone to be smart, adjust the following outfit suggestions based on your physique, natural features and skin complexion, climate, budget andcharacter.

Let’s begin!

The Smell Of Success

He’s comfortably sitting outside the cafe, slowly and subtly observing the people who pass him while enjoying his mid-day coffee and a smoke – this man doesn’t need to rush, others do that for him.

As his eyes move from passerby to passerby, his gaze is radiating class and confidence. Is he looking for someone or something?..

Then his eyes light up – it’s her!

He doesn’t know her name, nor her personality but he’s sure about one thing: she’s the woman he wants to meet.

And he’s about to…

A moment later their eyes connect. Of course they do, a man looking like that is not something you see every day and she’s as intrigued as he is.

A mutual smile springs across the faces of about-to-be lovers.

The dance is just about to begin, but culmination has already been decided.



This look is classy, yet breeze and casual in its own way. Using colors, patterns and a touch of luxury we’re creating an image of someone, who’s got this life together but at the same time doesn’t take himself too seriously – just a stylish man, doing his own thing.

Stripe Shirt – in a sense, the key component in this look. This is the piece that makes this, otherwise classy look, accessible and inviting. The key component to look for in a stripe shirt is how slim or wide the stripes are – the bigger you are, the wider stripes you can afford to wear (this particular choice would look solid on men of shorter stature too). I went with a blue & white combo, this way when the blazer comes off the look still makes sense.

Blazer – white, cut close to the body. Our main “class” piece in the look. Generally we want to coordinate colors between upper and lower body (blazer and trousers) with the stripes on our shirt. This will make the transition seamless the pattern on the shirt won’t look too loud.

Trousers – smart trousers in blue (or navy), cut close to the body. Technically there’s nothing complicated with picking trousers for this look. That said, I prefer a brighter hue of blue instead of full navy as its too professional (and potentially boring). Slim cut is also highly preferred.

Loafers – a pair of dark brown loafers. The lace details on the front adds a nice vibe of “I know what I’m doing”, other than that we want a pretty clean pair. I haven’t included a belt because more often than not it won’t be visible but you should match it with loafers.

Watch – classy watch with brown leather strap to match the shoes and a nice golden finish (explained

Glasses – a pair of brown glasses in a subtle pattern. Technically we’re playing with three colors in this look, however, to avoid looking too color coordinated (power ranger style!) we’re adding slight deviations with glasses and golden finish on the watch.

The Type Of Skirts This Look Would Attract


Wild Like The Wind

It’s 6 pm and he just woke up.

“Damn that hangover… I need a drink… I think…”

“Wait, how come I’m alone? I know I came home with her… or was it her and a friend… Yes, I remember there being a friend.”

A cocky smile is now shinning on his face.

“Good girls, figured out to leave without waking me up.”

He takes a deep breath and exhales with complete satisfaction.

“Got to love waking up in a room that still smells like sex.”

He washes himself, puts on whatever he can find closest and goes out again. Destination: a bar and, if the night smiles upon him once again, some lucky lady’s skirt.

He’s a bad boy with a smile that makes her forget her own name and he’s out to have fun!

bad boy


As the intro suggest, this is a look that should appear like something that’s been put on in a hurry, using clothes that smelled the least. But that’s just the first impression. Not surprisingly, best suited for pubs and drunken nights for younger guys. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually “cool”, with this look everything you about to do will seem so freaking cool.

Denim jacket – the key piece here. That’s right, we’re bringing it back (well, we’re piggybacking on the fact that they are coming back and for a season or two and only cool dudes are going to wear them for a while). That said, avoid any cut that looks like you found it in your dad’s closet – we’re not that hipster here.

Checked shirt – a mid-layer used to add color and make a simple, straightforward look appear more stylish, youthful, yet casual. I went with one that has bright red color in it for intensity sake (we still want to keep the sex appeal going). More pastel colors would make it more laidback if that’s your thing.

Scoop tee – a basic white tee would be the default option with this look, but if you’re packing some muscle go for a scoop tee for a more sexual look (with these “too cool for school” looks it’s easy to go too far into the edgy/casual-land and start losing sex appeal.)

Jeans – damaged black jeans. The only thing I could say is to be careful with skinny-elastic cuts as you’re packing three layers on top with middle one being a bit loose, with very tight cuts around the legs its too easy to mess up upper-lower body proportions.

Converse – do I even need to explain?

Necklace – don’t overthink this part. Nearly any necklace that has some ruggedness about it will do great.

Bracelet – I prefer one with various strings and plenty of details without getting too thick. That said, you could go Johnny Depp mode and wear multiple bracelets/wristbands.

The Type Of Skirts This Look Would Attract


Refreshing Man

Let’s leave chasing to boys, this man doesn’t do that and combined with lack of flashiness it makes him mysterious.

He knows what he’s looking for and goes for it without hesitation.

And when he does, there’s no hesitation from her either: she is his type of woman and he is her type of man, just look at him! The chemistry is instant and one that could spark a fire.

He looks into her eyes with unshakable confidence and she looks back at him. Now they both know that when they are alone and he tells her to kneel, she will obey joyfully and will be rewarded with passion and emotions that very few men can evoke in her.

the man

It’s a pretty default masculine look with a touch of ruggedness, except for two details – glasses and a shirt with flower patterns. Glasses will make the look a bit more sophisticated and elegant, also less intimidating, while this funky shirt (careful with going overdosing on “funky”!) will make it stylistically suitable for spring and give your image a sense of self-amusement – no point taking oneself too seriously.

Jeans – clean, casual blue pair of jeans. Let’s keep it simple.

Scoop tee – as with the previous look, crew neck or V-neck would work just as well, but I’d recommend going for scoop neck to those who want to milk their awesome physique for all it’s worth.

Jacket – brown leather jacket and a masculine, rugged look – nothing to see here. The only note I think it’s important to discuss is going for suede over normal leather and that choice was made for the same reason we chose this material on shoes – it looks lighter and suits spring better thematically (and for this particular look we’re not losing out on anything by going this direction)

Shirt – floral patterns is they aspect of a shirt here, color chosen to match with the rest of the look and look slightly denim-ish. The only other potential alternative I see would be a denim shirt, but careful with those as you want to avoid like your jeans and your shirt are made from the same fabric, while keeping everything nicely color coordinated.

Boots – suede Chelsea boots. Full-on masculine looks don’t really suit spring, so it’s a nice touch to a feminine detail by going for Chelsea boots instead of something like work or combat boots. Material and color chosen to match with the jacket.

Watch – with the watch we introduce our first small black detail. I don’t like masculine looks too polished, so adding another neutral color makes it more “imperfect”.

Glasses – and that’s the second black detail we’ll be using.

Bracelet – lastly a bracelet that has both black and brown to connect our two neutral colors and finish our look with a touch of “I’ve been breaking the rules on purpose”.

The Type Of Skirts This Look Would Attract


Rock Out With Your Cock Out

They say men only think about sex. Sure, that’s true for most men.

But not him, he doesn’t think about sex – he is sex!

So it’s no surprise what happened when he saw those legs, barely covered by a nearly see-through skirt.

He walked up to her, put his hand on her lower back and whispered something silently into her ear.

She blushed, smiled, scaned him head to toes, pausing just for another moment after noticing how his skinny jeans mold around his now sizeable erection. Ah… of course he’s hard – have you seen her legs?

And then they leave the bar…

Raw to the bone and unapologetic for his desires, everything about him screams one thing.

Mr Sex


No style inspiration on this site should go without at least one full on “I Am Sex!” look. We’re taking two very feminine details: clean, skinny-elastic jeans and a vest with floral patterns and then masculinize it with a biker leather jacket, brogue boots and cool accessories.

Vest – regular cut vest (sleeveless shirt) in a floral pattern. We purposefully leaving it a bit looser.

Biker jacket – because we’ll tighten the right places up with our biker jacket. This one should be cut quite close to the body. Black and bad, this is one of the core masculine pieces for this look.

Jeans – I know it’s tempting to go with black distressed/damaged jeans but trust me, go for a clean blue jeans and your cock will thank me later (assuming you have what it takes to pull a look like this off 😛 )

Boots – brogue boots in black. Okay, I’m sure you’re not surprised with going for black boots, so I’d just like to explain the reasoning why brogue: with a biker leather jacket a sunglasses we’ll have A LOT going on our upper body and risk creating visual ill proportions if we’ll keep bottom half without any intricate details, attention grabbing details.

Ring – just a cool accessory to go with the look, don’t overthink this one.

Bracelet – as above, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong: you can go with a single bracelet, wristband on multiple accessories on both hands.

Sunglasses – completely unapologetic, remember? No, but seriously, don’t wear sunglasses indoors.

The Type Of Skirts This Look Would Attract


Finishing Thoughts

Alright, I’m very curious, what type of women (and skirts) are you usually after? Which type of women manage to captivate your imagination from the first glance, make your heart beat faster and pants suddenly feeling tighter?

I would also like to apologize for lack of content last month, I’ve been having a blast working with some of you personally and that takes time. If you too would like to start spring looking your absolute best, make sure to check my personal consultation offer.

That said, I’ve already have prepared some awesome content for the next few weeks, so even if personal consultation is not for you, there will be plenty of sexy content to get you ready for the most passionate season.

(To choose the photos for this article I spent about an hour looking at photos of beautiful women in short skirts – I love my job! 🙂 )