Hey Joes,

Vacation season is over and for many it means that it’s time to return to the office space. But just because we need to spend 8 or so hours a day doing something not particularly sexy (yeah yeah, I know, programming IS sexy!) doesn’t mean we can’t look sexy while doing that.

Yes, it’s time for another Style Inspiration – Dressing Sexy at Work!

However, before we get into the goodies, the next following paragraphs I will try to discourage (Yes, discourage) you from doing so.

Sexual encounters at work / with work colleagues is generally NOT a good idea!

I’ve tried it, more times than I’d like to admit, it was extremely fun, rewarding and fulfilling, and I would still not recommend it for most guys.

The point is, unless you look at your job/career as a temporary but necessary hassle until you have the means to work on “important stuff”, the risk-reward aspect just doesn’t match up to justify such affairs.

Among many things that can go wrong, some worth mentioning: workplace toxicity, awkwardness, jealousy plots, being judged by peers (mostly jealousy related), long-term career sabotaging (some bosses can be such prudes!) and, in some countries, even sexual harassment issues.

From my own experience, just by dressing sexier (and I wasn’t even that good at the time!) I had one supervisor go and complain about my clothes to HR, most male peers were giving me the evil eye (interestingly, never got any negative comments from guys who got laid plenty themselves, go figure 🙂 ) and most women were very polarized by my approach: either loved it or hated it.

Furthermore, if you dress sexy, simply occasionally flirting with a colleague or two will be enough to give you a reputation of being “a player” (I hate this word), regardless if you actually sleep around or not. Personally, reputation like that is helpful to me as I like to play with my cards open, but I’m very well aware that it’s not for everyone.

If I still haven’t discouraged you, then I must also share the other side of the story too:

  • Just by presenting myself in a sexy way got me “picked up” by a cute colleague first week on the job (and by “picked up” I mean exactly that: asked for my number and then proceeded to ask me out on a date haha)
  • Lead to me getting my first “Hey it’s XYZ from work, wanna hook up tonight?” text (actually the whole conversation was like 3 messages but you get the point).
  • But most importantly, those office romances lead to some of the best experiences, friendships and relationships I had. Some of which continued way past the moment I left a particular job.

So there are definitely both advantages and disadvantages.

Still reading?

Good, then one last thing we need to cover before getting into the actual style inspiration.

When talking about dressing sexy at work, in most cases I mean “at the office”. Secondly, different companies have different policies when it comes to work attire, make sure to consider your own unique situation before picking a particular look, i.e. if your company has a strong policy on only wearing suits to work feel free to skip this style inspiration and just invest in a great suit and shoes to go with it. Lastly, I will assume that you work in a place with proper temperature control and it’s neither very hot nor cold.

Style Inspiration: Dressing Sexy at Work

Dressing sexy for work is very different from any other occasion and must be done in a much more subtle way. In other words, just because we’re willing to accept the consequences doesn’t mean it’s smart to go full on raw like you’d be doing on nights out.

Our goal is to walk that thin line to look both professional but also sexual and attractive. Which means we’ll be using common stylish business casual looks and just make them less safe and boring.

What this also means is that if you’re uncomfortable with looking sexy at work, you can tone it down a bit and just look stylish / well-dressed. *cough* pussy! *cough*

Finally, because you don’t have the privilege of using many bad boy, edgy strategies to sexify our look, fit and quality of items is more important than ever to get the best results!

Note: as you, dear readers, have very different budgets that you’re willing to spend on clothes, I won’t be limiting myself to any particular budget either when making the suggestions for items. This doesn’t mean that these looks cannot be recreated in the price range of H&M or that you need to abandon your favorite designer brands (on the other side of the spectrum). Be smart and adjust according to your budget.

Thank God It’s Monday!

It’s Monday morning, everyone is pilling near the coffee machine to get their doze of daily motivation. For some reason people don’t look happy, that is, until you enter the room. Suddenly you notice that for some mysterious reason that cute coworker you’re standing next to is now holding her chest up and ass back (she has a nice ass, doesn’t she?), while other female colleagues subtly glancing at you two thinking “damn, I should’ve stood there!”

Thank god it’s Monday!

Sexy Monday Outfit

  • Pants – Selected Mini Check Trousers In Slim Fit. One of the more interesting items in this outfit. As the rest of the outfit is going to be neat and clean, it’s great to have some patterened items to avoid looking boring.
  • Shirt – Selected Formal Shirt. Simple dress shirt in white or blue, as we’ll be adding another layer on top, make sure it fits impeccably. Worn tucked in.
  • Cardigan – New Look Cardigan. As we’re building a three color outfit (white, grey, black), I’d recommend sticking to black cardigan, however, something like burgundy could work too, though would look a lot less formal. Vest can be a solid alternative to cardigan.
  • Chelsea boots – ASOS Chelsea Boots in Leather. Footwear that does look formal but not boring – black clean Chelsea boots are perfect for this look.
  • Belt – ASOS Smart Belt. Pretty much any simple, clean, black leather belt will do the job. As the shirt will be tucked it will be visible so make sure the buckle looks well maintained and belt itself is not worn out.
  • Tie – ASOS Tie In Ottoman. We’re professionals, remember? A tie is just the right accessory to push this look in the right direction to be considered proper office wear.
  • Bracelet – Ted Baker Chunky Plaited Bracelet. But as we’re building a sexy office wear we should forget to spice it up in a classy way.

Best Suited For: Because of colors we chose, the look can be pulled off on most physiques. Chelsea boots are also great for shorter guys and if that’s you, keep in mind that you’d be better off picking darker shades of grey for pants and tie.

How To Apply For This Position: You’re subtle, professional and damn good at your job but you also have this spark in your eyes that drives women wild and says “when we’re alone, good things will be happening”

Wanna play Boss and his secretary?

There’s something particularly sexy about boss-secretary relationship. Man with all the answers in a position of power and a woman there to enable and help him create something great. Ah… No wonder that’s like the second most popular porno scenario, after “the delivery guy” of course.

So, how can we create this image of powerful man that should be served?

Sexy Boss

  • Blazer – Selected Herringbone Blazer. This is another look that’s predominantly black – grey, for a more casual, playful look you could go with a different color for the blazer, however, I would avoid navy – it’s a good color, but it does say “mid-level manager” and not “The Boss”.
  • Trousers – River Island Trousers in Skinny Fit. Fit should depend on your physique and the cut on other items (blazer, shirt). Shorter guys, aim for low rise waist.
  • Shirt – Reiss Formal Shirt In Slim Fit. Pink is a very powerful color on men when used in the right context. Great shirt is the selling point of this outfit that adds a big part of the sex appeal. Worn tucked in and with two buttons open.
  • Shoes – Base London Measure Toe Cap Shoes. Black clean dress shoes, not much more to add.
  • Belt – Hugo Boss Ellot Leather Belt. Black, clean leather belt. As this look is all about execution, make sure it’s well maintained and goes well with shoes.
  • Watch – Hugo Boss Leather Black Strap Watch. We don’t want watch to get all the attention so aim for something that complements the look. Classy but simple.

Best Suited For: Once again, based on cuts, this look can be pulled off with great results by most physiques.

How To Apply For This Position: Have a secretary (or a lady, who’s eager to call you “Boss”) and know how to spank her right.

Office Bad Boy

Every office needs a bad boy, someone to flirt with all the pretty ladies, do something very inappropriate on “team building” weekends and Christmas parties, and just in general be that headache for upper management because “he’s so damn good at what his work, but his attitude is just… grrrrr…”

Office Bad Boy
But when it comes to clothes, office bad boy is much more subtle, he knows how much he can push the limits until it’s time to see that HR rep again he had a fling with some time ago. She’s cute and all, but it’s still kind of awkward since he slept with her friend too.

  • Vest – ASOS Slim Fit Waistcoat In 100% Wool. You know a look will be sexy when it starts with a slim fit vest in black. Aim for the classy, professional design. Shorter guys – best stick with 2 – 3 buttons, taller guys can do whatever they please.
  • Jeans – Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin Skinny Fit Black. We’re looking for a tight, clean (almost shiny) look that one can barely identify as jeans. You might be wondering why jeans then? It’s a bad boy thing…
  • Chelsea boots – ASOS Chelsea Boots in Leather. Clean brown pair. Oxfords is an option, but will look less impressive with this look. If you’re feeling really bad, feel free to wear Chelsea boots with jeans tucked into them.
  • Shirt – Selected Formal Shirt. Simple, clean white dress shirt, worn with two buttons open and tucked in, roll the sleeves up too.
  • Belt – ASOS Leather Jeans Belt with Double Keeper. Brown leather belt, matched with shoes.
  • Bracelet – Classics 77 Brunswick Bracelet Pack. No good sexy bad boy look would be complete without something to break the look and stand out.

Best Suited For: Technically, this look can be pulled off by bigger guys too, but it would look most impressive on skinnier / lean guys. But hey, you’re the bad boy, you don’t care what I think.

How To Apply For This Position: Have sex at the office, way more often than you’d like to admit and with women you definitely shouldn’t be sleeping with.

Casual (Sexy) Friday

Casual is a relative word, I once tried to see how far I can push it by wearing a T-Shirt that said “Amateur Pornstar” in huge font. No fun, very few reactions – oh well, I guess it wasn’t as hilarious as I thought it to be, that or my colleagues had an uncomfortable hunch that I’m actually doing amateur porn on the side. (No, I don’t do porn, at least not for public viewing.)

But being that blunt is usually not a good idea (seriously, don’t try this at work!) and we can build a sexy casual Friday look for workplace in a much more subtle manner.

Sexy Casual Friday

  • Jeans – Solid Slim Fit Jean With Blasting. What casual Friday look without a pair of blue jeans. For this look ideally you’d want a pair with a light wash, but clean pair can be fine too. Cut would depend on your physique.
  • Plaid Shirt – Levi’s Shirt Barstow Slim Fit Western Plaid Check. The epitome of casualness – plaid shirts. Color pallet in general is very forgiving in this look (pretty much anything goes), however, considering the context I would avoid “lumberjack looking” (red & black) shirts. Worn with two buttons open, untucked.
  • Cardigan – Esprit Cardigan. Neat and clean. The color should depend on the shirt, but by default stick with bright soft colors (light grey, tan, beige, stone, etc.).
  • Chelsea boots – ASOS Chelsea Boots in Leather. Clean brown pair. Other styles of boots would work too and decision should be based on how casual you want to appear.
  • Watch – Reclaimed Vintage Leather Strap Watch. We’re looking for a slightly rugged hand accessory that would complement the look so that we wouldn’t be falling into boring-land.

Best Suited For: Would look awesome on most physiques.

How To Apply For This Position: Be the guy who is pulling everyone to the pub after work on Friday and the guy who’s pulling that sexy redhead home after Friday’s pub. Casual style.

Sexy subzz

I love all the readers of sexystyleforjoe.com, but those who take the time to comment and share their thoughts in the comments section have a special place in my heart (no homo haha). As promised, subzz, here’s a sexy office look just for you.

From your comment it seems the weather were you live is as hot as you, so in short we need to build an office-friendly summer look – no problems!

Sexy Subzz

  • Pants – ASOS Slim Fit Smart Trousers In Linen. Linen or linen-cotton blend can work as long as the design is smart, professional. For color, it’s better to avoid white but stick with soft colors.
  • Polo shirt – Jack & Jones Polo Shirt With Contrast Woven Collar. I really love this particular example as it has some details what match nicely with pants. If finding something like this is too complicated stick to clean design (no prints!). Worn untucked.
  • Loafers – River Island Shoes with Weave Detail. Brown is going to be our supporting color in this look (classic). As long as design is somewhat dress-like you’re good to go.
  • Belt – Ted Baker Crafti Leather Reversible Belt. We’re looking for a simple clean belt to match with shoes. As polo shirt will be worn untucked, belt won’t be visible all the time and that’s perfectly fine.
  • Watch – Hugo Boss Leather Black Strap Watch. Yes, black. We need a detail to break the outfit so it doesn’t look too polished. A very stylish move when combined with the rest of the outfit. Avoid big watches.

Best Suited For: subzz.

How To Apply For This Position: Live in hot climate and share your thoughts/questions in the comments.

Better Than Lingerie On Women

“A well-tailored suit is to woman, what lingerie is to men. “ – no idea who.

True story.

Whether we like this or not, a great tailored suit is extremely sexy and most men, so no good style inspiration for dressing sexy in the workplace would be completed without mentioning tailored suits.

One thing to keep in mind, with suits we need to avoid two possible pitfalls: giving away an image of a “sugar daddy” and looking too intimidating (a little intimidating is perfectly fine and even preferred).


Guys, as mentioned in the intro, work environment can be sensitive when it comes to appearances and in most cases it’s really not worth it to put your career at risk just to get a few kinky experiences with sexy co-workers.

So even though I tried to keep these looks mostly “politically correct” (while still looking sexy), be smart and adjust according to your office policies.

Not feeling comfortable in your ability to execute these looks and need some personal guidance? No problem, there’s still one personal style consultation spot available for September.