I try to live life without regrets and yet once in a while, when remembering my college days I do find myself thinking “What if…”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that my decisions eventually took me to this point where I can be sharing this with you, but college in particular is such an amazing place for meeting pretty women – they are everywhere and it’s so easy to leverage the social setting!

And hey, I had some success in college too – after all that was the time where I first discovered the importance of style and how dressing sexy can help you spike attraction. But when it comes to style I was still scratching the surface back then and because I was still learning I was also making tons of mistakes that were turning a lot of women off and making an impression of a man that’s less than sexy.

Unsurprisingly, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to dress sexy specifically when you are college and even though we do have one style inspiration that talks about it it’s still a pressing matter for many of you and I’d like to revisit this topic once more. This time including several style inspiration outfits on how to dress in college when the weather gets colder and just a tee and a jacket/blazer is no longer enough.

Apply what you will learn here and I promise, at least when it comes to women, 5 years from now you won’t have to wonder “what if…” (or I can help you with that personally 😉 )

On a side note, even though this style inspiration is called “How To Dress Sexy In College” it’s not just for guys in college and if you’re no longer a student but fall somewhere in the “young professional” category you can still use the style inspiration looks described in this article during your nights out and days off with great success.

And now… the Style Inspiration: How To Dress Sexy in College Part 2

The Cool Guy

He walks into the classroom. Late. Again.

And yet I can’t help but notice how nearly every girl in class turns her attention onto him the moment he walks in. Some do it secretly as if he’s their dirty little secret, while others shamelessly stare at him those lustful eyes.

Regardless, it seems like they are waiting for him to walk in every morning like they wait for their first cup of coffee – a perfect way to start the day.

He has that cocky smile on his face, nonchalantly scans the class, nods at a few girls closest to him and then takes a seat in the back near the hottest one of them all, who’s eyes now light up as if she just won the lotto.

He knows.

Knows that he’s on their “to do” list and he can take his sweet time picking HIS favorite.

Few minutes into the class I see the lucky lady for this morning lean into him, showing something on her phone – probably just another party this Friday “that he should totally check out and where, of course, she will be with her friends”.

He smiles, nods and leans back again. The deal is sealed.

That smooth, cool bastard…   

That Cool Guy

The look is definitely on the edgier side (multiple accessories can be great for that) but without going overboard, which makes it suitable for both day time and night time in case you decide to go for a few beers after classes.

It’s also quite forgiving on various physiques:

Leaner guys will appear more muscular with three layers, while at the same time the cool scarf, accessories and unbuttoned denim shirt will draw attention away if you have a small beer gut going.

Also, it’s a good look for shorter guys with boots and short jacket, just make sure the shirt doesn’t cover your buttocks (it should be a bit longer than the jacket, but still end just below your belt line).

  • Jacket – simple, black leather biker jacket. As we’ll have detailing on denim shirt and distressed jeans, it’s best to stick with a jacket that doesn’t have a lot of zippers, pockets, etc. But that’s not a deal breaker. Looks best unzipped.
  • Tee – a scoop neck tee in a slightly washed color (well, marl if you want to get specific), we’re going for a distressed, rugged look so avoid very bright colors.
  • Jeans – slim/skinny medium blue jeans with some distressing. Worn slightly rolled up to showcase the boots.
  • Shirt – Denim shirt in grey with some light wash. Some detailing preferred. Worn unbuttoned and with sleeves rolled up.
  • Boots – Grey boots to match with the shirt (doesn’t need to be exactly the same hue, but not too far off).
  • Scarf – printed light scarf in black/grey (ideally both)
  • Accessoriesblack leather bracelet and bead bracelet worn on one hand, stainless steel bracelet on another. Necklace is mostly optional but a good idea to keep the outfit looking complete when the scarf comes off.

The Mysterious Guy

It’s really hard to wrap your finger around this guy.

He’s not flashy, he’s not loud, actually I don’t think he talks that much at all and yet for some reason you always see some cute girl trying to chat him up between classes.

He smiles subtly and they they melt right in front of him – what is it about this guy?!

I mean the guy obviously has a great physique, but he’s not showing it off for everyone to see, so I guess that’s why all the girls in class are so eager to see him naked, taking his jumper off as if they were unwrapping a Christmas present. A naughty, naughty present.

One thing I can say for sure is that he does have that down to earth, masculine presence about him, so even though he doesn’t talk much, when he does, you’re bound to listen.

When it’s all said and done, you’ve just got to admire this guy.

That Mysterious Guy

On the contrast to our first look, this outfit should almost exclussively be worn by guys with a solid, lean and muscular physique. On skinny guys the upper hands will look underdeveloped and weak when the coat comes off, while on bigger guys the jumper will only emphasize any extra size around the torso.

As this look is mostly for guys with a solid physique, we’re actually toning it down to make it look a bit restrained and casual – turtle neck jumper, hooded coat are both items that are usually not associated with “dressing sexy”. The effect – “oh, this sexy body? Yeah, its not a big deal…”

That said, we still want to play to win, so the look does include a really cool, interesting pair of boots, a matching bracelet. Overall, it’s much more casual and down to earth look for guys, who don’t want to be in the spotlight but want to look sexy nonetheless.

  • Coat – a hooded coat in slim fit. Ideally in black or charcoal. This particular example is great because it has some blue highlights. That said, it looks really mediocre when buttoned so if possible worn unbuttoned.
  • Jumper – tight blue turtleneck jumper. As discussed this outfit is for guys with a solid physique, so it’s crucial that the jumper is cut really close to the body. Pull back the sleeves slightly when wearing.
  • Jeans – black jeans in slim cut. Worn slightly rolled up to show the awesomeness of the boots.
  • Boots – the highlight of the look, brogue boots in burgundy.
  • Beanie – optional but recommended. A simple beanie in grey, avoid any extra detailing.
  • Scarf – medium-weight grey scarf to match with the beanie (doesn’t need to be in the exact same shade but at least similar).
  • Bracelet – a simple bracelet to match with the shoes.
  • Watch – and a stainless steel watch, worn on the same hand as the bracelet.

The Sharp Guy

I walk into the classroom, it’s still about 15 minutes before we’ll need to start the lesson and the classroom appears scarce:

Few guys sitting on their own, few others chatting about something – I guess discussing their latest achievements in League of Legends or some other game. Then there’s this nerdy looking girl sitting in the front, reading the textbook.

Then my eye catches a cluster of girls surrounding a table – what the…

Oh right, their surrounding that guy again. Jeez… every single class it’s like that…

I hate to admit it but he’s good. He’s really good. And not just with girls – the guy is actually smart and gets shit done.

As the start of the class is getting closer is see most of the girls from that “cluster” get back to their seats, it seems they failed to get his attention this time.

The girl that is still talking to him looks so damn good and I overhear her asking him for some private tutoring in her dorm room.

“Oh yeah, if you could I would really appreciate it and my roommate will be gone for the evening so we can watch some Netflix afterwards if you’d like…”

Yup, some guys do have it all.

That Sharp Guy

A smart-elegant look for college with a twist. Buttoned shirt and V-neck jumper creates a good guy look, but because we are adding a couple of cool accessories, bright coat, really cool pair of boots (note how the color around the soles goes well with the coat), black tight jeans, the look itself is by no means boring or “nice guy-ish”.

The great thing here is that when the coat and scarf comes off you still have that same effect from boots, bracelet and ring – little details matter.

As the first look it’s quite forgiving on most physiques (darker jumper helps make your torso visually leaner), while still adding actual volume for skinny guys to look more muscular. The only caveat – long coats really don’t work on shorter guys and should be replaced by a pea coat.

  • Coat – a medium length coat in a lighter color. This particular example is camel but that’s not necessary. Generally it should be cut close to the body just enough to accommodate the shirt and sweater.
  • Shirt – a simple white buttoned shirt will do the job, just make sure it’s not long enough to cover the buttocks because we’ll be wearing it untucked and with two buttons open.
  • Sweater – tight V-neck jumper in blue/navy.
  • Jeans – slim/skinny jeans in black. No wash. No distressing.
  • Boots – a pair of cool laced boots in black. If you can find a pair that has some detailing to match with the coat that’s just amazing.
  • Ring – we do want to add some edgier details to the look but something that doesn’t draw too much attention and a ring like that does the job.
  • Bracelet – simple black bracelet. Can be worn on the same hand as the ring or the other one.
  • Scarf – a scarf in a subtle pattern, we’re looking for something that looks interesting but does not draw too much attention.

The Alpha Guy

I rarely see him in class but between classes it’s almost impossible to miss him.

Always with a cigarrette in his hand and a starry-eyed hottie talking to him, touching him. Every time I do see him sitting there, chilling it seems like he’s with a different hottie. But hey, maybe that’s just my imagination.

I don’t know what IT is, but he definetely got it and you just can’t help yourself but seek his approval. When women are around him it feels like every other guy becomes invisible, melts in the crowd.

And even though he seems cool, talks loud and smiles a lot you somehow know that you don’t want to get on his bad side.

Oh shit… he looked at me with that knowing smile…

Today was a good day!

That Alpha Guy

Last look in our inspiration is one for our more daring readers, who really have that devil-may-care personality to go with it. Sporty shoes, bright but rugged leather jacket, skinny wool trousers, aviators, cut-off gloves, beanie (and preferably a short beard or stubble) – that stuff is gold and can be sexy as f… as long as you have the attitude to support it.

Note that we don’t really have many popular accessories like necklaces, bracelets or rings – this look is already stacked in attention grabbing stuff and we want to keep it from becoming too overwhelming or appearing try-hard.

In terms of who can pull it off physique-wise, it’s fair game for most, aside from bigger guys, because cowl-neck jumper is not really bringing much to the table in terms of appearing leaner around the torso.

  • Trousers – skinny wool trousers in grey or charcoal.
  • Jumper – cowl-neck jumper in burgundy. Worn with sleeves pulled back.
  • Trainers – black and white trainers for the cool, youthful effect.
  • Jacket – washed leather jacket in blue. Some detailing like zippers/pockets preferred. The look works best when the jacket is on.
  • Beanie – a simple grey beanie, highly recommended with this look, even inside. Ideally you want a beanie in a slightly different shade than the trousers.
  • Aviators – optional and you probably shouldn’t wear them if it’s cloudy or raining outside (and don’t wear them inside in any case), but nonetheless a really cool accessory with this look.
  • Gloves – cut-off gloves in grey in a similar shade as trousers or beanie. Not worn when the jacket comes off.

How To Dress In College For Men And Look Hot

About a week ago I sent our subscribers and e-mail with a cool offer – send me your photo, a quick description of your goals with women and I will critique how you currently dress and give you pointers where to improve, a sort of lite version of a personal consultation that I offer (those usually end up being 15-20 pages in length and we cover every single aspect, multiple outfits for different situations, etc.)


I was a bit surprised that the vast majority of guys who took me up on this offer actually were college guys and most made pretty similar mistakes.

Most of them fall in at least one of the four categories:

  • Walking the thin line between standing out and fitting in.
  • Youthful but not boyish.
  • Stylish but not try-hard.
  • Having the fundamentals covered.

Walking the thin line between standing out and fitting in

As discussed in our first style inspiration on dressing sexy in college, for most men this is the time of their lives when they first experience that sense of freedom and independence. This is also true for most women.

What this means is that individuality becomes more important, your ability to stand out in a crowd (in a well-executed, personal way) is no longer just a sign of rebellion, though that can be an attractive quality in itself, but it also shows emotional maturity, high self-esteem because you show that you’re less dependent on approval of your peers.

On the other hand,

College is still a relatively close social environment where you often meet those same people every other day or so. In turn, your ability to fit into that social environment is just as crucial as your ability to stand out from the crowd.

In other words, as you’re walking through the halls you should naturally draw attention, be noticeable and intriguing (and come on, considering how bad your average college dude dresses, it’s not difficult) but without appearing like a misfit or an outcast.

Youthful but not boyish

This is a big problem I see with college guys as a lot of them have trouble creating an image that is youthful, playful but no longer boyish.

As a rule of thumb, unless you’ve been fortunate to learn about style and how to dress sexy in high school, a big part of your wardrobe will need to be updated when you move from high school to college.

Things you can get away with in high school like baseball caps, goofy random crew-neck t-shirts, trainers that are only suitable for working out and generally baggier clothes (though I would advise against them anyway) if worn in college just look like your mom still buys your clothes (and if she does, ask her for sexier clothes haha)

That said,

There is another side of the coin and even though I see it less often it needs to be addressed too – guys who dress waaaayy too serious for college.

Let’s just say that if you go to class and realize that you’re wearing the same outfit as your professor who hasn’t shopped for clothes in the last decade – you have a problem.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot dress for a sharper image, that’s cool as long as you remember to spice it up a bit. (Like we did in our That Sharp Guy look).

Otherwise you’re coming off as that boring, nice guy who will be her go-to guy to do her project tasks while she’s hitting it off with other guys.

And hey, it’s not her fault because when you’re dressing way too safe you’re pretty much wearing an ad that says:


To sum this point up – the goal is to create an image that is youthful, but no longer boyish.

If you’re already dressing in a way that could be described as boy-ish you should include more masculine items. On the other hand if you find yourself mistaken for a professor you should probably include more youthful, playful items in your outfit.

Stylish but not try-hard or tacky

This is the part that’s a bit difficult to put into words and nearly impossible to actually show you because “try-hard” and “tacky” are very subjective and really boils down to what are you able to pull off.

Which in turn depends on your overall image and personality.

For example, I can’t really pull off a fedora hat – most guys can’t and yet we have a guy in our Inner Circle FB group who does it so elegantly and effortlessly that I can just look in awe.

For many it’s also the case with various, non-traditional prints and very bright, very attention grabbing outfits.

Generally, if you feel very uncomfortable in your skin when wearing a particular item it will often come off as tacky or try-hard to others.

There’s one important caveat here – when you’re just starting out and have no background in dressing stylishly and sexy even covering the basics like starting to wear properly fitting (tighter) clothes and adding a few accessories might feel slightly uncomfortable for you and that’s fine – after all we grow when we push our boundaries.

The secret here is not overdoing it at first, taking the process slowly and letting yourself grow into your new image of a sexy man. Then you can push the boundaries a little more. And repeat.


The goal is always to do the bare minimum to get the result – in terms of clothes this means that if you can achieve your desirable image with one bracelet and a scarf, there’s no reason to add two more bracelets, a ring, a watch and a necklace.

Last but not least,

College is the perfect place to push your comfort zones and try-out more daring combinations because as the old line from South Park says “There’s a time and place for everything. It’s called college”

You can truly get away with much more in college than when you’re older and even if you do come off a little try-hard or tacky there will be plenty of women that will find it “cool”.

Cover the fundamentals

We talked a lot about specifics for dressing in college, the issues and how to deal with them but there’s one cure-all that can reasonably patch all these issues and that’s covering the fundamentals to a point.

Even if you miss all of the above (somehow) but your color coordination, fit, accessorizing is spot on and you know what items go well together in general, you will still look pretty damn sexy.

And this actually applies to all situations and age groups – fundamentals come first!

If that’s something you’re still struggling with, check out our own “Nerdy To Sexy” book.

The specifics for dressing in college then become a way to get an extra advantage, to tailor your image specifically to perform best in college setting and frankly, I don’t see why you would decide to miss out on it.

Finishing Thoughts

Your turn,

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