In the last Style Inspiration we mentioned rather typical advice men seeking to dress better get: “oh you know, just get a blazer with shirt, tighter jeans and some good shoes” and we also learned that general advice like this can lead to very mediocre results.

So today we’ll check one example of rocking this look, discuss how to look sexy in a blazer and maybe even build a similar outfit for ourselves.

Making Shirt + Blazer Work For You

The reason why so many guys like this look is because it offers a classy and high status feel while staying casual. In many ways it’s the best of both worlds. Furthermore, by simple acts of adding accessories or just rolling up the sleeves we can add edginess to the overall look.

This style can also look great on most body compositions and be appropriate for most settings and venues.

So what’s the problem and where’s the danger?

First and foremost, if you look around on a night out, every other better dressed guy is rocking some variation of this outfit so you’re not standing out as much as you think.

Classy / High status feel also has its danger because by default you’re falling into “I should give him my phone number and go on a date” category as opposed to “I want to take him home tonight” one. For this we need to make sure to add “counter-nice” details.

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Why It Works?

So now that we know what to look for, let’s discuss why this particular looks sexy in a blazer.

  • Well fitted blazer adds definition to the shoulder area, which makes whole physique visually more V-form’ish.
  • Raised sleeves move it a bit from classy and more to edgy.
  • Scarf works great as attention grabbing detail without breaking the whole outfit. (this is one thing you need to be aware when picking attention grabbing pieces, they need to go with the whole look)
  • The thing that really makes this outfit great is color coordination, brown blazer looks great with the guys skin/hair and I like that shoes have a similar shade to blazer, a really nice touch. Combining this with rather neutral grey and white colors make the outfit memorable without shouting “look at me!”
  • And of course flawless fit. Please note that the blazer is not straight but is fitted around torso. Also the belt should be slightly visible.

Other notes:

  • Shorter guys make sure that blazer has less than 3 buttons (like in the example), taller guys, on the other hand, should go for blazers with 3 or more buttons.
  • This particular look would look very hot with some facial hair to add more masculine edge.

So how do you rock a blazer? Don’t be shy and share your questions and ideas!