As this is the first article in Style Inspiration series before going into the topic itself I would like to address why I am writing this and some things you should know/consider to get the best result.

A while ago I remember posting an article in men‘s forum about style and one of the regular posters there very accurately pointed out:

„I find it hard to TALK about style“

Talking about men‘s style is very much like talking about art (in a way, it is art): if you‘re passionate about the subject, know the correct terminology it is possible to discuss art, but regardless how good  you are with words it won‘t be half as effective as experiencing it.

This is especially true when talking with people who don‘t particularly care about the subject but just want actionable tips they can easily implement into their daily lives – like the audience (and the creator) of sexy style for Joe 🙂

Just to give an example, let’s say you read on the internet that dress shirt, blazer, black jeans and dress shoes are great for meeting women in clubs.

Based on that description your results (the outfit that you build and how people react to it) can vary from a woman whispering in your ear “you look so hot tonight…” to a casual “You look nice, care to buy me a drink?” to “That’s ugly” to “Hahaha, what are you wearing?!”

All based on the pieces of clothing you picked, fit and matching them.

So the point of this series is to show how particular sexy outfits and styles should look in real life as opposed to brochures from clothing stores.

The second goal of this series is to inspire to experiment and try out new, different outfits. This is because only when you actually go out and try completely different looks, you will realize how differently people can treat you based on something so superficial.

Lastly, for your convenience I will be deconstructing outfits into single pieces of clothing, this way when you’re shopping you can know exactly what you’re looking for (you wouldn’t believe how much easier and faster it makes shopping for clothes!).

All pieces of clothing will be linking to online clothing stores, so if you like this piece you can actually get it. Some of those links will be affiliate links; this means if you do decide that you like that particular piece of clothing and buy it, I will get couple of dollars for it. Think of it as getting me a beer in a pub 🙂

However, please stay smart when shopping online; I haven’t tried all the online stores, so I cannot attest for the quality of service, though I’m sure it’s great.

Think of the links in this series as examples more than recommendations. Maybe in time I can find several well-tested sources that I can genuinely recommend but until then, be smart guys.

Style Inspiration: Simple Sexy Style For Men

I have to say – I love simple clean looks with just the right amount of masculine ruggedness.

Source: (Click on the image to view original)

Outfits like that are easy to model and build. It is also easy to control to which part of your body you want to draw attention, so it can look good on most body compositions.

And because they are built from very simple pieces you can often copy the same look on the budget.

But most importantly simple yet masculine outfits look ridiculously sexy to women and sends a very clear message – „I‘m up for it tonight, are you?” As a side bonus, when by the end of the night she is fiercely tearing your clothes off you, there aren’t layers upon layers between the two naked bodies.

Why It Works?

But let’s dig a bit deeper why this particular outfit works is sexy as opposed to just “stylish” or “nice”:

  • Tight shirt emphasizes great V-form physique.
  • V-neck and necklace draws attention to chest / shoulder area, which is great.
  • Leather accessories on both hands add a masculine touch to otherwise rather plain look.
  • When the shirt is slightly raised and belt buckle is visible, it nicely draws attention to the crotch area. Low-rise tight jeans also play a big part here.
  • Last but definitely not least – rugged boots. Great attention grabbing detail that adds even more masculinity to the look.

All in all, the lower half (mostly boots and belt buckle) will get her interest, the V-neck and necklace that emphasize superior physique will keep her hooked up-close. Check this article to learn more about what makes a man look sexy.

Other notes

  • Regarding accessories: watch, wrist band and belt – they could be black or brown and still look amazing, just as long as all three pieces are the same color/shade.
  • Boots are great for shorter guys because you could choose a pair with slightly bigger heel without looking like you’re overcompensating.
  • For colder weather this outfit would look great with a rugged brown leather jacket (similar shade as the boots).
  • Whole look is appropriate for most casual and bar settings.
  • Lastly, if you would like to really make women melt for you, I would suggest rocking a short beard or stubble with this look.

Deconstructing Outfit:

White V-Neck

Source: (click on the image to view)

Source: (click on the image to view)

Low rise, faded blue jeans

Source: (Click on the image to view)

Brown rugged boots (Outfit’s Highlight)

Frye - James Lug Wingtip Boot (Dark Brown Scotch Grain 2) - Footwear

Necklace (Brown or Black) Find one that symbolizes something meaningul to you

Source: (click on the image to view)

Wristband (Brown or Black) Try to match shades of your accessories

Source: (Click on the image to view)

Belt (Brown or Black) Should have a significant buckle

Source: (Click on the image to view)


Watch (Brown or Black)

Source: (Click on the image to view)

Bonus: Brown rugged leather jacket (Should have similar shade as boots)

Source: (Click on the image to view)

Let me know what you think,