Most of the information on Sexy Style for Joe is available for your pleasure for free.

However, if you are in situation where you don’t have the time to read dozens of articles to learn the ins and outs of fashion game, and you are looking for massive results FAST, I have some epic tools prepared for you too.

Nerdy To Sexy

“Nerdy To Sexy” is an Amazon Kindle book that is designed to help you take those first steps in learning to dress sexy. You will learn how to tailor your look based on your unique situation. We also go through all popular types of clothes and I share tips and strategies on how and when to wear them (and when to avoid them). On top of that, you’ll find hundreds of different outfit ideas that you can model to look amazing!

Best suited for:

  • Beginners, who don’t have the fundamentals of style nailed.
  • Tight budget.

Not suited for:

  • If you think you already have a pretty good idea on how to dress.

The Wow! Factor

This is our super course in dressing sexy! Whether you’re a beginner taking his first steps in learning about image or are already a well-dressed man looking to take his style to the next level, this course will take you by hand and teach you everything you need to know about dressing sexy. By the end of the course you will have a unique, personal and stupendously sexy image going for you. The Wow! Factor is THE course to take if you want to look stunningly good and skyrocket your romantic results.

Best suited for:

  • Pretty much everyone

Not suited for:

  • If you can hardly afford a t-shirt from H&M or Asos
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Wanted to thank you for your guide to fitting clothes. It was invaluable when I went out to upgrade my wardrobe with dress shirts and chinos. I took a fashionable female friend with me to pick out colors and I followed your guide for fit. I kid you not the very next day two coworkers whom I had flirted with somewhat before were both flirting with me at the same time. It was like magic! Not only that but a young lady whom I was working with at my job was very much into me (touchy, flirty, holding my hand). Having a random girl flirt with me, something that has not happened before, absolutely baffled me. Of course I dropped the ball and DIDNT get her number, a mistake my coworkers wont let me ever forget. Bottom line is your fashion advice rocks and it has tremendously boosted my success. I’ll definitely be checking out your guides.


Ever since I read Sexy Style For Joe’s guest article on another website, and started to implement the tricks and tips to my own self, my lifestyle changed considerably. Not only did girls show more indicators of interest, or even outright approach me in some cases, but even my peers and superiors started to view me with newfound respect. The main focus of Darius’ program is to look hot and attract women, but it goes beyond that – You will watch while even men stare at you in admiration. Ever heard of the phrase “Women WANT you, and men want to BE you”? That is exactly what I’m talking about. Whoever comes across this immensely valuable resource is truly blessed. And to whoever actually uses Sexy Style For Joe in his own life: You’ve got a fun road ahead of you.


Before I found sexystyleforjoe, I was the kind of guy that tried to look good but failed at it. I had looked a ton of places for style advice but none really took me to the looking sexy. They just helped me to look like every other average Joe. Then I found sexystyleforjoe and now I constantly have girls complimenting my looks and going crazy when I´m around them. It’s a bit like the dating “roles” have turned around. Girls approach me and some insists on paying for the dates. Others gets desperate and begged for sex 🙂 Now I keep improving my style because I like it not because I need to.


Darius’ advice is seriously golden. My clothes make me look and feel amazing, and it translates into the real world. Even if you’re shy with women, dressing sexy lifts you up to a different level. Because I dress sexy, women: look at me, find ways to touch me, wave at me from cars, and all kinds of awesome things. Being sexy just boosts you up to new heights.


Improving my dressing style has led me to get more looks from girls as I walk around. The confidence boost is also very true for me, in fact I’ll be grabbing lunch with a girl today and she pretty much set up the date, so it really has benefited me in that aspect.