What Killed Your Sex Appeal

Hint: If your outfits are even remotely similar to what you’re seeing on the cover, you REALLY need to check this book out!

Welcome to the site! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the article on how to use clothes to maximize your attractiveness and found it useful.

Essentially that’s what we do here – we are here to help smart men dress sexy, which simply means looking very attractive to beautiful women.

If you too, would like to become your sexiest self, I’d like to offer my help.

But to achieve this, we first need to make sure you don’t have the “sex appeal killers” in your image. To do this, I have prepared a free ebook for you “What Killed Your Sex Appeal? 5 Awful Mistakes That Men Make With Their Image” You will learn:

  • The most important factor determining whether your image is attractive
  • What makes you look shorter, chubbier and weaker than you are
  • Which clothes in your wardrobe can instantly kill your sex appeal
  • The most popular (and the worst) image that guys go for when meeting women
  • Why being “well-dressed” is not enough if you want to look sexy
  • And much more!

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Style Inspiration series are the most popular type of article we have here – in every piece I show you several very sexy outfits that you can build, explain how to wear then, when, why particular items were chosen and who could rock them. This particular Style Inspiration will teach you how to stop dressing like a nice guy.

Style Inspiration: Chasing Skirts (Spring 2015)

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I also offer personal style consultations here for guys who really want to improve their sex appeal in the shortest amount possible (and if you’re rarely compliment on your appearance, you know, other than by your mom, you should probably check it out to get results that even having six-pack abs can’t compete with hehe), but let’s get to know each other first as I’m a bit picky with who I work personally, alright?

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